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  1. LOL nice meme. Good job showing that these guys aren't real "experts" at all for sure. I hope they stop with the naysaying, Bitcoin is the future and we all know it so they need to hop on the train and accept it!
  2. This is going to be great! More options with coinbase will prove helpful, considering they currently only have 4 options for coins to hold and spend. I hope they start making it even easier to gamble here with them.
  3. Good luck both of you, I personally wouldn't bet on chess though due to the fact that anyone could easily cheat and noone would be the wiser in the end!
  4. I bet 99999999999 btc cause I'm a big baller...but for reals I only bet like a pussy and even if I depod 1 btc i'd do 0.001 or less per bet! XD