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  1. It is a nice explanation of we girls should know for the first time of sleeping with a man . Thanks for sharing this information
  2. As for me , I will double the coin here and make more profit . Meanwhile , most people have got ideas to cash out .So I better try my luck here .
  3. You're are such a brave man to peruse a victory .Congrats you and win more in the future 👏👏👏
  4. It is a good ideas for having 2fa on tipping different user account in order to prevent unexpected hacker activities .
  5. Usually , most people here Play at duce game or talk on group chat ! I think of a forum post is interesting people here around will come and comment it .
  6. Faucet is only design New players to test the dive game so I don't think it is not a problem for a player who like to gamble dice Game here. So it is always good to deposit he funds or do forum work for interesting information .
  7. We cannot say gambling is profitable because it depends on our luck and random probability .So firstly, you need to think of the loses which you can afford to lose and next time you can recover those loses when lucky time . Never invest in gambling in which you can 't be affordable to lose .
  8. What is the security level of saving in a vault than in bank account ?If there is no problem about the security , it will be a good wallet for us in the future .
  9. I totally agree with you Mr. Nice in which most of us came to strategy on how to be profitable but we lost finally for bot being handle of our mindset .,😭
  10. Freebitcoin.com is my first ever entered site but I spent alot of time playing at Prime Dice only because it is more compatible for me than any other dice gambling sites .
  11. You're right @Ravenvolle in this case !Most players bet alot after one big lose relying next bet to have a positive outcome with one shot.However , most of the time , it came only a bad results. 😞
  12. Mining trough Mobile phone for a long period of times resulting in only damage your phone with low payouts. If you cannot able to buy mining grids at the moment but you're a eager miner , so you need to work hard to earn enough money to buy a set of mining hardwares to farm real coin 😉
  13. It is very said to hear that you guys still don't receive from these high rollers like Foreverandever.These kinds of people came and played at PD showing they are trustable to make loans with them .They might not shown up when time to return to person they borrowed. I have been scammed also one of a high rollers but a small amount for trust . Thanks you very much Raven for sharing these issues and hope in the future we could notice these incidents with great care.
  14. I accept gambling as part-time work even though which is not paying me regular income .It depends on my luck and how I can handle them. I spend and play with a good mood when I win , I am happy but in losing times I have a bad mood but I stop a while and deposit again play. I don't decide even myself gambling is good or bad but I prepared myself the amount which I cannot able to lose so. It is always better to make a limit even you Winnie lose a day or a certain period of time.
  15. I have been joined to PD 13month ago and I have a great moment playing dice here. 😉 I have winning days sometimes but straight losing .As was the first , I have tried many other casino sites but u really enjoy and playing at PD coz it is easy to use and compatible with all version of devices. More over ,chatting with new people or friend at chat room make very fun and informative especially happy to reply post in forum community.