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  1. williamsh

    Which TV series do you watch?

    Awesome list, thank you for your time compiling this list I'll definitely check some of these series out
  2. williamsh

    Skywallkee's 10th stream live!

    Good luck!
  3. Hey everyone So I was recently thinking about our awesome moderators that we have on PrimeDice. The chat moderators keep us entertained in the chat, encourage us to win, mute and warn beggars, and mute unruly behavior from the chat. So with this, I was wondering whether out moderators meet your expectations? Before we discuss whether your expectations are/were met, we need to discuss what your expectations are? For an example, my expectations are that moderators should be friendly and kind to all players, and treat all of the players equally. They should issue one warning, and then mute the user for unruly chatting. They should also not abuse their powers by asking for tips or breaking any of the rules, or muting people without a valid reason for doing so. I also expect them to help me if I have a question, or try direct me to someone (or live support) to find the answer that I'm looking for. Now I'd love to heart what your expect from chat moderators on PrimeDice? What are the mods doing well, and how can they improve? If you are a moderator, please also give your input, I'd also love to hear from you guys too
  4. williamsh

    Unusual pets?

    I also had a cockatiel growing up, I have great memories of her They are awesome birds to have!
  5. williamsh

    Ez Profit - A Martingale Twist

    Yeah, nothing is guaranteed unfortunately. However, I think that out of a lot of the variations that exist
  6. williamsh

    Bitcoin on its way to $100,000

    Yeah, I am also not sure why the price of bitcoin has not recovered. It seems that the supply is just much greater than the demand, and the price reflects the current state of buyers and sellers.
  7. Hey everyone So we all know about the famous jackpot on Primedice for 112 BTC (if you don't check it out on the front page on the Primedice casino). And I was thinking, will this ever be won? Now I know it is theoretically possible to win it, by simply rolling 77.77 twice in a row. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Let's take a quick look at the possibility of achieving this (we'll also assume that you bet 0.01 BTC per game, although this is super unlikely as this is a high amount): The chance of rolling 77.77 once is 1 out of 10,000 (since there are 10,000 possible outcomes - 00.00, 00.01, ... , 99.99, 100.00), which is 0.01%. Now the chance of rolling this same number again, is also 0.01%. This means that you have a 0.0001% chance of rolling two numbers in a row. This means you will only roll the same number twice in a row once every 1 million bets. Since it cannot be any two random numbers, and must be 77.77, the probability of achieving this is even lower. So I'd like to hear from you, do you think this jackpot should be reviewed, or made easier to win (at a lower amount perhaps)? I'd love for everyone to give their inputs on the jackpot, since at present, it is basically impossible to win. I'd love to see an easier jackpot to win, at least one with a lower waging requirement :) Let me know what you think
  8. Hey everyone So I was wondering which series you enjoy watching. I don't have a particular series genre or theme in mind so all ideas are welcome. I like anything from action, to comedy, to mystery, to romance, to suspense and more. I would love to discuss which series was your all-time best watching. With so many options out there it is extremely difficult to select a good series to start, and that is why I prefer asking my friends, and now the PrimeDice community what they think. I am not too keen on movies, since they are often 2 hours long, so I don't often have time to watch a full movie, although some weekends I do. If you know of a good movie, feel free to share it as well (no specific genre or theme). Personally, I have enjoyed Friends, Stranger Things, Survivor and Suits, amounst others. I enjoy watching a series when eating a meal, or when I find myself with more free time on my hands than I planned for. I also find it a very good way to de-stress and get my mind off things. I'd love to hear from you, do you watch series, any particular ones that you are willing to recommend to a fellow Primedicer? I'd love to hear in the comments below
  9. williamsh

    Playing Slot Machines

    Hey everyone So I was wondering whether anyone here plays slot machines. Obviously we all know that PrimeDice does not offer slot machines, and nor does their sister site, Stake. There are many slot machines online, with a huge variety of games to choose from. Almost every physical casino also have slot machine, including all the casinos in my country. I think when most people think of slots, they automatically think of casinos, since the two often go hand in hand. One of the main differences between slots and tables, is that slots require no skill at all, you wither are lucky or you are not. I personally really enjoy slots, since I can play for hours watching the reels turn. And I find it extremely exciting to see the next outcome of the machine. I mostly lose on slots, but when I do win, it is often a decent or very large payout. The downside to this is that people can often become very addicted and lose a lot of money by chasing losses. I'd like to discuss what you all think of playing slots. Do you think it is a waste of money, or can you make good money playing slots? I'd love to discuss this below
  10. Hey everyone So last year there were many people claiming that BTC was the future, and that it will rise to $100,000. Consequently, many people bought BTC on the upward trend, a time when the bitcoin price was over $15,000. These people have lost a lot of money. I also considered investing more in bitcoin when the price surpassed $15,000, but luckily I did not. I had the opinion that I already lost out on buying BTC cheaply. I was personally not too affected by this rapid price decline, since I bought in early 2017, not much though, so I am roughly down a bit, or break even at the worst. However, many of my friends have lost year's worth of their salaries for blindly investing into something which they did not properly research. So I'd like to discuss what you think about the future of bitcoin, and whether you have been affected (and how badly you've been affected) by the price decline in the recent weeks. Have you completely lost faith in bitcoin? I know I have definitely lost a bit of faith in it, and I fear it could go down even more I'd love to hear what you all think!
  11. Hey everyone So I was wondering how much time you spend chatting in PrimeDice on the chatbox (it can be for any language). I've noticed that the chat can be very active at times, and very quite at other times. Some people spend hours chatting on most days, while others chip in every now and then, so it really got me thinking about how many messages some of you have posted throughout your time on Primedice. I've seen some users with a message count of over 100,000 messages on PrimeDice, which is crazy if you think about it! I guess if you are having a good conversation, and contributing to the chat, it is easy to send 100+ messages in one go. If you do this everyday, I suppose you can build up your message count I know for me personally, I play more on Stake, so I'm not very active in the chat on PrimeDice, and I doubt I'll reach 100,000 messages on PrimeDice anytime soon. What are your views on this? Do you pay attention to message count, is it an important stat, or is it just there for bragging rights? Also share how many messages you've sent. I've sent a mere 899 messages on the English PrimeDice chat, which proves I'm not very active lol
  12. Hey everyone So we are all familiar with martingale, whereby you hunt a payout with about a 50% (or around there - you get variations of this technique). The idea is that it will be impossible to lose forever on a 50% payout, due to the fact that a win must come at some point. So, in order to make profit, on every loss you double your previous bet (i.e. 1,2,4,8,16,32) and start at your base bet when you win. This works well, but you will lose in the long run, since you can expect losses of 20 in a row if you gamble for a long time (likewise, you can expect wins of 20 in a row). So most people don't have enough balance to make this work profitably. And that brings me to my twist - Preroll until you get 7 or 8 losses in a row, and then bet 10,000 satoshis (as an example), and double this upon a loss.This way, you should only have to double a few times before you win. To be more conservative, you can wait for 10+ losses in a row. So what do you guys think, will you try this preroll variation of martingale? Of course it is not fool-proof and you can bust, but let me know what you think about it, and if you think it is a solid strategy
  13. williamsh

    OlegBarca's Stream #257! Giveaways!!!!!Stake!!

    Good luck Oleg!
  14. williamsh

    Unusual pets?

    Hey everyone I was thinking back to my childhood where my best friend owned a snake, and was actually hoping for the snake to lay eggs. Looking back, I am so glad that my parents refused to purchase one for me. If my kids ever want a snake, I will definitely not support the idea I've also heard of someone owning a monkey, which sounds cool, but I can just imagine the maintenance and high costs associated with raising a pet monkey, from the food, to the professional skills needed to care for one - it is just too much work and expenses for me. Personally, I own two dogs, which I love to bits. I chose dogs because they are playful and always are joyful to see me when i return home from work. They are never upset with me, and love me during my lowest times. They are also great because our family can bond with them, and they share in being "part" of the family. They are also great for the kids to play with So do you own any strange pets of your own, or did you just stick to transitional dogs and cats? Also tell me if you don't own pets, what the reasons are if you'd like to share your insight