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  1. That is very true. I would love someone who has plenty of bitcoins to do this and see what happens. Just one bet, but I do not think anyone actually has the guts to place 50 bitcoins on a single bet, even though the odds are in their favor for just one bet.
  2. I think the bet speeds can be increased in the dicebot, but only up to a certain point. After that, you can't bet any faster. Remember that the Primedice servers can only process so many bets per second, so the only way to get faster bets would be for Primedice to invest in better servers
  3. Are we allowed to take a screenshot for each of the 3 rains (so 3 pics in total)? Or should we choose the best one, i.e. DOGE, since the prize for it is $3?
  4. I usually just have a tab open next to Primedice where I stream my music from (mostly soundcloud or spotify). Then I can have the best world of playing on primedice and listening to my favorite songs all at the same time
  5. Nice list! Feel free to also check out this post which has a number of good suggestions on it as well. It's a bit old, but it's got some good songs included
  6. As far as I am aware, large emphasis is placed on the amount you wager - see it as a reward for spending money on Primedice. Then I believe chatting a bit and contributing to the discussion in the chatroom helps too
  7. I am just making conclusions based on logical assumptions. If this isn't the case, hopefully @Edward can step in and help resolve this. I apologize if that is not the case, I simply suggested the non-wagering as a possible cause for the lack of rains
  8. If a chatroom has no rains, the only logical explanation is that the people within the chatroom are not wagering any bitcoins. Wagering is a requirement to catch rains, so maybe try wagering a bit, and maybe you'll catch some rains
  9. I never knew bitcoin.com had a telegram channel. I will be sure to join it I like reading their articles as they keep me up-to-date with what is currently going on in the world of crypto. Telegram definitely makes it easier to get the news delivered to you
  10. There is no strategy that can make you rich in the long run. The house edge prevents this from happening in the long run, so you need short term luck to make money. Even with $15 that you mentioned, so you turn it into $100, or $1,000 it all depends on your luck on the day
  11. I like to browse through and add my ideas and contributions where necessary. I also like reading what people are thinking about the trends in the crypto market, and how people perceive gambling and primedice. It is a value filled place about most of my interests in one convenient place
  12. There is really no need to make the title all caps, it comes across as you are shouting. Also, you need to provide more information on specifically what you need help with. What type of script is it, what type of error are you having etc. Then someone will hopefully be able to help you with your problem.
  13. I'm going to enjoy this stream! I personally think Pecka will win this one, but let's see. Best of luck to both of you
  14. Now this is one film I wouldn't mind seeing. The trailer makes it look super interesting. I guess we'll have to wait till September to see it