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  1. darkbug3

    Primedice Crasheed

    yes it did indeed :))
  2. darkbug3

    Sent wrong currency to darkbug3

    i knew that liza, i sent first with no doubts !
  3. darkbug3

    Sent wrong currency to darkbug3

    will ALWAYS do the same ! nice to meet u and good trading with you !
  4. darkbug3

    Top 12 Strategies

    i didnt said to use same strat bro, i was saying for best result on a strat, its damn good to have a big bankroll
  5. darkbug3

    Last letter game

  6. darkbug3

    Top 12 Strategies

    i personally think all strategies depends on the bankroll u have, the bigger the better
  7. darkbug3

    99x and 69.88x stategy.

    thanks for sharing car, lemme get the min bankroll and hit it !
  8. like 300k sats or so
  9. darkbug3

    How do you hunt for giveaways?

    i try to get a big bankroll at first, than hope for the best ! :))
  10. darkbug3

    Quick Mind Game

    rewards -> party
  11. darkbug3

    Merge your name with the person above you

    darkija ROFL
  12. it was inevitable for these chinese to start doing this,since they manufacture 99% of the mining equipement
  13. people kinda lost confidence aka trust with so many ICO's, your project looks good and i wish u best of luck with it!
  14. darkbug3

    Hello, Im old!

    hi veronica, im newer than u, but still, welcome !