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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/k2aeuronymous (enter to the site and help me to start some giveaways on the next ones)
  2. wich is the max red u got on 100x then? 1400 reds or have u hear about someone going higher? im expecting my min bet to a max red of 2k just to be fully sure i mean i cant perfectly know that but i use a bot so i leave him with plenty balance to keep it wow doing the math 2k reds its too many reds to be able to get that balance even in doge lol
  3. My favorite gambling site, with the best comunity i invest from 2 to 12 hours per day in here with u guys please keep it working and free of scammers and beggars
  4. Hey guys im trying to start to Hunt on 100x any recomendations or how muxh reds in row u have catch and so... i know its not sure that its going to be the max but i can give an idea of how to config strat and stuff
  5. im trying to get vip but also with profit… i mean i busted today all my balance jejeje but i made a few coins trying to get close to the vip
  6. take a small time out from the gamble to put my stuff together… but i miss u guys, and also i have forgotten of the fórum and the challenges in here 🥰
  7. the best question i had read loooool what could be the only thing u would exchange PD for? Do you gamble?
  8. how did u get the idea of creating a casino of crypto? (it was kinda cheap few years before)... i miss the achievments btw 😢 PD: Katsuragi
  9. Well I started on betting few years ago and I always have betted low amounts to control the risk on each bet but a few months later on the office I get some refers from my Friends there and one of them deposit all the fortnight and started to do risky bets on the office (I was jealous cause he didn’t bust and was wishing to the boss come in and kick him out lol) so few months later that he was fired from the office (not because of the gambling) I tried to use his strat and with my low bets and already gathered from a few bucks almost $150 on doge… so when I started I went to almost $300 in a few hours so as almost any on the site I got greedy and make some bad decisions and ended with half of my balance busted so I accepted my defeat and close the site and went with some friend to get a beer (it doesn’t matter that wasn’t a big amount, but the sensation of losing something that if u didn’t take the last 3 bets It would still be there it’s the painful part) so to not make a bigger story I got drunk get back to home open Primedice and make an all in with a x3 (so I could recover the balance that I already loose) and…. Busted 😊 so now I’m poor and still afraid to be addicted once I depo a big amount.
  10. chance=48 bethigh=false nextbet=0.000001 targets = {10.10, 20.20, 30.30, 40.40, 50.50, 60.60, 70.70, 80.80, 90.90} function dobet() if !win then nextbet = pre viousbet*2 else nextbet if containedInSet(lastBet.Roll, targets) then print(lastBet.Roll) print(lastBet.Id) ching() stop() end end function containedInSet(x, set) local formattedRoll = tonumber(string.format("%.2f", x)) print(formattedRoll) for key, value in pairs(set) do if value == formattedRoll then return true end end return false end like this? i dont know nothing on programming
  11. How can i modify it to be x2.01 and double in loss? thx for the code btw
  12. you are crazy jajaja... can i try it on dicebot? or only on live stats?
  13. 73.95: Bet: 29,833,962,933 placed by katsuragi on 25/03/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 2.01x Profit 1.91928500 20.73: Bet: 29,834,537,443 placed by katsuragi on 25/03/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.01898100
  14. what are the max reds you guys have get in payouts between x2 and x5????? I play on x2.54 and my max red is 23 (i change side each 50 bets sooo)
  15. in other site they give me more but ur a bro so lets make this 0.015 ETH ----> 800 Doge thank u recived already
  16. Ill stay couse i just want to turn green my reds ❤️
  17. still prefer Dicebot couse i dont need to be changing the seed and the side