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  1. Nah it was a few cents, when we were kids. I can't actually remember, I think my friend ended up winning when it rained that day. But keep in mind this was more than 15 years ago, so it really was a while ago.
  2. The first few rounds were where I made some good profit, however, I started betting minimum after the 7th win, because I thought that my luck would turn around, but it kept on going.
  3. It happens to all of us from time to time. I often wish I could go back a few minutes in life to change what bet I made, and rather continue betting on my winning streak, if I knew more wins were to come.
  4. No, the Kate on this forum (and on Stake) both have over 4000 posts!
  5. No, I don't use any drugs while I gamble. If I gamble at my local casino, then I often have a drink with my friends as we play, but never more than 1 or 2 drinks, since gambling while drunk is always a bad idea.
  6. Good post! I agree with you that i is important to relax. Being tensed up makes you to play irrationally, and thus make bets which you might not have otherwise made.
  7. Yes, gambling requires deep focus, especially for those people who follow strategies and are hunting a specific payout. Games that require less focus, such as slots, allow you to do other things while you play.
  8. I don't think it would be fair for me to favor some people over others. They all play an important role in my opinion, and I have not yet interacted with some of the moderators or new support members.
  9. In terms of the market capitalisation, it could surpass bitcoin, however since it will be a stablecoin, it will be a fixed price, so therefore the price of bitcoin will be higher than the price of libra.
  10. 10 words is not as easy to formulate as you might think
  11. I think casinos can be extremely profitable if they are set up correctly, whether is it a land-based one, or an online one. The most important thing is to ensure it cannot be cheated, otherwise a casino can lose all its money.
  12. I was 19 the first time that I gambled at my local casino. The gambling age in my country is 18 years old, so I could not gamble when I was younger, since the security people at the casino always check user's ID's to verify their age.
  13. If both you and your girlfriend are addicted to gambling, then I would suggest that both of you seek urgent help, since none of you can keep each other in check with this problem.
  14. Rains are often way to small to work up to the minimum withdrawal amounts. I have never been able to do it on rains alone. I guess it you have super luck you can do it, but most of the time you'll best before you even get close.