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  1. I generally liked everything) the interface became more functional. As soon as solve the problem with lags everything will be fine. work for 5+)
  2. AlphaStorm

    📢 Scheduled Maintenance

    Yes, I already asked Irene about the boat) I hope soon it will update)) The main thing is that they did a very good job, everything became much more convenient and it's cool)
  3. AlphaStorm

    📢 Scheduled Maintenance

    I really like the update. There is a slight inconvenience, the chat does not switch to new messages, the dice bot stopped working. But in general, everything is very cool! )
  4. AlphaStorm

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    By giving money to another player you do not know, you need to be ready to say goodbye to them. I also hope that scammers will be punished.
  5. AlphaStorm

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    I think if the amount is large, then people will not wait for refunds. The worst thing that they still can not either be punished in reality for fraud (if there is no real data scam)
  6. AlphaStorm

    Big Whale? Or Big Scammer? 🤔👊❌

    I often read about such schemes to become rich in a few minutes. From life, I know that in reality this does not happen almost never. At one time I myself was engaged in a similar way of earning. But I gave guarantees of loss and used small amounts of deposits (up to $ 1000). But later I refused to have this business. He has high risks for both the client and me. Yes, I earned on other people's money, but it was luck + calculation. It's good that everything ended well and everyone stayed at a profit. ) Beware of such schemes in the network. Especially if you do not know the person. My investor knew me, and it was a guarantee for him.
  7. AlphaStorm

    📢 Scheduled Maintenance

    I hope add dogecoin))
  8. AlphaStorm

    Again about security

    A pin for a bet has no value for a thief. Yes, he can kill the balance by betting. But personally it will not give him anything.
  9. AlphaStorm

    Again about security

    I think it's even the easiest to perform.
  10. AlphaStorm

    Again about security

    I had a good idea. Is it possible to do something like a local pin code? When registering, it will be offered to create and download a file with account data (username / password + pin code permanent to access the settings and move the currencies inside the system) customizable option as a pin-code of the credit card.
  11. AlphaStorm

    Again about security

    2fa at the entrance is not a 100% guarantee of protection. simple phishing and getting the cookies of the current session easily bypasses 2fa. after simply transferring the balance to your account and withdrawing it.
  12. AlphaStorm

    Again about security

    Thank you, Den. I hope that no one else will get such a sad experience)
  13. Hello. I'm writing about the incident on Stake.com This evening my account was robbed. In the process of the bot as shown in the screenshot. I'm not asking you to return the coins to me, the loss was small, 250k eth. But I want to suggest adding proof of transfers between players by 2-fa. At that time, I did not have 2-fa on my account, due to rare use. (there were some problems with using the bot). I also strongly recommend that all players need to install 2-fa protection, so you will avoid similar incidents. I also received another proof that an unprotected account very quickly becomes a victim of hackers.
  14. AlphaStorm

    Do you eat while gambling ?

    I seldom eat it when I play (although I play dice bots). But when I see that the red rates are already a lot you want to smoke 😁
  15. AlphaStorm

    If you could change your username...

    I like my name. It has a hidden meaning, but I will not say it)