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  1. as you all know PD jackpot have a huge prize right now . 112.92630454 BTC at the moment i look at it and keep increase nonstop and the requirment to win that jackpot is Roll 77.77 twice in a row to win! The percentage of the jackpot won depends on how much you bet. Over 0.01 BTC: 100% Over 0.001 BTC 10% Over 0.0001 BTC 1% The percentage won is the minimum of both bets if they are different values. Anything less than 0.0001 is not eligible. ____________________________ i am wondering that anyone hit jackpot in primedice history yet and how many percent of the jp u guy hit even that 1% of 112 btc it already 1,12 btc right now but base bet 10k is a bit high with my oppinion
  2. dicebot is good tho but i would come to pd cuz room chat and still run dicebot same time ...room chat is a part of reason i come to pd tho ....you know what i mean right hehe
  3. which my opinion... nothing wrong with being greedy, everybody wanna the best thing... but have to be a smart greedy user or everything we have will just disapears
  4. 1 time i mistaken max bet . and it was like 100 doge but my biggest bet i ever have at pd i guess just about 10k or 20k sat
  5. my buddies pd is : @Eugene265 cuz he cool and he is my sis
  6. first time tip out .... and if i can , i will withdraw the rest... put it in my wwallet... i will just depo it again , so not sure what i will do with it ....