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  1. Kate

    BTC Price Peak - Will It Reach It Again?

    Well I guess now its gonna start going to rise again to its peak and hopefully stay there for the longest time and never drop below it.
  2. Kate

    Last letter game

  3. Kate

    Your thoughts on the recent spam

    Well so that they get included in the next rain and get money from that. And also probably because they are newbs probably
  4. Kate

    If you have 100Btc

    Even if you wanted to I dont think that eddie would be even ready to sell it since stake makes less profit than pd
  5. Well in stake it is there for two games two challenges they cant give same challenge for the same game that wont be fair.
  6. Well they pretty much do the job perfectly. They ban the people who are rude and don't follow the rules and they mute the people who spam. There is nothing I want from the moderator team they do the job perfectly.
  7. Kate

    Favorite gambling game

    Well I prefer some of the stake games like Blackjack and Mines. Mines is kind of like lucky cards.
  8. Kate

    Last letter game

  9. Kate

    The letter game

  10. Kate

    Your thoughts on the recent spam

    Well now Zoltan has created an intresting yet fun to play game which will probably keep make the beggars and attention seekers to keep themselves under control and try to win.
  11. A nice idea to keep the beggars and spammers off the chat because they will also be motivated to accept the challenge and try for it
  12. Kate

    Last letter game

  13. Kate

    Do you use a forum signature?

    Nope I don't use it in primedice forum but I do use it on stake forum. It also helps in increasing my sales for accounts signatures are mostly useful for places with marketplace so that we can promote it.
  14. Nice to hear this and also a plus sign now many people are accepting lightning bitcoins and another plus thing you can get tons of lightning bitcoins from faucets.
  15. Kate

    Hi I'm back after some time away - SammyA123

    Welcome back haven't seen you here but still welcome back and hope you stay longer and bust less. Good luck