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  1. As of now yes we can say it's on it's way to try nad reach 6000 USD but i don't think that this is the year when bitcoin would reach 100000 USD maybe in 2021 or 2020.
  2. Forgot about this project and had some coins going to continue using this now and try to see if they do pay. It is a fun thing to do.
  3. Can you tell me which phone do you play on ? And you don't get any lag at all while playing in Primedice ? First person to tell that primedice works well on phone
  4. Well they are available on stake as of now and have been introduced So i guess there is no main difference between primedice and stake as of now
  5. Well i guess by the price rice now i think i would like to change my answer to 16000USD
  6. Can we switch between roll over and under ?
  7. Well we can't really say because it is unpredictable but if Bitcoin does strengthen this year the for surely the coin will also strengthen if it follows the rises of Bitcoin.
  8. Sometimes i play on phone but the lag frustrates me a lot , so i have no other option that just going to my PC and turning it on to play. I hope the lag somehow gets fixed in phone
  9. Well it is actually , but not like other coins which have major drops and just a little bit rise. Also eth is most trusted when it comes to an alternative investment in most cases.
  10. Well you could try buying some VPS and running the radio 24/7 on them but you will need 2Captcha to confirm every hours the captcha
  11. It's hard to get friends who we can trust on in terms of money and that too not small cash but huge bucks. You are lucky to have to found a friend like that
  12. I guess by the end of 2019 Bitcoin could rise to 10000 USD and by the end of this month i guess it could rise to 8000 USD.
  13. No lol staking is like mining you need a wallet and coins to be matured to earn that. Just search google for Proof of Stake then you would understand what staking exactly is.
  14. I haven't checked on this for a long time i guess it's time to do this again