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  1. I dont think that eddie has a real one obut i am sure that during the starting time of the site they had taken investments from other that is for sure and maybe they paid them back later.
  2. So mining you all know this right ? Basically where you give your computer power to be used to use for confirmations to happen in the blockchain. So there are many different devices for mining i am not going into that now but wanted to ask you a question. So you guys know there are two types of Hard Disks one is SSD and other is HDD . From both of these which one would you guys suggest that is better? I have used HDD before and since i am starting it again i wanted to know if any miners out there would give their views on this. HDD is good and fine and cheap but SDD is like a bit expensive and quicker for reboots but i dont know which i would need.
  3. Tipping you all know this term and are familiar with it usually because it is the feature that allows us to transfer funds from one account to another without doing that withdrawal . So have you guys ever tipped large amount ? Not like 10000 satoshis but like 100000 satoshis or something ? When you guys do tip those large balances do you generally make it a public tip or a private tip ? If i did ever tip that huge i would make it a private tip because then people would just flood my DM's with begging messages. What about you guys ? When you tip large would you do in public or private mode ?
  4. Yeah one thing is Cheap coins is good for experimenting like whether if i play with this coin will the same outcome come in the same pattern or not ? For experiments its best to use.
  5. Yeah ofcourse then what ? What do you think casino dealer is an easy job ? With no training and all? You are mistaken my friend it is a hard job and you need a lot of training for it.
  6. What do you mean by limit ? Like what limit ? The site limit or the limit that we keep for playing ? Yeah it is cheap but if you are going to loose more then better do it with doge right ? If it is risky too doge is best.
  7. Nope see in my mind it is if you have a low balance 2 to 10x is the multiplier that you should go for and when you have a big balance multiploers above 50x is the one you should do.
  8. Nope nah because they would just give us like rigged items to make the house win always every single time so i would feel guilty if a person who has nothing looses again and has nothing more.
  9. Umm well not a big profit but still made 1 buck from it so that was kind of neat no problem . But you did hit a miltiploer which is pretty hard to get and you went yolo.on the last nice.
  10. I do also prefer bitcoin since if you win you get a huge amount but also the same thing happens when you loose so o go with ethereum or litecoin for most of the time and not Bitcoin.