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  1. That's right so there is no time travelers out there 🙄😂
  2. Is there a time machine out there so I can back and buy tons of bitcoins at cents price ?🤔😂
  3. The High payouts Hunter great @jbenjaminy 👍
  4. Feel sad for you but don't give up
  5. Nice, thanks to make things clear
  6. So If I want for example to turn 100k to 1 btc on along term it is impossible because of the house edge ? or it is just possible with carefull playing?
  7. Why when you start to play on payout x2 ,1.3 or any Convergent number you don't have much consecutive losses and when you play too much on the same payout you get too much consecutive losses ? 🙄
  8. I left PD after losing 1.8 ltc and come back now with nothing to lose 😂