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  1. VladImpaler

    [POLL] Would you consider PD as a source of income?

    either you come here with 1 bitcoin and double it in 5 minutes, or you hack the casino it's impossible to live at the expense of the casino (imho)
  2. good cryptocasino, one of my favorites
  3. VladImpaler

    Primedice Strategy low risk

    the smaller the payout, the greater the risks. such a strategy needs too much balance, in the long run it is too bad IMHO
  4. VladImpaler

    This is Love #pets

    LoL after the frog, the cat sniffed paw
  5. VladImpaler

    Newbie Techniques

    You should always count on luck, even if you come up with a strategy. There is no other way to make money
  6. Looks good. I think I will play
  7. VladImpaler

    I have something... - Giveaway

    No. I think this is a poster with Kylo Ren
  8. Hi everyone! While I was playing, the standard interface bored me. Also I often play at night, when the eyes are hypersensitive. So I made this a dark design for myself and for you, my friends. Enjoy it! Installation Guide: Step 1. Go to - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions Step 2. Search the "css inject" Step 3. Install "CSS and Javascript Injection" Step 4. Go to PrimeDice and click the icon on the panel Step 5. Paste this code @import url(https://prime-themes.github.io/themes/dark-theme.css); Profit! If you want to thank me for my work: BTC address: 1CFm8j5QGyz5VYTbrBFbD5etBpLipfYtrK LTC address: Lb5pFnzjVWAagupfHhddUpMsm1uXtiSt5R ETH address: 0x68E50067D60B390268EA59A0BdB6171a6e9a340a Write what theme you go to see next!