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  1. The Schiphol Airport is now implementing an ATM that allows travelers to exchange their extra euros to bitcoin or ethereum which is accepted globally according to their statement. But i think it does now. Anyway the atm will be a normal kiosk which will allow users to buy the crypto's. The Director has said this : They have stated that this is only for a trial period and want to see how many people would buy bitcoin and how big is it demand. There are currently two KIOSK'S. The machines are located in Arrival Hall 2 and also in the corridor to Departure Halls 1 and 2 and also not only travelers but normal visitor can come exchange their fiat to crypto too. This trial is the result of cooperation between Schiphol and the Dutch company Byelex Data Solutions BV, operating under ‘The Byecoin Company’. Also this is one of Europe's first airport to do this. so i think they have achieved that. So good for them. Anyway what do you guys think ? Will this stay forever ? Oh yeah the kiosk's are in trial for 6 months and then from there on they will decide whether to continue it or not. I think this is a good thing and a good fees less way to exchange fiat to bitcoin . And introduce more people to the crypto world. So if your traveling through here buy some bitcoins with the spare money you have. Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/you-can-now-exchange-your-leftover-euros-for-crypto-at-schiphol-airport/
  2. Oh yeah i remember that shit. Also a coin which said that they were in partnership with BMW when they were not. Its really ridiculous. But this coin seems nice but gotta wait 1 year after its launch to invest or buy
  3. Well well well the famous coin called Turcoin which was launched as turkey's national coin is now a ponzi. There have been reports that the founders have fled turkey with millions of dollars invested in the coin "Turcoin". The Turkish altcoin was launched by the Istanbul-based company Hipper A.Ş. founded by Muhammed Satıroğlu and Sadun Kaya last year. What was so interesting about this coin that people bought it ? Well one thing good about the coin is that if a person refers someone and he buys some tokens then the person who signed them up gets more money or revenue. Well in June the police has said not to invest in the coin and they are looking into it. The saddest thing is this “I am ruined. I don’t know what to do,” a 38-year-old man, who bought Turcoins worth 560,000 TL, almost $120,000 USD, told the daily. They just ruined a persons life and they are enjoying right now and now he's even more scared to invest in crypto's great. There were two partners who had shares but only Sadun Kaya had fled the other Satrioglu is still there and he states this "“I was only a mediator. Our company, Hipper, does not even have a single dollar in the bank. All the money went to Sadun Kaya’s company in Cyprus". And also he has admitted to file a case against his partner. Sadu has fled the country with 100 million TL (~$21 million) taken away from 10,000 people. I dont know if this guy was trying to break for the biggest ponzi scheme or something but its said that Çiftlik Bank's 26-year-old founder Mehmet Aydın fled to Uruguay after collecting more than 500 million TL (~$128 million USD) from 78,000 people just in two years. Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/turcoin-ponzi-scheme-exposed-founders-flee-with-millions/
  4. Yaaaaay finally waited for this a long time. You guys have no idea at all how long i have been waiting for this shit. So guys might've heard about Brave a browser that pays people to browse and just have some ads on and get crypto's. Well this was their initial idea and hadn't be released in the browser yet but the token was up for grabs. Well now they have released this feature. According to this article : Brave is releasing this feature now and users who participate in the trial for the program will be paid a sum of BAT proportional to 70% of the company’s advertising revenues in exchange for viewing ads.Its just a trial but it pays. So whats needed more i am gonna use this browser instead of chrome for sure now What are your guys thought on this coin ? Does this coin have a potential or not ? Also if there are other coins with the same feature like this let me know please . Personally, the logo the name and the site seems good but the price is not good actually when it launched it's value was below 1$ But it has rised now and has dropped again because of bitcoin . But a browser that pays to use it ? That is the concept i like and love and hope they increase the rewards we get soon and try to find some ways to earn it by idling or something .I have used the browser before and the browser is the wallet i think since i could deposit BAT into it before but now i gotta check it. The theme colour is almost same as Mozilla but why not since one of the main makers in mozilla is the Owner of this coin Brian Bondy. Also the ad blocker is damn strong and the privacy setting is also too good better than chrome in my opinion. Well i am off now to download and browse in this thing Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/brave-browser-launches-trial-for-advertising-program/
  5. Freedom the famous non profit organization has announced that on June 18 they will be accepting 5 different cryptocurrencies to donate in. They are : Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Litecoin (LTC) Zcash (ZEC) Ethereum (ETH) Bitcoin (BTC) These coins will be used to fund freedom based projects which will be used to fund free speech, whistleblowers and the freedom of the press projects. As of now they have announced this and are planning to add more cryptocurrencies onto the Firm to get more people to donate. little bit about the project : The Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 that aims to promote free speech and freedom of the press or freedom of the media.The FPF is attributed to the open-source whistleblower submission system called Securedrop. So as you can know from the above two line they are a very famous organization and can be trusted . And because of this whole new ways to donate things launching another organization has planned to step in and help them out and that organization is called Mainframe. SOURCE : https://news.bitcoin.com/freedom-of-the-press-foundation-now-accepts-five-cryptocurrencies/ After the announcement of the feature the blockchain communications firm Mainframe donated 1000 ETH to the organization. 1000ETH is a lot damn. Also that organization is a non profit so that's good to see them helping them out. What do you guys think ? Will you donate some to Freedom ? If you did post the screen below or just comment.
  6. I dont know about this i have never taken loans but i have lend some people and most of them have paid back. Also there can be scammers while lending and successful people who can give it to us But keeping a collateral of 100$ for just 100k Btc or something is too much. Also like dan said whats the point of taking loans like that better we deposit and play and no need to get interest. TBH I like this idea as a lender but as a seeker of Loans No . Hope you wont have any negativity towards me for this since this is just my opinion . BUT gl
  7. Rick Hilton’s Hilton & Hyland company is listing a 17,000 square foot Roman mansion for $42 million in cryptos. So if any of you rich people out there who owns a lot of cryptos buy this lol since you can buy it with cryptos thats really good for the commute. About the Plaza : The Palazzetto and was built by legendary architect/sculptor Giacomo Della Porta — a famous collaborator of Michelangelo. It’s also got five-stories — in case you’re in the market for more floors than you’ll know what to do with — to go along with its 11 bedrooms, 15.5 baths, and three kitchens. The Palazzetto also boasts a modern gym, spa, movie theater, and entertainment room. But not only crypto hodlers can buy it but people with fiat can also. So if you can buy it and see and if you dont like it sell it again . Also that mansion seems huge according to me wish i could buy it . What are your guys thoughts on this ? If you had the money will you buy it or not ?
  8. Kate

    No Shakira = No world cup

    like this better
  9. Kate

    Syscoin hacked

    Syscoin one the most know cryptocurrency was was hacked and injected with malware. The development team has told that a hacker had injected some malware in the GutHub. The official Windows client was replaced with another version containing malware. The windows client had a malware called Arkei Stealer (Trojan:Win32/Feury.B!cl) — a trojan known for stealing wallet keys and passwords. The link to the virus total of the file : https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b105d2db66865200d1b235c931026bf44428eb7327393bf76fdd4e96f1c622a1/detection.As you can see there are many reds on the screen and a lot of Torjan Files and applications. According to the Blockchain Foundry team, people who downloaded the application between June 9, 2018 (10:14 PM UTC) and June 13, 2018 (10:23 PM UTC) are at risk. So guys if you have downloaded it erase everything immediately right now. The team has advised the users who have downloaded the client to do the following : Perform a full backup of all vital wallet information. Run an anti-virus scan to identify and remove the trojan malware. Change all passwords used since the time of the hack, preferably on a different computer. Transfer funds from unsecured wallets to more secure ones. And now i hope that they improve their security since yesterday i was gonna receive some Syscoin and i didnt have a wallet so i was about to download this shit. OMG i was saved lol Thank god. So guys try doing one more of this scan the file in virustotal before downloading or installing it to be safe
  10. So what do you guys do with your earnings ? Do you spend them all or save them up or how do you spend them ? And with the earnings from PrimeDice or Stake do you keep it there or like do you like give loans,do trivias etc. What i do is convert my cryptos into fiat and also hodl some of the cryptos. What i do with my earnings is i mostly spend on like random things like buying some things which i find very attractive or things which i like. Sometimes i do buy things which are required for me like Fortnite Accounts,Netflix Accounts,Spotify etc Well these are for entertainment purposes Some of my earning i put into investments since there are a lot of new building coming up and thought that if i would invest some i could get a passive income What are your ways of spending crypto do you like bust all your earning or not lol or (you are a wise person and thinks about the future and bets 1 satoshi every-time = No offense should be taken please its just a joke ) Comment below your spending methods
  11. One of the famous Bitcoin Cash wallet called Electron is coming to IOS. They have already released the wallet software's for MAC,Windows and Android so now they are releasing for ICO soon enough. The wallet hasn't been released in the IOS store yet but Fyookball has allowed news.Bitcoin.com access to the beta testing using Apple’s Testflight system. They have reviewed the app and said this : Its very secure Colour is very Likeable Many options in the settings Many features more than other normal wallet. After seeing the pictures in the site the app looks very futuristic and looks very colorful and authentic and has a rich flavor. Also this app is trusted to HODL BCH since its one of the top wallets that have BCH. So what do you guys think ? Check it out here : https://news.bitcoin.com/an-inside-look-at-the-electron-cash-wallet-coming-to-ios/
  12. Kate

    EOS hodlers read this

    So if you guys have brought EOS and are hodling it for long term in the intention to get profits sell them now. According to an article in bitcoinist site, People who's account's that wont have any transactions for 3 year will be auctioned and sold to other people. So if any HODLERS of EOS are here and expecting to sell the coin in 5-6 years and wont have any transaction in wallet where your coins are will be sold to other people so sell them or have a transaction every week or so. So that you can HODL it for a long time EOS Constitution states :
  13. A village in Japan has decided to launch Japan's first Municipal token. Nishiawakura Village is in Okayama Prefecture, which is located in the southern part of Japan’s Honshu island is the village that is going to launch this token. this village has 95% Forest coverage and had refused to merge with Mimasaka City when municipalities nationwide consolidated because they wanted to remain independent. This village has a population of 1,500 in the early 2000's ( Which is quite small in my opinion ). According to the Village : "In order to promote the creation of a sustainable region in the future, as a means for small local governments to secure new financing resources and to build up regions through upfront investment, tokens issuance, and the creation of virtual currencies, we will introduce fundraising through an ICO for the first time as a municipality in Japan." The village’s tokens will be called Nishiawakura Coin (NAC) and will be issued by the Nishiawakura Village Token Economy Association. The token will have the ability to have voting rights so the people get to choose. The funds will be used to carry out business development and much more with collaboration of the Village. During this period Japan has no Law regarding ICO's so i guess this will be a good oppurtunity for these people to release the coin. Good to see that villagers even know about crypto and that they wanna start their own coin and help out their country. This will be a good thing since the village might soon start accepting NAC as a payment method and also it will help in the development of the village. Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/village-launch-japans-first-municipal-ico/
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    Six Exchanges that were scamy

    Yea I know thats why I use cryptonia and some other good exchabges that are there in coinmarketcap and has very great reviews too
  15. Hey i know bitcoin is a main coin and the main coin in the market but there are many other coins and i wanted to know whether you guys hodl bitcoin only or any other coins ? I hodl like 3-4 coins and they are : Nimiq BRO TRON Dogecoin But i dont hodl bitcoin as of now since the price is dropping like crazy and dont wanna loose some bitcoins and be broke . So holding coins which can give some profits and do some good for and doesnt drop as much as bitcoin is a good coin in my opinion So how many of you hodling bitcoin or any other altcoins ? Comment below and let me know