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    Kuswadi reacted to SEMPAXs in HardFork Ethereum Constantinople Tidak Memunculkan versi Ethereum Baru   
    Seperi biasa,Hard fork akan membuat harga koin tersebut jatuhsementara .Dan akan kembali naik setelah Hard fork.
    Dan saya rasa Hard fork kali ini untuk koin Ethereum sedikit berbeda dengan Hardfork koin lain,karena Hard fork kali ini tidak memunculkan Etherium versi baru.
    Apakah ini akhir dari jatuhnya BTC cs dan siap untuk to the moon?
    Saya juga sedikit meberikan informasi tentang aktifitas WD dan DEPO di situs Indodax.
    Tentu bagi pengguna excahnge Indodax mendapatkan email pemberitahuan tentang rencaha Hardfork koin ETHEREUM yang rencananya akan dilakukan pada blok 7.080.000 dengan perkiraan waktu antara 14 Januari – 18 Januari 2019.
    Dan selama Hardfork tersebut,kita tidak bisa melakukan transaksi,atau transaksi akan di pending sampai selesainya Hardfork.

    salam opit 
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    Kuswadi got a reaction from Noeprellik1 in High Roller "Settingan"?   
    Dari awal mereka muncul saya juga agak curiga,grafik awal naik drastis terus turun lalu menghilang
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    Kuswadi reacted to Noahbreezy in Quick Mind Game   
    My mom doesn't work anymore and she spends her free time reading articles on the internet.
    She told me that if you do not hesitate when playing the Quick Mind Game you are creative and that you know what you want. So the quicker you have your answer in your mind the more creative you are.
    the game is as follows: You have to read the word that the person before you wrote and the first word that comes into your mind will be the word you comment. 
    So if I write burger and the first thing that comes to your mind is Burgerking, you write Burgerking. The next one might think about fat people and will write fat...
    I'll start the game with 
    Put the word of the one before you in your post or quote him. Just to avoid confusion.
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    Kuswadi reacted to iwant1btc in Merge your name with the person above you   
    Try to make one name with two................

    EG. My name is Gnielio,
    The person under me his name is....
    Our names together are baconielio.

    • You can post as many times as you like
    • Be creative 
    • I'm not sure if you can do this but no mean names?
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    Kuswadi reacted to Kristoffff in Merge your name with the person above you   
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    Kuswadi reacted to shinjo in Shinjo Streaming Live Now - Giveaway & Fun #Stream 191   
    Hi Everyone ,
    Rainbowsheep is back beaaaa !!!
    Streaming in few min
    Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/pdshinjo
    Join us for Giveaway. Leave your Primedice Username .
    New to STAKE?
    Join Now :
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    Kuswadi reacted to Jelena in 🏆 [0.16 BTC] Hunt for the Loch Ness Challenge!   
    Greetings, dicers!
    This giveaways has been paid out. 
    Congratulations to all of you who found the Loch Ness monster!