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  1. grats to @3377777 he is lucky :)
  2. hmnn i dont think so:D usually i play manual
  3. JDacer

    What is your goal?

    nice goal DUDE ;)
  4. JDacer

    What is your goal?

    wew captain that nice dude sharing is giving
  5. JDacer

    What is your goal?

    try to play and deposit gamble you can afford
  6. https://lichess.org/qbwztWRu im a waiting to click the link cme on fight me
  7. create account lichess.org i will give u the link to play between you and me https://lichess.org/qbwztWRu
  8. its ok can we play chess with 3 games with bet?
  9. who want to fight me in chess with bet
  10. i want to exchange i had eth 0.00111913 and send me to just-dice and i will tip you in stake
  11. the fun is gambling is to win big from small bet and win higher payout and the best strategy is luck
  12. JDacer

    What is your goal?

    goodluck bro and work for it