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  1. So basically bitcointalk.org is a site where you can discuss about btc and like other cryptos too not only btc there is a marketplace announcement section and all etc. So bitcoincash got a same thing type forum its called https://bitcoincashtalk.org/ this is not similar design but the name is similar and i guess the developer too but not sure yet. The design rn is soo tacky af its full orange yuck lol but its just a starting stage so i can bear it np Here is the site : https://bitcoincashtalk.org/
  2. Kate

    Android login issues - Captcha won

    Try using firefox and not chrome since chrome isn't a friend of Primedice. Also chrome has some problem with captcha so
  3. There are investigations going on in Brazil on the Banks and not the small ones the major ones but unfortunately the names are not leaked out and hope it stays that way so that account holders don't panic and shutdown the accounts. Anyway there 6 major banks are being investigated to find out crypto laundering is there or not in any of the accounts and all etc. But the problem is that some of the big banks aren't allowing to anyone to look at the Financial System which is a dumb move their doing in my opinion. SOURCE : https://news.bitcoin.com/brazils-biggest-banks-under-investigation-for-monopoly-in-cryptocurrency-trade/
  4. So upbit the second largest crypto currency exchange currently standing in South Korea just announced on Wednesday that they will be opening up an exchange in Singapore soon. The team has not revealed the exact date but had said that it will take place early October. Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/korean-exchange-upbit-singapore/
  5. Kate

    Art Exhibit in France

    Umm hey so there is gonna be an Art Exhibition of BTC on the 28th of September uNtil the October 5th 2018 in the love city known as France. There will be paintings about the history the future and the blockchain decentralisation and all stuffs that include bitcoin. Also there will be merchandise that can be bought with cryptos if you need. If you want more info here is the link : https://news.bitcoin.com/art-exhibition-in-france-to-celebrate-bitcoins-tenth-birthday/
  6. Kate

    Bug found in Nodes of BTC

    So there was a very huge bug in the Nodes patch of Bitcoin Core. An anonymous guy went through the patch and found a huge bug on the patch notes of the nodes. I am not really into nodes but i know its a good investment but dont knowh whats its codes and all are. Hopefully they fix this soon and nothing like this happens in the future. The patch which had the bug was released in November 2016 Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/critical-bug-found-in-bitcoin-core-invokes-the-multiple-client-argument/?utm_source=OneSignal Push&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=Push Notifications
  7. Good news for Iran users or i would say Iran Miners the IROI or formally known as the Islamic Republic of Iran just announced that they are going to allow import of Mining equipments into Iran. Good to see a government moving towards the growth of cryptos. So i guess the Global Hashrate of many coins or maybe Bitcoin would go some high up or a lot. SOURCE : https://news.bitcoin.com/the-daily-iran-to-allow-mining-hardware-imports-cyprus-creates-fintech-hub/
  8. Shuttle Delivery a well known door to door food delivery company in Seoul has just announced the implementation of BCH in their system. Now users can pay with BCH to buy food which is a good thing Hopefully they extend their services to Europe So i can get some food in my tummy SOURCE : https://news.bitcoin.com/seoul-based-food-delivery-service-now-accepts-bitcoin-cash/
  9. Two major crypto exchanges called Bithumb and Coinone in South Korea has just announced that they will not allowing unverified users or traders to exchange crypto to fiat which is the South Korean basic currency. This will take place in Oct 15th. SOURCE : https://news.bitcoin.com/bithumb-coinone-fiat-withdrawals-crypto-traders/
  10. Kate

    Wirex extends to Canada

    So the most popular credit card provider called Wirex has just announced the extension of their services or application in other words to Canada. Wirex is basically a credit card provider which allows to spend our bitcoins litecoins and ethereum easily in real life. I dont know why they did this but they cant even provide all europe users a credit card but they plan to extend lol. Anyhow not my decision just a view of mine. Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/the-daily-wirex-expands-to-canada-coin-stats-syncs-exchange-transactions/
  11. So coinbase one of the best online wallets and my personal fav wallet just announced that they will be hiring employees and would like to reach the number of 190 employees by the end of 2019. So I guess this will be agood thing for the crypto industry to expand and evolve also best for coinbase users since their tickets might get solved faster. Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/exchanges-round-up-coinbase-to-hire-130-ef-hutton-backs-acex-exchange/
  12. Well have you seen some people who bragg about the amount of btc they have ? Well thats not safe anymore. I found an article here how googles head security says that bragging is not a good way since you can loose all your btc. https://news.bitcoin.com/google-security-expert-warns-against-bitcoin-bragging-online/ What are your views on this ? Personally I have no experience about huge braggs but small ones like 20k 50k only those so I guess loosing that isnt big
  13. So i am seeing a lot of bills restrictions regulations laws passed on cryptos but one main question is Does the givernment really think that all these things can affect the earnings or potential earnings or profits or moreover control cryptos ? Here is one article about some laws passing by Russia and Ukraine : https://news.bitcoin.com/alternative-crypto-bills-presented-in-ukraine-and-russia/ Dont get me wrong that i hate bills i guess they are good if they are passed after a good research and all but umm imo i think its really a waste of time and i think they should just accept some crypto to fiat exchanges or maybe make one so they can probably get some fees and develop the country ?
  14. So there are a lot of apps like xapo then wirex and many more oh yeah Bitpay who gives credit or debit cards well paysend now has partnered up with bitstamp an exchange so that people can spend their cryptos easily through a debit card only sadly But meh its better than nothing right ? The currencies that are there for now : EUR, GBP, USD, RUB, and KZT. Also i am guessing only that people can spend cryptos with a debit card but why else would they even partner up if it wasnt for that main reason ? Any of you gonna use this just for the card ? Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/exchanges-round-up-aus-regulators-doubt-coinjar-volume-paysend-partners-bitstamp/
  15. Binance has an exciting feature that is gonna be released in Singapore whilst it is exciting but its only for invited users sadly so if you have an invitation maybe you could pass on one or maybe sell one which most people would do i guess. Anyway the process is exchange crypto to fiat in Singapore currency for now and they will keep this in closed beta and see how it goes on. What are your views on the future for it ? Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/the-daily-binance-tests-fiat-exchange-russians-mull-crypto-platforms/