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  1. i think btc will raise max 16k this year & min 9k .up's & down's around 12k To 15k
  2. green on 990x looks really cool bt if i hunt 990x i got wrong side Need a great luck to up through 2x/1.5x with low balance bt i believe u cause i saw my luck once; i started with 184sato rain-> slowly run 2x till 17k sato then i run with big payout & reached more than 1mili sato.really i found that luck one time's ever on PD bt now a days it's impossible for me.
  3. paul751

    Hello there

    Wellcome to primedice(creators of dicing) & wish you best of luck 🤞
  4. hmm its better haha singy gd decision 😜
  5. out of thinking i love crypto.hopefully they won't do this.
  6. Suppose You dipo like 10$/0.001btc or less than it. what will be your aim/target & by which payout u wanna start? (i usually start with minimum 9.9x & then 16.50x & then more & 1st target 275k; if i feel lucky)
  7. i only get on HR 4 times. how many times u?
  8. 2 days ago. 0.019+ btc i wd . after that wd my luck gone
  9. obviously it changed my life. but don't know increase or decrease
  10. Hello friends,maybe you also have some feelings like turn below 1$ to much.i tasted it few times.1.one day i can remember i got an rain 184satoshi & decided to turn it more.i played 1st on 2x like 1sato base & slowly slowly make 5k from 184satoshi.then 5k to 17k on 2x.then put on hunt & in 12 H i turned 0.020 btc (from 184sato). 2. few months (1/2) ago i got another one; got a tip 10k from a mod & at first i set my terget to 200k bt, after made 200k i see my luck also favour me lot,then i turn 0.007 to 0.016 then finally i stopped at 0.021btc(from 10k tip) and i wd that. it's unexpected 3.another one was five to six months ago,i dipo 0.4ltc & got 3+ltc in one hit. also was unexpected. think u have some unexpected happiness & smile friends
  11. never think about it cause if i win big sometimes i wd & cashout money.but mostly busted 1/2of winnings for redipo again and again.next time i will run for 1000$ then hold it & will make big slowly.