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  1. darkbug3

    How much RED Payout 100

    i had even over 5k reds, no joke
  2. darkbug3

    House always wins

    i like it because i had some nice winnings from nothing,lol
  3. darkbug3

    Place for a bitcoin poker game

    i played only on coinpoker
  4. darkbug3

    Primedice Strategy low risk

    very very risky, all depends on bankroll
  5. darkbug3

    Low or High Payouts?

    i hate everything about 1.x, its the most dangerous game ever
  6. anyone got paid from this dude or still making excuses ?
  7. darkbug3

    House always wins

    if you know when to run, u can still win
  8. darkbug3

    Are you a successful gambler?

    overall im in profit after 2 years
  9. darkbug3

    BTC Price Predictions for December 2018

    im feeling a 7100 USD price
  10. darkbug3

    📢 Scheduled Maintenance

    how long will the update take ?
  11. darkbug3

    Primedice Crasheed

    yes it did indeed :))
  12. darkbug3

    Sent wrong currency to darkbug3

    i knew that liza, i sent first with no doubts !
  13. darkbug3

    Sent wrong currency to darkbug3

    will ALWAYS do the same ! nice to meet u and good trading with you !