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  1. May I know how's your earnings in this site? Any feed backs?
  2. One time when I was still new in Primedice I saw support doing a tipping spree on chat and I was like "wow. support giving so much money to many people." then a moderator in chat says "stop spamming with wow, you won't be tipped. that's the prizes for forum challenge." (non-verbatim) So I made forum account so that I can join forum challenges. After sometime I learned that we can earn extra satoshis here with pay per post system. Now I am trying to be more active here in forum.
  3. 10.60 Bet: 31,277,806,884 placed by MiSaMo on 20/05/2019 Wagered 0.00003200 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 0.00022390 11.04 Bet: 31,277,807,349 placed by MiSaMo on 20/05/2019 Wagered 0.00003200 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 0.00022390
  4. I wanna see Edward stream his gambling here in Primedice too. I saw him play Plinko in Stake stream before and he won big. I wonder how far he could go with his 1 BTC if he play dice here.
  5. I agree with you! Edward is a handsome guy. The first time I saw him on a stream with the support team back then I thought "wow, so this is the owner of PD and Stake so handsome". 😂
  6. nako number 11 na siya. malakas ang kapangyarihan ng panday 😑
  7. for you, what are the pros and cons of owning a gambling site?
  8. Is Primedice security ready if another "hufflepuff" pop again?
  9. what to expect in Primedice as it is 6 years now?
  10. Who chose blue and white as Primedice color?
  11. how much is your net worth now in btc value? 😁
  12. Username - MiSaMo Happy birthday Primediceeeeeeee
  13. How did Primedice guys handle the Hufflepuff thing?
  14. I like the dice here rather than the dice in Stake that's why I don't play the dice in Stake unless it is required in forum challenge. If the stats in profile is the basis of more profitable among the two, I'd say I make more profit here than Stake dice. I feel more lucky playing the dice here. 😂 If I got bored with playing dice I'll go to Stake and play some other games.