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  1. Kate

    Tether drops !!

    Will but when tether dropped for a long time butcoin Rose
  2. Feels good to bet 1 whole coin lol feels like a streamer
  3. Kate

    Get your free 350 doge from the staff

    Maybe its in Spam or you weren't lucky
  4. Kate

    Munn's wallet launched !!

    Minimum i guess is 1k sats and max you can store how much you want and yes its for android.
  5. Kate

    Primedice Friends

    I got tipped by mistake around 4 mil Bitcoin sats from @athena2007 and i sent back till now its a good relation having with that perosn
  6. Kate

    Tether drops !!

    I am not saying for sure but maybe its because of tether drop bitcoin reached 7k
  7. Kate

    What was your longest red?

    Umm longest red streak is 11 losses
  8. Barclays bank a bank that is very well known and also known as one of the first banks to do something crypto related like have a cryptocurrency trading desk. Well that is no more it they have planned not to do it no more. I mainly guess its because of the drop of bitcoin. Because who wouldn't want to involve in cryptocurrency ? Well once bitcoin rise i guess they will re plan this whole thing again. Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/barclays-reportedly-stops-its-cryptocurrency-trading-desk-initiative/
  9. Munn has just recently released their bitcoin wallet in the play store. Munn is like a basic wallet like all other bitcoin wallets you can store and send and receive bitcoins but the catch is you can store very low amounts of bitcoin whereas certain wallets require like 200k sats or 100k sats or even 50k sats. The app will soon come to IOS for now its only in playstore Site : https://muun.com/ App : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.muun.apollo
  10. Kate

    Tether drops !!

    Tether a crypto coin that was said that it would be very stable has just dropped which led to the rise of bitcoin. Tether's price now is around 0.96$ and it has been at that price for almost 24 hours. Usually when Tether drops it regains the 1 dollar price back quick but this time it was there for 24 hours. Does this mean tether has to drop so bitcoin can rise ? Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/the-fall-of-tether-and-what-it-means-for-the-cryptocurrency-markets/
  11. Kate

    Ethereum's Important Upgrade May be Delayed

    Well this was promised like last year i guess no surprise of them delaying it
  12. Well it actually depends on the usage of cryptos in their country if its low then they wouldn't bother but if its high they will do it in a snap
  13. Kate

    Hacker shows how vulnerable crypto is

    Well its not a shit coin it has a value of 2 dollar per coin https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin-private/
  14. Kate

    NBA Star is a Bitcoiner enthusiast.

    Lol thats not like a serious news but a funny and good one for crypto because his fans who arent in the crypto world has to somehow come in
  15. Kate

    Hacker shows how vulnerable crypto is

    Well its not a challenge for those smart people but for people who just trades bitcoin its very hard to understand it