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    katsuragi got a reaction from Tijana in Make me laugh   
    i feel pretty mad at myself... bring me ur best jokes and meme and help anyone that recently busted to get lil distracted with them
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    katsuragi reacted to Danny700 in Who's the real Eddie?   
    Edward is alien & I am Donald Trump 🥴🥴
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    katsuragi got a reaction from Rade in Hi Primedice   
    goood luck bro hope you get big greens and low reds
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    katsuragi reacted to UltraChief in The most beautiful support member In PD all time   
    Each and everyone of them are no less than super models. @Bojana @Mirela @Jelena @Katarina @Marija @Mara @Maja @Aleksandra @JelenaR
    Also please dont forget to appreciate the the Supportdudes too. You guys rock! @Vladimir @Milan @Darko @Jovan @Dusan @Uros @Vlada @MilanDj @dose
    I hope I included all of them.
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    katsuragi reacted to UAA in What did you achieve in the first month of 2020? 🤔   
    I've managed to reunite with my girlfriend
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    katsuragi reacted to Edward in Nothing is too small to show off!   
    Don't be phased by big winners. Show off anything you feel was a good moment for you in Primedice, or any gambling site for that matter.
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    katsuragi reacted to UnlimitedMoney in DiceBot - The most awesomest betting bot for Bitcoin Dice Games   
    hey @Seuntjie I was wondering if you could another option to Dicebot.
    Reset seed on target profit reached. Lets say, if your target profit is 200 sats, reset seed and begin counting towards to same goal again.
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    katsuragi reacted to luizoruivo in Ginger's Twenty-fourth Birthday!   
    There you go, the total score list. Organized first by votes, then in alphabetical order:
    🥳 Winner! 🥳 @MrNice23 11 votes 🥳 Winner! 🥳 0.00024 btc
    @biggad 4 0.00018 btc
    @sourc3code 4 0.00018 btc
    @AlphaStorm 3  0.0001 btc
    @Jelanstream 3 0.0001 btc
    @UltraChief 3 0.0001 btc
    @Darko 2 0.0001 btc
     @luizoruivo 2 <- removed! 😆
    @TERMSERROR 2 0.0001 btc
    @zuxel 2 0.0001 btc
    As we didn't have fifth place, the rest was redistributed among the other winners.
    @777seven777 1 
    @Aleksandr919 1
    @Babypusit27 1
    @Betwrong 1
    @Bojana 1
    @cukup2 1
    @dogejr 1
    @draksul81 1
    @elonbust 1
    @Etude 1
    @Eugene265 1
    @evet 1
    @FARTazart 1
    @Fresteaa 1
    @greencat 1
    @JDacer 1
    @JP777JP 1
    @katsuragi 1
    @Liquiday 1
    @Mara 1
    @markos4555 1
    @Mirela 1
    @roomfirst 1
    @sheenaz.bay 1
    @singpays 1
    @sofia77777 1
    @Tanisha2018 1
    @ThePug 1 
    @willames 1
    @williansh 1
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    katsuragi got a reaction from sourc3code in Introducing Betsesh - A Primedice JSON Bet Archive Viewer for humans   
    No waaaaaay when is the site out source i really want to get it into use right now amazing idea hoppe you keep it fast and able to improve new things that will popup
    keep it greeen men good luck with this proyect
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    katsuragi reacted to sourc3code in Introducing Betsesh - A Primedice JSON Bet Archive Viewer for humans   
    Hello world! One thing that has come to my attention is that the bet archive files here at Primedice are quite difficult to navigate as they are in JSON format. In a collaboration with @Edward I've come up with an easier way to view as well as search through them. Introducing Betsesh - a Primedice Bet History viewer for your JSON-formatted bet archive files.This web app allows you to upload a JSON file from your Bet Archives and view/search filter through them which can be very helpful for things such as challenges. Here are some of the features added so far for the v1.0 release:
    Ability to upload multiple archive files together and view them simultaneously Search feature to quickly find a specific roll result, bet amount, etc Multi-sortable columns allowing you to sort by more than one attribute To do so, click the first column you want to sort by, then hold SHIFT and click the second one. The first column will be the one it primarily sorts by. Lightning fast uploads and data rendering Integrated & Independent roll verifier to check rolls for validity/fairness Click on the row you want to verify and then click the verify link + New Updates - Feb 8
    Added Multiplier (x) as requested Decreased size of font to accommodate more data Updated child row with View Bet at PD link Updated Bet Time/Date to display your local time Updated Hi/Low column to display "↑ High" or "↓ Low" + New Update - Feb 14
    Updated URLs to Betsesh.com in place of the temporary responsivelabs domain used on initial release + New Update - Feb 29 (Latest)
    New splash page at betsesh.com to make it easier to navigate the different tools between Primedice and Stake Currently working on the second iteration of the bet viewer - I think you guys will like this one when its released We have various other plans for the bet archive viewer in the near future. I will update this thread with any new features/updates which have been implemented - In addition, a similar web app for Stake is also currently under development. Please keep in mind that this is an initial release, so there may be some bugs that still need to be worked out. Should you have any suggestions or input, please let myself or Eddie know. It would be greatly appreciated!
    Official Site Link

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    katsuragi reacted to policewale in I start new goal on this february 1   
    lol you're cheating. AHAHAH my goal daily is 6 usd and when ever I reach my goal I stop playing or I vault my balance. If in case I still have balance or I received random rain or tip, I save it for the next day or just play randomly and have fun. In some instances when I feel like not stopping, I usually keep myself busy so I can sway myself from gambling. Its either I play mobile games or I read books. 
    Personally, the reason why I am here is for the free money thinking  that I can make a living out of this. So far everything is the opposite. AHAHHA Its really entertaining that sometimes I forget about my goals but as much as possible I control myself. 
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    katsuragi reacted to Jelanstream in I start new goal on this february 1   
    Hello Again Primedice Forum Community 
    I just want to share you guys that I will start to make a new goal and that was I just made $2 to $5 everyday profit or from free until December 
    I start to save all free crypto like from forum rewards, forum challenges prize and many more free that I can earn on every gambling site and I 
    deposit only small amount and If I win like I said $2 to $5 everyday I stop playing and continue getting free crypto. I hope I can do it and save all it
    How about you guys do you have a goal or plan start this february 1?

    And also I will edit this threads everyday if how much I get in everyday!

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    katsuragi reacted to MateuszHDHR1 in What are you currently watching?   
    Lucifer and actually looking for something new, watched End of the fucking world too, and I also recommend this ;D
    other recommends: Game of Thrones, Vikings, Mr Robot
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    katsuragi reacted to stevenwonder in Do you feel safe in casino Primedice?   
    Do I feel safe on primedice? No. I cover up my webcam because the most embarrassing thing I could think of that could ever happen would be me picking a high or low side of a number based on whatever odds I choose, sitting in my undies as I’m eating a bag of potato chips and watching an adult film on another window. And I know they are ready for me to slip up one day and not cover that lil camera up. So do I feel safe? Absolutely not. They need to stop trying to catch me at my worst times!
    nah in all seriousness, what’s not to feel safe about? 
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    katsuragi reacted to sourc3code in Jackpot is 113 BTC now!   
    Jackpot could be 10000 BTC for all I care, its literally impossible to hit due to various things such as the minimum bet amount being so high compared to elsewhere along with the fact that its a manual reporting system. It's very seldom that I see any number in a row twice let alone 77.77. I think this definitely needs to be updated to be more realistic even if it means reducing the winnable amount. There are various jackpot models I've seen on other sites that are more effective than the one here at PD.
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    katsuragi reacted to DarkBlood096 in Do you feel safe in casino Primedice?   
    Let's just say I'm not safe unless I use 2 factor authentication. Although there have been rumours that 2 factor can be hacked. I do feel safe at primedice and as for the new phone number security, it shows that they are still improving. As they normally say... there is always room for improvement in which it is happening. 
    2 factor is so important in a gambling site so everyone should use it. I've been hacked before for everyone's information.
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    katsuragi reacted to sheenaz.bay in Seed or Luck   
    I am a player who rarely changes my seed even though my nonce has reached tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, so I think I play by relying only on luck
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    katsuragi reacted to Chikou1306 in How to calculate profits with your balance?   
    i always like to hunt high payouts ,! so when you hit that big number you can clearly see the profit of yours ! i play 9900x a lot ! i double the base bet every 2500 red ( of course, the base bet depends on the balance i start with ) ! so it works fine for me ! unless the is a huge red streak ! it makes me bust without any hit ! so yeah , this is how i play and how i like to hit a big profit ! 
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    katsuragi reacted to Chikou1306 in Deposit Confirmed and Bust   
    all of us are busting lately, wondering if it a normal thing, but for me and since this year started i couldnt find the green ! i am sorry about your loss, but i think we should avoid playing at the moment , until everything comes back to normal !
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    katsuragi reacted to Jelanstream in JELAN STREAM Rollhunt [Giveaways]   
    Rollhunt close guys Prize will be tip soon sorry for late I don't have an internet on my house I don't know what happen xd
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    katsuragi reacted to policewale in I won XRP worth a month of my paycheck   
    This is the story when I won XRP worth a month of my paycheck.
    It was a cold night but I feel so light and good. So, I deposit 20 xrp and told myself I will just play to entertain myself.
    Time passes by I realized that my 20 XRP for entertainment turns to be 100 XRP. Cool! I withdraw half of it and played again.

    "Alright dice time for some revenge". My 50 XRP became 200 then 500 to 1000 to 1300. Of course, I am self-proclaimed coward so I withdraw everything.

    The experience was a mixture of fear and excitement. My hands are trembling on  each roll. I even heard my own heart beating. Every bet is scary and I am sweating.

    I know 1300 XRP is not that big but hell yeah it changed my game style. It changed my way of thinking. I became hungry. I feel like I will never be contented on small profit.
    Before I was too cautious. Small profit satisfies my hunger. Even if that win was big (when exchanged to our country), I regret that day.
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    katsuragi got a reaction from EpicGord in Do you think gambling has mental health effects?   
    Grats epic hope you stay always green and keep enjoying this awesome feeling we get when we win a nice bet in sports or the dices
    i think you dont need to ruin your life for understand that you need help we all have differents points to feel we hit the bottom, for myself i just bust a big depo (didnt ruin my life but i could really give a very good use to that money that now i dont have) so that was my bottom i hit hard i make me understand that if im going to invest my money on a random thing i must ensure ill play the best of myself and dont gamble just because is fun and i feel fine doind it, instead of considering the risk of busting your cash
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    katsuragi reacted to Jelanstream in Deposit Confirmed and Bust   
    Hello Again Primedice Forum Community 
    An hour ago I deposit here on Primedice 2000 TRX for doing the forum challenge I easily complete the challenge here on Primedice 
    just a less than an hour I complete it. So I decide to withdraw my balance here from primedice to stake to try the stake forum challenge
    Damn guys after deposit confirmed I bet 500 TRX on mines 3 bombs my plan is just to get at least 3 diamonds so my profit will be use to hunt on challenge
    Very unlucky day 4 streak loss on Mines on the same spot I always choose. Just less than 2 minutes I bust my deposit xd.
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    katsuragi reacted to iulianbutanu in What is your Unforgettable moment on Gambling   
    I made from 0.003 btc 5 btc on bitcasino. They denied my withdraw, asked for KYC and I did it. 2 days waiting for kyc i busted. And this was 2-3 months ago.
    Small regrets are daily from the moments deposits are confirmed
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    katsuragi reacted to earnbtc in New vip member!   
    Hello everyone!  I am a new member on the vip primedice forum.  I am very happy to be a member of this forum.