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  1. I don't have a story to contribute that I can think of currently, but here are my thoughts with regards to the question: Why are we afraid of something new? I think a large component of trying something new is the fear of the unknown. We feel safe in our "comfort zones", and when people get comfortable, and life gets predictable, they don't want to change their lifestyle. Even though their life could be better, they feel safe because they know what to expect. And it is also difficult to break away from safety and the "known". That's just my 2-sense, hopefully it gives you guys something to think about
  2. It really depends who you ask. Some people will say shooting games make people violent and others will say it has no effect on human behaviour. I guess the jury is still out there to determine if there is any correlation...
  3. Sadly I invested a bit at around the $200 price point. So I'm down about 30 or 40%, but I am hoping for some recovery soon. I really think the ETH network has a lot of potential, so I am keeping my fingers crossed
  4. I mostly just use the chat commands in the chat, so either !price, or !btc. I don't know where it comes from, but my source is Stake and Primedice
  5. Well, I mean, I guess you are very honest. I think most people say they would return the money, but in reality if somebody did mistip them 1 whole BTC, I don't think as many people would actually return it.
  6. Well, primedice would not be the site it is if they added more games. Stake is the place where more games were added, and that is why it was created. They can't call it prime DICE if it has other games
  7. If this was true, then the casino would not be provably fair. I guess murphy's law will count against you, but the odds should not change depending on your base bet. What do you think of this idea?
  8. How did this work? Were you paying for your food in bitcoins or something? Sorry, but I really just had to ask this question
  9. Email them here: support@primedice.com - They always respond in a few minutes. I've never had a situation where they did not reply to me. Maybe your message never went through. They will help you log in.
  10. I've never withdrawn from Primedice before, although I plan to soon Then if I withdraw I think I will be at a profit, but anything can happen, so let's see
  11. Woah, that is a huge loss. It may be extremely difficult to recover that. Would you ever bet 50 BTC on dice 1.01x to try and recover that? In just one bet you would have basically recovered
  12. Slots is definitely also one of my prefered games, along with blackjack of course. It is just so satisfying pulling a lever or pushing a button and watching the reels stop on a specific combination. I love it!