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    fankas276 got a reaction from dogebot in I'm nuts!   
    You're are such a brave man to peruse a victory .Congrats you and win more in the future 👏👏👏
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    fankas276 got a reaction from bigbrankx in How do you feel at the moment you lost a big one ?   
    I feel very uncomfortable whenever I lost gambling at PD. Especially, when I busted a  lot , my heart beat faster and paining😢😢😢.How is your emotional feeling about  by the time you guys lost a big one??.
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    fankas276 got a reaction from MrNice23 in How to Win?   
    I totally agree with you Mr. Nice  in which most of us came to strategy on how to be profitable but we lost finally for bot being handle of our mindset .,😭
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    fankas276 reacted to MrNice23 in What do you think about the New "Vault Feature"   
    In my opinion Vault feature is very useful , now you don't need to create a Bank account anymore , you can save your funds in your personnal vault linked to your account and use them whenever you want.
    Do you think it's a useful feature or maybe you think it's useless , tell me what your thoughts about it in your comments.
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    fankas276 reacted to MrNice23 in How to Win?   
    Since i came to PD (Primedice for nubs) every player talks about strategy , techniques , special tricks , luck , etc... But only few ones talk about the most important thing in gambling which is the State of Mind. Actually, player's state of mind is crucial when you gamble , especially for dicing, you need to be able to control your emotions which is not easy at all when your brain is getting dopamine shots like every 10 secs. 
    As a conclusion , i'd say that we all must consider gambling as a philosophy and a state of mind to be able to win more and lose less.
    Maybe the perfect gambler should be a kind of cyborg ?
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    fankas276 reacted to ravenyvolle in Patience in playing   
    You are playing, and lost a significant amount of like 20% of your initial balance, you got angry, and want to recover everything immediately. 
    So you resorted to a lower payout in dice like 1.01-1.05x then boom! Red! So instead of recovering your balance, you will be disappointed that you lost everything instead. 
    I always do this before, and regret all afterwards. 
    Betting all in is really not a very good idea, as i notice that some lower payouts are just like baits to lure people to bet big.
    Maybe it is better to play slowly and climb up to the starting balance or maybe rest for a while.
    Patience is the key:) 
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    fankas276 reacted to davincuy in Mining in Mobile is safe?   
    i think mining in your mobile phone is not really profitable, its just waste your energy and time too.
    my suggestion is dont install it  
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    fankas276 got a reaction from kieltrix in Crypto Guide for newbs.   
    It is very necessary sharing valuable information on thread for not only newbies but also enthusiasts. So Thanks a lot to Kieltrix posting  informative thread to this community so all we can alert each others about the update of crypto currencies and discusses the issues. 
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    fankas276 reacted to davincuy in Why Primedice? Why not the others?   
    Heyyaaaaa what's up guys.. Just lets go to the point.
    i'm just wondering why all of you choose PD as a gambling site (Core site) 
    you know there is so many sites outside. but what makes you stay and loyal in PD ?
    For me,
                       I love & stay loyal in PD because :
                     1. PD has a simple design that whats make us easy to understand (Settings,Withdraw,Deposit,Etc)
                        2. The Supports and MOD are so nice and very generous. they often appear to greet all the gamblers (it makes me very comfortable )
                        3. PD is the fairest website i've ever known. in other sites like B*tsler, OneHa*h .. i can easily get 20 reds in a row on 2x payout
                        4. I feel so lucky in PD, and the withdrawal only need 5-10 Minutes till i received it on my local wallets
    So yaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, thats my opinion why i love and keep staying on PD.
    How about you? why you stay and love PD so much? is there any reason?  
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    fankas276 got a reaction from The Grandpa in New swe guy here   
    Welcome to Pd Grandpa. I think it is a first time seeing you playing around here. It is randomly dice so winning and losing are always alternatively rotating . If you don't want to lose more try to play a low payout e .g :odds lower than x2 . For receiving tips or rain , you must be active at chat and need to roll sometimes. Moreover , if your are a good talker at chat room , you might receive a good tip from Mods or support ! Enjoy playing at PD. 
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    fankas276 reacted to athena2007 in Just a precaution, beware of this HR (Neverever or ForeverNever)   
    Well the said person roped people in by paying out dividends in the begining and then asked for more.. A LONG CON .. it had asked me on numerous times and i declined it as i smelled a rat i did inform some of the persons who are now at loss .. but they oviosly sided with nevershittyever.... SCAMMER..
    I hope karma will hit that person in ways that it will feel the PAIN AND HAVE MUCH MISERY..  
    long con definition 
    A con-job that requires a certain amount of effort and as a namesake, is usually in it for the long haul. Gaining someone's trust for a number of months and then when the stake is in your court and you have their complete trust--taking advantage of it. Usually denotes relationship status or high-level business partnerships.
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    fankas276 reacted to ravenyvolle in Just a precaution, beware of this HR (Neverever or ForeverNever)   
    It is one of his strategies maybe, to lure people by trusting him and paying in time before until we give him more and more that in the end, he cant afford to pay at all.-.- 
    So poof! There goes our money.
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    fankas276 got a reaction from bellapelle in Just a precaution, beware of this HR (Neverever or ForeverNever)   
    It is very said to hear that you guys  still don't receive from these high rollers like Foreverandever.These kinds of people came and played at PD showing they are trustable to make loans with them .They might not shown up when time to return to person they borrowed. I have been scammed also one of a high rollers but a small amount for trust . Thanks you very much Raven for sharing these issues and hope in the future we could notice these incidents with great care.
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    fankas276 got a reaction from The Grandpa in My PD Anniversary. 😎💥🎉   
    I have been joined to PD 13month ago and I have a great moment playing dice here. 😉 I have winning days sometimes but straight losing .As was the first , I have tried many other casino sites but u really enjoy and playing at PD coz it is easy to use and compatible with all version of devices. More over ,chatting with new people or friend at chat room make very fun and informative especially happy to reply post in forum community.
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    fankas276 reacted to ravenyvolle in Just a precaution, beware of this HR (Neverever or ForeverNever)   
    I will talk as "we", as there are group of stakers, and it's a topic of all us.
    We understand, that nothing can be done from side of administration, as all loans were taken in pm's, and we dont expecting anything.
    Goals of topic are two:
    1. Catch some attention of @Neverever or ForeverNever , as others try to contact him are ignored for more than a week already (it still can be solved in peacefully way, if you will contact someone of us in next 24 hours).
    2. Warn other stakers not to have any deals while this isn't solved.
    So, Neverever (also known in different sites with tons of alts, like: TeachMePlay, Fuckluck, Hilonoob, NajibRazak, ForeverNEver, StakeRob, Tera, Ridethelightning, Applepen, lowroller, letmewin, Ibetdaily, QuiteLucky, Pants, coinroller, Fae, etc) owes atm to at least 17 people, total amount more than 4 btc. As we know, people who are still waiting for returns: @Godloft @ravenyvolle @lupandina @wilburwilbur @dmbadillo10  @kuleguten @Lexus19  @nadiya14 @Faris @peckatop and + at least 7 more, from which I didn't got agreement to tag them yet No one had any contact with Neverever from about 29th-30th August.
    Some of people are waiting for just few weeks, but some are waiting even from like March or April, so patience ended up. After some research we traced down Neverever's real identity, have ID scan, approximate place of residence and more. So he won't run far.
    Yea, you read it right, it's not typo. Neverever isn't a girl at all, as everyone was thinking
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    fankas276 reacted to dmbadillo10 in My PD Anniversary. 😎💥🎉   
    Heya Rollers and Rolletes!
    Well what do you know.. A year has passed already when I first joined Primedice. 🎉😉
    I remember back then, I was just one of those curious people, curious what BTC is. Was gathering from small satoshi faucet apps on my phone.. And suddenly saw an ad of PD on one of my faucet apps on my phone. 😁
    Joined in, met some new silly friends. They come and go. Learned how to play the game, and even experienced to be a high roller on some occasions. Been a forum junkie, and met some more silly people. ✌🏽😂
    I am truly happy to be a member here. It was 3 days ago, it was my first year here in the casino.
    Cheers to everyone! 👍😉

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    fankas276 reacted to athena2007 in Survey: Half of American Millennials Interested in Using Crypto   
    A survey was done with a persons who are  reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century in america (American Millennials)  .
    A third of whom said they where interested to convert from the us dollar to crypto but half of the surveyed person said they dont  they  dont want to just use crypto and just stay with the us dollar  . It was a nearly a 50-50 split over wether they wanted only crypto or stay with the us dollar ,
    Here are the findings below from the survey If you had the choice would you chose crypto over the us dollar,
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    fankas276 got a reaction from cagulada79 in Penalty to tourist can't speak language to thier destination.   
    It is very strange ideas to ask that  a tourist need to learn somehow a host country 's language  somehow while travelling !Most countries in this world accept English as international language , meanwhile some people  try to learn a bit about a country where they Luke to visit because local might not able to communicate with them without tourist guides or some travellers like to learn different languages of destination countries. It is not surprised Filipinos use English as second language and many tourist who came there don't need to study or learn Takalog. Actually , most tourists learn languages  when they reach the country they like to visit .
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    fankas276 reacted to cagulada79 in Penalty to tourist can't speak language to thier destination.   
    For instance: Filipino tourist  usually prepared the language  in their destination. But why foriegn when they go to philippines they spoke english instead of tagalog or any for philippine languages. I observed Filipilno were trying to ride on to foriegn language when they were talking for them to understand. 
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    fankas276 reacted to roomfirst in How do you feel at the moment you lost a big one ?   
    Yeah gambling is not always win, if gambling is always win, there will many rich people out only because of gambling  
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    fankas276 reacted to UltraChief in How do you feel at the moment you lost a big one ?   
    But if a person is gambling then they will learn that losing is a part of gambling. If every bet was a win then what would the casino keep as their profit?
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    fankas276 reacted to UchihaRaj in How do you feel at the moment you lost a big one ?   
    Awww , that's a really an awful feeling at first.😥
    I do a number of things after a big loss of 200 or 300k satoshis may be. (It's quite big enough for me at the moment ).
    First of all , getting out of Trauma that I busted. It takes me a while to get out of it . " Holy Fuck , is it for real ? DId I just end up with such a  loss ? "
    Sometimes , it takes a day or two to get me back to normal . I come back and start playing again, with no aim of recovering. I believe what I lost is lost , it won't come back.
    I eat potato chips , a lot of them , on such a loss. ( Death Note Feeling ). I see High rolllers , and feel well if there are reds in there , and curses if there are big wins (so silly of me) . 
    After that I either listen to some of my classic collection or watch some YouTube shit. But sooner or later , I recover of the trauma.
    Hope you get well soon too, @fankas276 sis.  
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    fankas276 reacted to roomfirst in How do you feel at the moment you lost a big one ?   
    I'm sure almost all gamblers will feel the same, losing money on gambling site is really sucks dude.
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    fankas276 reacted to bigbrankx in How do you feel at the moment you lost a big one ?   
    Feeling normal, first I win some profit ( then I feel good ) 
    Secound, I bust my deposit + my Profit + my faucet  then I'm litteraly bored.
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    fankas276 reacted to bigbrankx in The Private Key to Satoshi Nakamoto’s $8 Billion Bitcoin Fortune is on   
    I'm not using a key, I'm using my phone (to validate login etc)
    So you can't steal my wallet, without having my phone. Go suck my dick hackers))