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  1. Hello, For information, I would like to know if PrimeDice is declared as a company? In which country ? Do you have a page with all the legal information? Best regards, F3Ri0uS
  2. Hello, It would be interesting to have an option to display its history but also to be able to export bets over a given period. Best regards, F3Ri0uS
  3. Hello, Wanting to try new techniques, I managed to reach my goal of 0.0028 BTC yesterday 😎 Next goal : 0.082 BTC Bankroll : 0.02983438 BTC Duration of the challenge : 30 days Daily goal : 0,0018 btc Best regards, F3Ri0uS
  4. Hello, For those who make BTC loans to members on the forum, what are the guarantees you ask to be sure of getting paid? Best regards, F3Ri0uS
  5. Hello, I know it's not a lot for some but I just crossed the 0.01 BTC bar. I am very happy. 😊 Bankroll : 0.01088087 BTC Profit total : 0.00741895 BTC 😍 Best regards, F3Ri0uS
  6. F3Ri0uS


    Hello @Bojana Thank you. Best regards, F3Ri0uS
  7. Hello, I embark on my first 30-day challenge with the goal of attracting 150 € or 0.028 BTC. I will update this topic every day with a screenshot. Bankroll : 0,0034 BTC Duration of the challenge : 30 days Final goal : 0.028 BTC Daily goal : 0,00093 First day statistics : Screen attached to this post 😀 Best regards, F3Ri0uS
  8. F3Ri0uS


    Hello @UltraChief, Thank you. Best regards, F3Ri0uS
  9. F3Ri0uS


    Hello, I am new on the PrimeDice website. I am very happy to join this community to share with you. Tomorrow, I will start a challenge on 30 days. Best regards, F3Ri0uS