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  1. pokerstarz isnt so bad.. i havent played there in a while though.. but its not as good as free poker sites.. haha .. i felt very limited of options for table and type of poker.. but nonetheless, good graphics and pretty well designed..
  2. ummm .. lol at first i thought this was you betting this much! to find out that its someone elses.. hahah dissapointing... jk
  3. hmm... depends how big of a win,, if its big enough to take a few years off and travel the world, that would definitely top of the list! not really wanting or needing materialistic things.. any win thats enough to travel somewhere would be swell!
  4. I expect them to moderate! lelxD .. PD has some pretty good mods.. i have been away at the sister site, but when i use to play here regularly, the mods were doing a pretty good job keeping things in check.. just dont piss em off,,, you wouldnt like em bringing down the hammer! makin mute coins rain with lightning., hahaha xD
  5. hahaha. yeh when im rich hehe.. trying to save to buy a laptop is tricky enough.. renting.. not possible 😛
  6. definitely not the place. lol.. its a gambling site to begin with. why even come here.. teeeheehhehee
  7. well, if this trend of red streaks continues for another week, im going to reconsider it. its frustrating how you get back to back red streaks, yet no green streak to compensate some of the loss. how is your bankroll ever going to survive the onslaughts.. grrrrrr
  8. hmmm.. wait a minute.. there are others??? lol.. honestly, primedice was the first site i found for cyrpto gambling. havent really looked for anything else, especially since there is also stake.
  9. Ya thats mostly was the reason why i created my forum accouny was to be able to post my bet id for the giveaway. Then i found out that you can also make free sats for posting or creatinh threads, so why not? Its there for a reason, take advantage of the opportunity.
  10. Yeah, i was hoping it would get more responses from the community.. Perhaps alot are hesitant in sharing their knowledge. Hopefully more will come forward and share so that others may learn a thing or two of what they know.
  11. aaah.. so unless you need to pull up old rolls or verify them, changing seed is pretty useless then? hmmmm.. good to know.
  12. i switch around from 9x 15x 30x 50x 100x .. but mostly 15x.. 9x for autobetting.. which usually does fine. asl9ng as u watch it like a shithawk! 😄
  13. hahaha.. i bought nothing.. i invested some.. but havent gotten to buying anything.. but now i would buy a laptop if given a chance to win again.. just seems like forever since my last win..
  14. yeah im aware of apps that could access your desktop laptop.. unfortunately, thats where the dillema is, my laptop is dead.. completely dead.