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  1. My man, had no idea that was there haha, kind of handy.. now I dont have to switch tabs to check the price no more!
  2. Cant complain one bit! Every time I have ever had any issues, you guys are always prompt to provide support! Not to mention, you provide it with a smile every time! Thank you for being you!
  3. Honestly just go with your gut and stick to it... I personally always play over due to the fact I have always played it. I personally find I loose my balance much quicker when I am constantly switching it up. At the end of the day I am just here for fun! Best of luck man!
  4. Honestly, I just go with the flow. I dont really have a strategy per say to changing my seeds, I just do it periodically. At the end of the day I am just here to have fun, socialize and pass some time, not here to make money. I have heard of some users saying that the only way to be sure that a seed is fair is to change it after every bet, too much work for me.. But hey give it a shot! Wish you all the best man!
  5. Bet: 42,849,073,526 placed by King9 on 24/11/2019 Wagered 0.03200000 Multiplier 1.49x Profit 0.01554592 Bet: 42,849,280,307 placed by King9 on 24/11/2019 Wagered 0.09259041 Multiplier 1.49x Profit 0.04498135 Bet: 42,849,394,581 placed by King9 on 24/11/2019 Wagered 0.16568734 Multiplier 1.49x Profit 0.08049257
  6. Will always support ya Eddie! Trustpilot - Cam Primedice - King9 Keep up the good work Eddie!
  7. This would literally be a dream hahaha. I dont think I would change anything though, PD already keeps be entertained so what would I need to change?! Owning PD would literally change my life haha, as I am sure it would change everyones!
  8. I generally just run one big deposit weekly/biweekly then vault some of my coins. Whenever I feel like playing I withdraw from vault and play with that. This way too I pay less fees to my exchange!
  9. Depends, Sometimes I like to play high risk, high reward, other times I like to play slow. It really just depends on how I am feeling haha. Generally though, I play relatively slow as this is in reality just a form of entertainment.
  10. Welcome Babyken! Seen you in the PD chat a few times! Glad to have you here! Wishing you all the best!
  11. I think this would be a very good addition to PD to be honest. Would be a very fun addition to PD to keep things interesting. While a lot of users are against it, I personally don't think it would take away from the site at all.
  12. This is so true, I find myself making deposits and betting whenever I am bored. Since I can do it from my mobile phone I find that the convenience makes it so easy for me to gamble far more than I had hoped. I literally find myself playing everywhere haha, on the toilet, waiting in line, work, everywhere. I also loose alot more than I would like hahaha.
  13. Welcome to the community, Primedice is an amazing place filled with even better people. Wishing you the best of luck!
  14. Im not quite sure how to answer this. I mean I have been coming back since 2015, so it has been apart of my life for over 4 years now. The people I have met here are some of the best I have come across. I don't necessarily think that the website itself changed my life but it is the people within it. PD users are some of the best I have ever come across.
  15. Howdy everyone! Just creating this thread for users to post there words of wisdom for new PD users and for other members alike. King9's Words of Wisdom Gambling on PD has to be one of my favorite activities to pass free time. It can be both a very euphoric experience and a very depressive experience in a matter of seconds. We all keep coming back to PD for that state of euphoria, our body's crave dopamine. I believe it is very important to see PD as a website that is to be utilized as a source of fun, never put coins in that you are not willing to loose as majority of us will. PD is not a get rich quick scheme, while there have been many users in the past that have walked away with thousands in profit. There has been far more users walking away with thousands in losses. With that being said, I do believe it is possible to still walk away with some profit and your head held high. Below I have compiled a list of some useful tips of min. 1. Only deposit what you are willing to loose 2. Set a loss limit - This is very important, greed is a very powerful emotion that can drive many of us to get carried away. We often chase our loses, gambling more and more in order to recover our loss. Save yourself the gloom and set a stop limit, once you hit it, take a break to regather your thoughts. 3. Withdraw/bank realized profits 4.Have some fun PD is filled with tons of amazing users that are simply here to make friends and have some fun. Many of PD users are not really here to gamble but are simply here for the atmosphere. I have met tons of kind people in the chat over the years and have made many friends. With all of this being said, I wish everyone the best of luck gambling. King9
  16. Have honestly hunted this multiplier numerous times with fail.. I usually just let auto-bet run in hope I will hit it within the first few thousand rolls. Tbh though I always hit 0.00 and 99.99 whenever I am not going for it.. it is almost as if it is taunting me. Enticing me to bust my balance yet again hunting for it.