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  1. Nope , also the price has to be stable and also the wallet the makers provide should also be secured. Electroneum has soo many things to improve on and it is not just perfect.
  2. I have around 212.78 Peer coin's lol . I have been staking it for a very very long time. That is the great part of this you can get a few coins by staking it for a short time.
  3. Hope you had won something Was late stream is offline
  4. Well the dicers has moved to staking that is stake and have not returned probably. Well primedice offer only dice where as stake offers dice and much more games.
  5. Personally , it is a good coin and has a good future probably. I used it for Staking and getting extra coins other than that i have not used it for nothing else . But was fun staking it tho
  6. If i do create an altcoin then i would create a way for the transactions to be instant and be confirmed within seconds and also miners can easily mine it through a phone or any other equipment.
  7. Personally now i like shapeshift still . After that i like coinswitch both are good conversion sites and takes a good fee which is affordable.
  8. Well strategies are not effective most of the time . They sometimes work and sometimes don't unless there is a bug. Luck is the most important thing you would need.
  9. I don't have a bankroll but i play with whatever i could afford not a set . It isn't like a ritual like this much money should be set aside for this. For me it is just random.
  10. It is hard to predict the next win but i always believe that if the dice goes lower then then the next time the dice would hit higher . This doesn't always work but works like 70% of the time
  11. Well for addicted gamblers the impact would be very bad since they would be the most affected but since i am not that addicted there is no problem for me and im Good
  12. Never heard of this site before. Is it any good and easy to use and check ? Hearing about this site for the first time
  13. I dont think so that localbitcoins has a card yet or they dont ? Or is there one for only a spcific region or country ? Do you have one ?
  14. You are exaggerating a lot there mate. Primedice to add 1000 games is very very impossible since it is hard to manage .
  15. Well we cant really say that maybe these coins show the oposite reaction of bitcoin and doesn't rely on bitcoin to rise.
  16. Weird it didn't work for me at all I'm also from EU same i did everything still didn't get any email
  17. Well it is not quite right because there are a lot of odds that can go against our decisions we could possibly loose all of our money ( investment ) easy probably .