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  1. Hacking you guys know this term right ? Where some anonymous person just wants to have fun by hurting others reputation or doing something bad ? Well i was thinking since i have balance in my account and what if i do get hacked ? And instead of withdrawing the balance i had they would just try to play and bust it on purpose. What would you guys feel at that time ? I would be furious of course and probably use the vault quite more often if i have very very big balances . So tell me what would your guys emotions be when this would happen ( hypothetically). So would you be furious and quit or something else ?
  2. Government you know them and most of the governemnts like the big and well known countries governments are not accepting bitcoin or crypto and just want to ban them and they try their best to ban crypto in every sort of way. So i was thinking is there a government that in the future would force or make all their shops in their country accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Do you feel that any government would accept bitcoin or crypto soon ? Tell me which one would do so ? For me i believe that UAE would do so or well know as Dubai they might bring in and accept crypto soon enough.
  3. Whales we all know what they are . I am not talking about those sea whales lol but i am talking about the people who own a large amount of cryptocurrency to trade and they mostly control the market by making the price fluctuate a lot. They are totally anonymous as you all know but i have to ask have you ever met a whale in real life or do you know of a whale ? For me nope i have not met anyone yet or maybe i have and i dont know if they were whales :). So tell me if you have ever come across a whale ?
  4. Umm not gonna say how much but not even a big amount and why you asking this hacking type question ? XD trying to hack me ? Lol that questions is just so fishy.
  5. Not talking about you lol i am talking to those people who say Bitcoin is a bubble and just the news takes that those people not you also dont know if you are those people.
  6. Lol just want to say how the it changed i was making fun of those predictors and not the prediction for the orice of bitcoin . The predictors who made fun of bitcoin and said it will drop.
  7. Umm nope why should we ? Well it is possible sometimes but only if you win big money then for sure tor attitude will change and just make you too be rude to everyone else
  8. You got the warning point on stake forum tbh lol you should really check before you make flase accusations. Tbh the moderators are very active now adays i have noticed that.
  9. There is no way to find out exactly but if you feel sick or not feeling well or if you cant afford a bust the that is the time that you have to stop and not play anymore.
  10. Lol these people lol that was a funny conversation and you just pulled out the reverse card on him and you got him muted very nice workd and well done.