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  1. AEDGE

    🏆 [TIER] Prestige Challenge!

    Bet: 26,096,776,229 placed by AEDGE on 07/12/2018 Wagered 0.00006400 Multiplier 990.00x Profit 0.06329600
  2. AEDGE

    🥇 2018 Primedice Awards

    Funniest: @singpays Friendliest: @lupandina Forum Hero: @athena2007 Chat Hero: @UchihaRaj Most Lovable: @sleepywillow Most Intelligent: @sourc3code Most Influential: @UltraChief Best Moderator: @Robear Funniest Support: @Bojana Favourite Support: @Irena Favourite Staff: @Milan
  3. AEDGE

    Low or high!

    If Ur strategy having a pattern...House will bust & then beat U. I think...Either we need Huge balance Or We can beat randomness with randomness...!!! Lets hear...others as well...
  4. Woah... well..If U didn't spend it on urself.. It will bust soon 😛
  5. Done...!!! Plzz...Do Confirm..!!! & Thanx @lupandina
  6. AEDGE

    House always wins

    Run any strategy for long simulation...There's a loophole in it BTW...Happy Rolling
  7. AEDGE

    House always wins

    No, I surely can beat the house. If its provably fair...
  8. 0.0011BTC exchange to LTC & 3000 Dogecoin exchange to LTC Update: Done exchange
  9. AEDGE

    Investing in PrimeDice

    Well...Investing on House Edge...very curious. I don't think that we will get both on same platform... 😛 Lets see...what we will see on PD in Future... BTW...Nice to meet U
  10. AEDGE

    Hello All friends

    Nice to meet U too on forum as well...although we are already talked through PM. Happy Rolling...!!! 🙂
  11. AEDGE

    A little old player on Primedice CREATED 2/9/2018

    I am very Glad to meet U...!!! @TurfuGenetix :hug:
  12. AEDGE

    What do you buy with BTC?

    Yes...I bought goods & services but not directly with BTC. Bcz of too much restrictions... I have to convert it into fiat currency then I made purchase. Lets see...other member reply...!!! Thanx...!!!