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  1. Also this start is known as bust faster than before
  2. Kate

    Make your account more secure

    I use a complicated password and sometimes I forget it so I gotta go and check my notepad xD. But thanks for this also pd has a wall gate that asks if you want to leave the page to go to another page
  3. Kate

    How to enable 2FA?

    Really wish I'd they added authy so we can retrieve our 2fa if we lost our phone
  4. Kate

    Martingale. Y or N?

    Y for risk bets and n for safe bets
  5. Kate

    Another captcha

    Yeah I have noticed that they have made the images much more blurier I selected like all the images at a captcha but I didnt see a small ass blurred car in one of the pictures
  6. Kate

    Cooking and Recipe Section

    This would be nice but I think most of the pd members dont know to cook not critisicing but maybe xD. Well I suck tho.
  7. I guess the min tip is there so there cant be any like phishy activities like abusing the faucets and all etc..
  8. Kate

    Merge statistics & more

    I think ultra misunderstood idk if I am wrong if so correct me what bankbank asked was whether we can see all our bets in one currency like eother eth btc or ltc
  9. Kate

    Again about security

    I knwo it would be great if 2fa is there while tipping but its also annoying soo much loke top tip everytime
  10. Kate

    Best Poker hand you ever had?

    My best hand was a full house :).
  11. Kate

    Which kind of poker you play?

    Well I had played once a game in an online game called ourworld
  12. That is true the market wont be stable but if tether can do it then I believe so can bitcoin. Tether is always 1 dollar and even when btc dropped theter was 1 usd
  13. Ofcourse the percentage would be his country's population.
  14. Heya dicers , So India after having the RBI ban has decided in July that they will set up cryptocurrency regualtions and they said that it will be coming out soon but its official that they will be coming in the near end of 2018. Which is a great thing and I hope it doesnt come out at all. Also by soon I mean September. Hopefully the ban and these regulations will stay temporarily. What are your thoughts ? Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/indias-crypto-regulations-delayed/
  15. Why youtube jk good luck and have fun PD : Doseupzreal