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  1. Seems like using a hardware wallet is safe and i know that but isnt it a bit pricey to buy so do you know any wallets that give almost a tough security but for like free ?
  2. Oh quite an interesting strategy if you have good amount of luck but what will happen if you keep on busting will you keep on withdrawing until you win ?
  3. You got a pretty good strategy out there mate and you have made some money from that which is good and a climb from 3000 to 200000 satoshis is a huge one. Good luck.
  4. Nor i dont have anyone as a person who i follow and who has inspired me because this is not a game and you can bust at any moment of time so there is no pro at this
  5. So we all know that primedice had introduced the vault back then to keep pur coins safe but ever since the hype had died i dont know if people still use it anyways i use it for one main thing and it has helped quite a bit. What i do is if i win like 5 usd or something in a day i deposit 1 usd to the vault and never withdraw from it so that is kind of my strategy i use. So when i desperately need it then i withdraw and use it only if i need it desperately. So i was thinking do you guys use the vault as a piggy bank or for some other purposes for me the vault is a piggy bank and love it !
  6. I have always some weird questions and while i was playing Primedice i thought about a question that is What if you were playing a lot and busted a lot of Bitcoin and won back 1 Bitcoin somehow and suddenly some whale comes out of no where and just dips the price of bitcoin in the market to like 200 USD i know i know this is not possible at all but speaking hypothetically what if this happened ? What would your first emotion be ? And for eg. You busted like 300 USD in total . What would you do and what would your first emotion be ?
  7. So you all know the people who complain about not winning and loosing ? No not the beggars but the people who cant afford to loose and thinks that by playing a lot they would be able to win like 100 USD from their payment for some work they done. Like i dont get it why ?! Why do you first come in and play if you cant afford to loose ? Like why ?! It makes the site look bad whichever site you are playing on because if you say oh no dinner today then people gonna think that the site is rigged so just stop this. This not only ruins your life but also the reputation of the site. Only play if you can afford to loose what you are playing with.
  8. Well i do believe so because it is the top coin in the crypto market and there are many new investors investing in bitcoin every single second as we speak
  9. So today i had a chat with one of my friends who i met in Overwatch and he also came into this crypto world and explained me something so fascinating that i wanted to share with you guys So he was telling me about a trick of the whales like the very rich ones these whales create coins for pump and dump in the market. So after they have finished their ICO and got their investment back and the coin is in the market they start pumping the coin a but and dump it later and end up with good huge amounts of profits. I am not certainty sure how they work but he said me he read about this in an Article. Have you guys ever heard about this before ? What do you think about it ?
  10. If you didnt know william is actually williamshenine in Stake so he is already from stake and primedice and enjoys both the sites games i guess
  11. So you all know primedice and its owner of course is Edward or we usually call him by his usual nickname Eddie but i have heard before that primedice is not only owned by one person but by two Edward and the other persons name is Stunna. So i was wondering has anyone ever met or even chatted with stunna yet or ever ? I have never seen her ( assuming its a girl ) or seen her in chat but only on Bitcointalk promoting the two sites and participating in the forum activities. So tell me have you ever seen stunna or talked with her ?
  12. So you know that there a lot new sites like primedice out there which have many more games than just dice like for examole the sister site of primedice that is stake has many games like mines plinko limbo etc. And primedice offers only one game that is dice So i was thinking why do you guys stay here in primedice ? What is that spirit or thing or something that makes you keep on playing on primedice rather than on stake ? Is it the different community or the site offers dice only so that is enough ? What is it let me know.
  13. Note it doesnt but it increases your chance of busting tho 😛 dont think that playing on two tabs will increase your chances on winning it is just a way to like double your speed.
  14. So if you are very addicted to Primedice then you would probably be one of that people who runs primedice automated mode in two tabs like me. I run it usually like maybe every 2 or 3 days and usually it creates a lot of bug due to the balance not being updated frequently and end up busting but it is actually fun to see how fast that you could try to hit and win a multiplier which is the great part. Have any of you ever tried running primedice on two or more tabs ? I have tried to run it on 3 tabs but it creates a lot by a lot i mean like a huge some of lag in my PC.
  15. Handsdown marvel because DC is shit and they use too much CGI and they have a very low budget.
  16. It is the amount of total wagered in the time frame in minute now not like before where if a player is super active in chat then he or she gets added on to the list and gets rained .
  17. I just was like oh this site has only dice ?! But then i came to know why primedice sticks to only one game that is dice it was mainly due to its players and the name.
  18. Dicebot we all know this cute guy here who helps on hunting challenges and various multipliers that we get fed up on hunting in the manual mode. Well many people just open up this instead of actually opeining the website and play on the bot rather on the site and never comes to the site. Have you ever done this where you just open the dicebot thinking it is same as primedice and never just come to PD ? For me i have done it loke 3 days in a row and have just forgotten that i was playing on the bot and not on the site and later on i realized and came to the site to just see if anything new was there. What about you guys have you just used dicebot as PD and never visted the site ?