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    katsuragi reacted to Faris in Jackpot history   
    No one has yet been able to win this. 
    Only Zoltan got 77.77 twice in a row, but his base bet amount were not enough to win the jackpot.
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    katsuragi reacted to Prakash6379 in 100x reds   
    If you are luck you can hit it within 10 bets and if you are unlucky you won't hit it even in 1800 bets, in the end it all just comes down to luck, here goodluck 🍀.
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    katsuragi got a reaction from JohnTravel in 100x reds   
    Hey guys im trying to start to Hunt on 100x any recomendations or how muxh reds in row u have catch and so... i know its not sure that its going to be the max but i can give an idea of how to config strat and stuff
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    katsuragi reacted to sheenaz.bay in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Walk of Fame: Air Jordan   
    Yes, I'm wrong, thank you for reminding me of my mistake
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    katsuragi reacted to Mahdirakib in I'm fully back :)   
    Welcome back. We all become busy in our life. Gambling isn't everything.
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    katsuragi reacted to TenInchDick in [Birthday Stream] Questions Thread!   
    Hi Eddie did you experience riding horse backwards? 😅🐫
    Pd username: 10inchDick
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    katsuragi reacted to Bimfo in My starting bet story   
    Everyone has his or story, but your story is kinda funny to me. because I don't know who gets high when wagering a hard earned money. When a person is normal, you make mistakes with the dice, now that you are drunk, do you think you won't get so much confident and then bust with so much confidence?. That's always the problem when High, you get really stupid super confident and you mess everything up. 
    Sorry though, and always learn the lesson that you don't chase losses for anything. When you lose, stand up and take a chill pill.
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    katsuragi reacted to williamsh in My starting bet story   
    Well to be honest, gambling while you are drunk, or in a social setting will cause you to place bigger and more risky bets. So I am not surprised you busted. In future, only gamble what you can afford to lose, and never gamble while drunk
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    katsuragi reacted to misamo in My starting bet story   
    I hope you learned something from the experience you shared to us and apply it to your next betting session. Good luck and hope you recover at least some of what you lost.
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    katsuragi reacted to Noeprellik1 in My starting bet story   
    Everyone include me surely have bad experience about gambling (greed, bad decisions, rage, cant control emotions when we loss)
    Make it lessons and always set a daily goal
    Good luck to you
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    katsuragi reacted to AlphaStorm in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] PD Olympics: Snowboard   
    u need change game chance in first line (chance = 49.25) and add condition in function dobet() > if !win then nextbet = previousbet*2 else nextbet = (chuse ur basic bet amount) end
    but its wery riskly 😏
  12. Haha
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    katsuragi reacted to Noeprellik1 in Biggest Profit in One Bet   
    It was an my old bet , but i think this is my memorable win in Pd

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    katsuragi reacted to MrNice23 in Biggest Profit in One Bet   
    Hello PDicers,  i want to know what was your biggest profit in a single bet , whether if it was on high multiplier or not doens't matter , just post your craziest bets in comments! 
    Here's one of my craziest bet!!
    Bet: 29,312,920,896
    placed by MrNice23 on 07/03/2019
    0.00131072 Multiplier
    99.00x Profit
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    katsuragi reacted to UltraChief in What would you like to see in the next version of Primedice?   
    Since we have a new page for viewing PM messages, this wont be reverted back. But what I would like is a slight revamp of the PM system such that :
    PMs are not loading up smoothly. Often they need to be refreshed to get load them. There is no button to change from PM window to dice game window. We have to either change over to the "settings" page or the "fairness" page and then close it to go the dice page A button to delete PMs because they clog up the list. A dot to denote unread PM would be nice as well.
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    katsuragi reacted to MrNice23 in What would you like to see in the next version of Primedice?   
    All has been said, thanks @UltraChief! And Offcourse a clean update with less lags, bugs, etc....
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    katsuragi reacted to Samrud in What would you like to see in the next version of Primedice?   
    Is it good to have exchanger with some popular altcoins.
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    katsuragi got a reaction from UltraChief in [Low Fees][Exchange] UltraBank - Trade ETH/LTC/BCH/DOGE for BTC!   
    in other site they give me more but ur a bro so lets make this
    0.015 ETH ----> 800 Doge
    thank u recived already
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    katsuragi got a reaction from dogebot in Dicebot vs. Autobet   
    still prefer Dicebot couse i dont need to be changing the seed and the side
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    katsuragi reacted to Steve in 🏆 Ethereum Giveaway!   
    Login your Primedice account and click this link to claim your prize! (1 week to claim)
    Winners List 
    1. raviki99                    6. trisha22                    11. easyway
    2. Juggernout              7. babagucci                 12. ponkids17
    3. Bimfo                       8. crossbut                    13. Lovekaze
    4. MxSxG                     9. Crwth09                     14. Cryptohunt
    5. Landak                    10. keyr                           15. Flanscaaa
    In celebration of Primedice players profiting over $1,000,000 worth of Ethereum last week we've decided to hold an Ethereum giveaway! 15 people will be chosen to win $5 each and you can enter up to 3x through Primedice social medias!
    Twitter: https://bit.ly/2AYk0wc
    Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Wbrghw
    Facebook: https://bit.ly/2sEs14U   
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    katsuragi got a reaction from UltraChief in [Low Fees][Exchange] UltraBank - Trade ETH/LTC/BCH/DOGE for BTC!   
    transaction made ty bro hope for more exchangings
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    katsuragi reacted to UltraChief in [Low Fees][Exchange] UltraBank - Trade ETH/LTC/BCH/DOGE for BTC!   
    Be careful of Impersonators. My accounts are "UltraChief" and "UltraBank" on Primedice, "UltraChief" on forum. These are the only accounts from which I will ever contact you for any trade. Rest all others pretending to be me are impersonators.
    Trades Ledger overview: 41/41 Successful
    Won some LTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE but cant withdraw it yet? I am here to help.
    With the introduction of altcoins in Primedice I am opening  a separate thread for managing crypto trades. Because Primedice will not offer any internal exchange system to convert your LTC and ETH to BTC, I will try to help you all out.
    All trades will be strictly crypto trades. I DO NOT trade in reversible money transfer systems like Paypal, Skrill or Western Union. Only bitcoin or other crypto accepted.
    Cryptos being traded here : Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin. More to be added in case Primedice adds more coins.
    All trades are going to be done at with 1-5% increase but we can always negotiate the price. Offer a trade here if interested at the price you want to buy/sell and await response from me. Bulk orders (above 1LTC trades) will have only 1% fees, while tiny orders (less than 0.01LTC trades) will have higher fees and equivalent in other altcoins as well.
    If you are willing to use an escrow that is fine by me. Otherwise you have to send first.
    Offer in the following format (copy the format and post accordingly):
    [Have]Currency 1 - [Want]Currency 2 Price offered : Any other details: Hoping to get some good trades done.😁
    Trades Ledger: (format is : Received - Sent)
    1. LTC 0.002 - BTC 0.00003 | @katsuragi
    2. LTC 0.002 - BTC 0.00003 forum credits | @fabianabank
    3. BTC 0.002 - LTC 0.12 | @lolgato
    4. LTC 0.04 - BTC 0.0006 | @skfxf4e
    5. BTC 0.000655 - LTC 0.04 | @athena2007
    6. BTC 0.0002 - LTC 0.01 | @showrov1993
    7. BTC 0.0007 - LTC 0.04 | @showrov1993
    8. BTC 0.0005 - LTC 0.027 | @Sraboni
    9. BTC 0.0002 - LTC 0.012 | @Wolfcub
    10. LTC 0.003 - BTC 0.00004 | @CanihoJR
    11. BTC 0.00024 - LTC 0.014 | @yololife2
    12. BTC 0.00145 - LTC 0.09 | @MateuszHDHR1
    13. LTC 0.7 - BTC 0.0108 | @Faris
    14. BTC 0.00015 - LTC 0.01 | @AliBaba17
    15. ETH 0.01 - BTC 0.0007 | @fatterthanelvis
    16. BTC 0.011 - LTC 0.699 | @jbenjaminy
    17. BTC 0.001 - ETH 0.013 | @jbenjaminy
    18. ETH 0.033 - BTC 0.0024 | @skfxf4e
    19. ETH 0.015 - BTC 0.00105 | @fatterthanelvis
    20. ETH 0.014 - BTC 0.001 | @showrov1993
    21. BTC 0.0052 - ETH 0.065 | @jbenjaminy
    22. BTC 0.02 - LTC 1.2479 | @jbenjaminy
    23. BTC 0.00003 - LTC 0.002 | @sawphyo0943
    24. ETH 0.004 - BTC 0.00025 | @Clena
    25. ETH 0.012 - BTC 0.00087 | @LuciferMS
    26. LTC 0.010 - BTC 0.00013 | @LuciferMS
    27. LTC 0.0222 - BTC 0.00027 | @GritsnGravy
    28. LTC 0.9 - BTC 0.0105 | @MateuszHDHR1
    29. BTC 0.00015 - LTC 0.011 | @LuciferMS
    30. BTC 0.00025 - LTC 0.02 | @showrov1993
    31. BTC 0.003 - LTC 0.25 | @Gergely1528
    32. BTC 0.00016 - LTC 0.016 | @lint59
    33. ETH 0.02 - BTC 0.001 | @davincuy
    34. LTC 0.618 - BTC 0.006 | @Gergely1528
    35. LTC 0.023 - BTC 0.0002 | @davincuy
    36. LTC 1.56 - BTC 0.0127 | @iamsheikhadil
    37. BTC 0.000388 - ETH 0.00933 | @Wolfcub
    38. BTC 0.00040 - LTC 0.0438 | @Checkpoint
    39. BTC 0.0003 - LTC 0.03 | @Noeprellik1
    40. ETH 0.015 - DOGE 864 | @katsuragi (No fees taken)
    41. BTC 0.000214 - DOGE 360 | @S101
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    katsuragi got a reaction from athena2007 in Exchange ltc to btc   
    if someone wants some ltc in exchange of btc, ill make the deal on the value at the moment of the trading... and ill ask for the 80% of the value so if someone is interested it will be a pleasure to make bussines ❤️
    Sry about my english lvl