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  1. Good luck! Stake username: williamshennie9
  2. Good luck! My primedice username is williamsh
  3. Good luck! My stake name: williamshennie9 My primedice name: williamsh
  4. williamsh

    Kuleguten Stream #62! Giveaways!

    Stake name: williamshennie9 Primedice name: williamsh
  5. williamsh

    Kuleguten Stream #61! Giveaways!

    Good luck! Stakename: williamshennie9 Primedice username: williamsh
  6. Is it possible to have a carreer in gambling? Do people do this full time? Please discuss below, it would be cool to hear your thoughts
  7. williamsh

    Is taxation theft?

    I think it depends how the money is spent. If you are in a corrupt country, yes it's probably theft. But if the government cares for you, then it's not really. I think we should all contribute to the wellbeing of society
  8. williamsh

    Hiit Workouts

    Do you guys have any suggestions on good hiit workouts? I live in a small apartment. Please share some good videos on HIIT workouts so I can get back in shape and we can all benefit Looking forward to the comments.
  9. williamsh

    Will BTC rise

    I am starting to doubt those "experts" who said the btc price will go to 100,000USD+. It seems to now range at $6000-7000. Will the price stay constant? Thoughts on possible movements would be appreciated.
  10. williamsh

    How i hit 9900x Payouts

    Good info, I also like to do many zero bets inbetween. It sucks when you hit it on a zero bet though lol
  11. williamsh

    2018 World cup draws

    I think Croatia will win Let's just wait and see...
  12. williamsh

    Improving banter

    How can I improve my banter skills? I know they say practice makes perfect, but it just seems like I can't think quick enough. Any help or courses that I can take. Thank you in advance
  13. williamsh

    RIP Martingale

    Is there ever a time where martingale can actually work? Even if you have a 99.9999% chance of winning, if you let the dice roll on auto for say 12 hours, you are bound to lose your balance. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated
  14. williamsh

    Best music videos of all time?

    Please post your best music videos below Mine is: No judging in the comments below, we all have our preferences
  15. My username on primedice is : williamsh