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  1. That nc but i will try your insane trickz grats iwill try that
  2. Jape hiii nc to meet you here too i just do high payout low bet^_^
  3. Amgonna do long long my patience to do that
  4. I will help other player need help and buy house and food and amgonna give money poor people 😍
  5. I like that guy!!!athena be carefull^_^
  6. Nc grats i already withdraw it gl to us i hope we will win more( ^^)
  7. Hahahah ok that not my favorite now hehehe^_^
  8. I like I like it too can i have maam? Hehe i think now this is my favorite:P:D
  9. My 1st day is so lucky i have 150k then i bet 30k then when i click the dice to high and ez win then change side then double it then win i just do it always and when lose i double it and lose again i will double it again then win 0.012 am so happy to be here gl guys have fun and you what your first day here did you won or lose?
  10. Hello all im happy to here The best dice I hope i can be youre good friend^_^