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    sadriii reacted to Carollzinha in How to Check your Twitch Average (RIGHT STATUS)   
    I have been saying for a couple days that Sully (the site that we normally use to check our Streams status) is not showing the right status but some didn't believe me.. Well, I just spent a couple hours to find how to check the right and proper status through Twitch (since they are the only ones able to give our exact numbers) and there is how you guys have to do to check it:
    Control Panel > Dashboard > Statistic > Concurrent Viewers
    Control Panel > Dashboard > Statistic > Maximum Concurrent Viewers
    Control Panel > Dashboard > Statistic > Followers
    There is also an option for you to check about your videos, people that stopped following you and much more.
    Give it a try and you will not regret 

    >> I would like to suggest to every streamer to go to their Control Panel > Dashboard > Editing and add @MICRO there so it would make his life easier and free of mistakes when he needs to check our Stream Average every night before sending the payments. It is my suggestion.

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    sadriii reacted to JETWIN in JETWIN | SPORTS & CASINO | #1 FOR IN-PLAY BETTING   
    JETWIN offers the best in class bitcoin gambling products:

         JETWIN is a unique service that provides its customers with a wide range of exciting opportunities. Among the company’s main services, Bitcoin Live Casino is the most popular. This form of online casino games features real human dealers shuffling the cards or managing the roulette wheel via a video stream. The key advantage of live casino is that users can play various games while staying at home or office. The company allows its customers to gain the utmost experience in Live Casino that can make them feel as if they play in a real land-based casino. JETWIN offers the best gaming solutions with a great choice of tables to meet every customer’s need. The company constantly strives to maintain and strengthen its leadership in the field of live casino, as the gambling market continues to develop all around the world, especially in Europe. JETWIN customers can enjoy a number of benefits that the service provides: • Professional dealers. Good looking, smiling and highly experienced dealers are pleased to welcome regular and new customers in real time 24 hours a day. JETWIN dealers are friendly and open to each and every customer showing them respect and making them feel relaxed and at ease, and sometimes also entertaining them with fun-filled talk or jokes.
    • Excellent software. JETWIN’s team of developers and project managers always keep an eye on innovative technologies appearing in the gambling market. Due to their efforts, the software and interface are updated on a constant basis, which allows the service to become even more effective and easy to use, as well as remain competitive. To keep up with the times is something that helps the company to grow and strengthen its position as a leader in the gaming industry.
    • Powerful streaming servers. They allow the live casino users enjoy an excellent HD-quality live streaming. In addition, when watching the video players can choose to turn to the 3D-view.
    The high quality streaming gives the platform users a feeling as if they are playing in a land-based casino. It is important to note that the clearer the video, the more confidence one has in the game fairness.
    • Luxurious studios. The games are video streamed from spacious studio rooms with exclusive interior designs. In the studios there is a large number of tables for various games and user preferences, including separate VIP-tables. It is worth mentioning that the gaming process is constantly monitored so that in case of any cheating the Control group can intervene and solve the problem.
    • Ultra-secure service. Having improved the performance, JETWIN can guarantee its customers a reliable service. Since the company is committed to deal responsibly with security issues and highly values its customers’ trust, JETWIN ensures that both players’ funds and personal data are fully protected.
    • One wallet. [url=https://www.jetwin.com/en-us]JETWIN[/url] system is designed in such a way that the customer does not have to create separate wallets for each of JETWIN’s services, be it slots, sports betting or Live Casino. It means that it will be much easier for customers to carry out all the actions, as they do not need to transfer funds from one wallet to another.
    • Multicurrency accounts. JETWIN provides its customers with an opportunity to independently choose the currency they want to keep their money in. Apart from BTC, customers may give their preference to traditional currencies, such as EUR, RUB, USD, etc. When placing bets or playing games in the live casino JETWIN users can also select any of the currencies supported by the service.
    • A wide range of games. [url=https://www.jetwin.com/en-us/live-casino]Bitcoin casino[/url] offers the same types of games that one can find in a land-based casino, which normally accepts only standard currencies. JETWIN opens the door to the world of the most popular games, including Live Roulette, Live BlackJack, Live Baccarat and Live Hold’em. According to the internal statistical data, such games, as Live Roulette and Live Blackjack remain in high demand among JETWIN users. Each of the afore-mentioned four games has several versions and individual gaming tables. JETWIN also provides its users with an opportunity to try something exclusive and original, for instance, Blackjack Party in which alongside with shuffling and distributing cards dealers entertain players by telling them funny stories, jokes, etc.
    • Unique products for unique experience. As mentioned previously, the majority of well-known games often have a number of exciting versions. JETWIN offers its users an innovative variant of Roulette called Immersive. This type of Roulette is based on the use of multiple cameras that allow one to track literally every launch and movement of the ball. This modern version of the classic roulette attracts players, for it gives them a great thrill at the moment of anticipation and emotional tension. The user can also play a video in slow motion to view the winning number and personally make sure that the game is fair and the casino is impartial. Apart from Immersive Roulette, JETWIN offers its users to play an exciting Baccarat version – Live Baccarat Squeeze. This variant will be a favourite of all those who like witnessing, perhaps, the most intriguing moment, namely, a card squeeze. The user can thoroughly observe all small nuances of the gaming process captured by more than 15 cameras. Close-ups help to add authenticity and visual dynamics to the game and let player experience maximum suspense.
    • 50+ gaming tables. JETWIN Live casino studios are equipped with numerous tables suiting all tastes and capacities. The availability of over 50 tables can be accounted for by a large number of games and their versions that are widely popular among JETWIN customers. Some of the tables in the gaming halls have multi-camera installations that help to capture the game in a series of close-ups.
    • Affordable limits. The gaming tables in JETWIN’s studios are categorised according to the bet types. The main advantage of JETWIN live casino is the availability of different bet limits varying from a few cents to large sums – it means that absolutely everyone has a chance to try their luck. JETWIN Live casino offers more than just roulette or card games. The service has taken care of not only its effectiveness and affordability, but also of such an important aspect, as the social element and live game effect. The more excitement the casino brings, the more positive emotions the user gets. Moreover, JETWIN always tends to follow the latest tendencies appearing in the gambling world in order to continue its successful development and promote the concept of ‘bitcoin’ to the masses.
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    sadriii reacted to Dboyeric in Show me your best bitcoin jokes!   
    NASA has actually been to the moon, while bitcoin is still on it's way to the moon
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    sadriii reacted to athena2007 in Show me your best bitcoin jokes!   
    Knock Knock! Who's there? Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi nakamoto who? You will never know.
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    sadriii got a reaction from lupandina in ***CryptoGamblersPub*** Exchange between/inside crypto gambling sites   
    nice job and good luck.