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  1. hope your dream is achieved. I also dreamed of that, which is to have 1 btc. if possible more than that. I just want to make my family happy and share with their special friends at Primedice. hope our shared dreams come true. let's try and succeed together
  2. I believe small bets won't make you rich that's my opinion i hate small bet always all in XD
  3. I do not know how to increase the chances of winning. No safe strategies. Every way you think a safe strategy sooner or later ruin you.
  4. This happens. At one time I lost about 4 bitcoins and this could not be my limit, but my source of earnings at that moment stopped and I could not lose a large amount. Later, I began to play more carefully and do not allow myself to overstep some limits, which I set for myself.
  5. Yes for long run maybe its ruined maybe gives you big money lol who knows Next I try a easy profitable strategy hope you like 🙂 Read more Yes. It might be at the long run and it can bust at the 1st run. You just have to make up your mind. You can also bust in the 1st run
  6. Oh didn't see part one and not gonna see this too because i am scared of horror films .
  7. PD and Stake are the best online gambling sites. Stake is distinguished by the presence of a large number of games and the original design, probably because of this it is a bit more popular.
  8. think the rainbot is random to proplr that are active in chat and they wager. i winedd sow meny time i love rainbot
  9. in many forums discussed, besides we can read, we can add to our insight about anything. because here is not only about cryptocurrency, but there are many topics outside of krypto discussed. besides reading, we can also post topics that we want to discuss that will be answered by users in this forum. moreover every post is paid, adding interest to always be here
  10. You have right men i fill same like you
  11. wolfgold

    hi all

    Hello how are you i wish you good luck end have fun
  12. I will bay a ferrari end win a lot of money
  13. sounds really fun if you can get 1 btc profit every day ... hhhmmm .... but like that it's very difficult to do. and if that really happens, maybe the effect on humans will also be lazy to work. for what works (in the real world, such as being an office employee, shop employee, and others as just getting money that can be said at the right time to continue living) if you can get 1 btc profit every day. 1 btc is not a little money ... winning 1 btc in 1 week or more is still possible and that must have a lot of capital. while humans are of varying economics, okay ... we say he is in the upper class (rich people) he has capital and can deposit 10 to 50 btc once to play, what about those who have capital of the faucet or who expect rain? I think to win a 1 btc bet every day i bet: 31,303,520,240 ggggggggg gggggg
  14. I modified it and it works nice: Base bet: 0.00001000 Balance: 0.1 Multiplier: 1.8X Raise on win: -25% Raise on losing: 60% Stop betting when you hit Profit: 0.0002