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  1. I heard that Livecoin could be the first crypto exchange where the wins tokens will be placed. What do you think about it?
  2. Several games will be available on the Winstars platform in a month or so and all investors will be able to test the platform on demo chips. The project creators wrote about this a few days ago.
  3. So the ICO is over and funds already collected. How did it go in general? Any news from the Winstars team? I need official information.
  4. Before the official launch of the platform only the games developed by the Winstars team will be testing or we will see something else?
  5. Now it's easier than never before. Winstars is not well known but has a big potential and that's why if you really want to attract partners - now is the best time to do that.
  6. Anyway you can recommend Winstars as a gambling platform which has a 4-level affiliate program. It can be interesting for your friends for example.
  7. It's good that the team adheres to the road map. I hope they'll keep their promises. My friend invested in the project today and said he likes and trusts Winstars.
  8. Originally, I expected to see the platform before the completion of the ICO 'cause then you can invest much more and there would be confidence that Winstars is a serious project. I still think so but without a beta version I don't want to invest big money.
  9. It is bad if they take the platform presentation to September. I'd like to see it now to invest more money. I want to be sure the project is serious!
  10. The third quarter is a very blurry concept, I thought the beta version of the platform should be shown before the end of the ICO. But we don't have too much time left. It will be on July 20, right?
  11. how soon will we see the beta version of the Winstars platform? I went to my personal area today and so far nothing new is there...
  12. It can be considered that the presentation of the platform is already beginning. That's interesting to see how active the sales process can be at this time
  13. Maybe he hasn't decided yet how much money he wants to invest to Winstars. As I see, other investors will join the project after the developers present the platform.
  14. I agree that it's very cool that the ICO has got such a significant investor but that's not all. They need to collect much more before the end of the ICO.
  15. Do you think there will be a lot of big investors after the conference in Barcelona? And if not, what will happen in this case?