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  1. Great strategy, thank you!!! Admin,, confess, is this your handiwork? Before you did not go to the stream, everything was ok.
  2. We need to find all these figures or one of the list?
  3. I don't know from where such hype around the project, but it won't be successful as stake and primedice as as a rule all new similar websites aren't interesting to players any more.
  4. Bet: 23,081,413,321 placed by kkkkkkkkkkj on 10/07/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 99.00x Profit 0.00009800 will update Busted all fucking balance. This challenge is shit.
  5. kyxap

    Beware of Cheaters!!!

    LMAO, it's just a russian scammer.
  6. kyxap

    Satoshi Nakamoto is back ?

    Excellent news. I hope now hearing that he has died simply will disappear from masses.
  7. Martingale is the worst idiotic strategy which will lead to the player's crash with any quantity of coins on balance!
  8. The project was doubtful, payments are still not received in connection with kinks of administrators. I hope in the future payments nevertheless will be received.
  9. kyxap

    Extra 1 sat on lost

    With larger sums it will even more negatively affect balance, I hope a problem will be solved as it is still still relevant.
  10. Martingale will kill any balance, don't use this strategy throughout long time at all.
  11. kyxap

    Personal Scripts

    Naturally, absolutely legally. At primedice protection at the high level and hardly you will be able to put somehow her out of action and if you create own script for a game on the strategy - in it there will be no problems and claims from administration won't follow.
  12. kyxap

    📢 Ethereum Launched!

    It is correct that you develop the website and you add various ways of account replenishment, I hope in the future you will add some more popular coins and intraplatform exchange between them.
  13. kyxap

    Imagine you won 8 bitcoins

    If to assume and dream that I have won 8 bitcoins I that I would begin to build the own house at once and would lodge with the family (the son and the wife) there.