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  1. Hey guys so i made a list of my objectives for these 2020 and one of them is in here to reach at least bronze vip and start reaching at least $100-300 per month.... what about you guys? do you have already a plan of what objectives to reach in this 2020? are you trying to reach it with a new strategy? i will try to make my objective with the same strategy just changing how long i play and avoiding to do my rage bets and go all in when i could just loose the profit of the day instead of loosing all my balance in all coins just because a bad red streak
  2. once i do a ton of point waggering for a challenge with a tiny balance and then depo for try and reach further but just busted and do a shit on waggered
  3. im not vip and almost check it each time i go con rage bets
  4. They both let u choose when to stop or deposit more so it depends more on urself than them also eddie is working with them so take care
  5. i feel the same way also new players or people not that active usually they dont join to read the oldests topics, maybe it could be repetitive but u can get the newers to get interested on the forum activity
  6. i saw a post related to vip players and i got thinking how long u take to reach ur vip star... if u get it with a long strat of low bet or u go crazy with HR? also if u intented to reach vip or just get it because u where trying to do a challenge or profit
  7. u can do that on dicebot... theres a bad streak table that tolds u ur porfit and how long u can go with ur strat
  8. katsuragi

    Make me laugh

    i feel pretty mad at myself... bring me ur best jokes and meme and help anyone that recently busted to get lil distracted with them
  9. i simulate 1M bets with my strat
  10. then just rain or tip them without a reason but if u lend u wont get paid... just like 8 of 10 have paid back and still r friends even 1 of them take almost 5 or 7 months to payback... but paid me like 4 times the debt
  11. jajajajajaja fuck me.... lol i mute me trying that bonzo jajajajaja i thought it will show a pop up or something ajajaja well ill wait an hour lol i love ur both ideas in fact if u eat u turn urself in a peacefull person is very dificult to be mad or angry while eating.. thats what i do to calm my GF.... but to spam my pm feels a better way to chill out the rage... i made a topic of the rage bets that makes us turn into a person that should be muted lol
  12. i think is more lucky, i mean seed is the one with the luck or unluck but still i use a bot so i change seed each 7k bets when i go manual i can do 100k or more for the roll hunts on 9900x or 990x but it depends on my balance and time
  13. when i have a bad streak sometimes i go rage and start gambling all in on all my coins even if i know i must probably bust all my profit so i got in doubt... how many rage bets have done or the worst of them? or if ur like me... how many u get at month?
  14. well he regurlary dont play but im pretty much an addict for the moment... thats why im not depositing for the moment until i get rid of this feeling and can make safely and controlled deposites... i mean in a rage red streak i could just depo more and more until i waste all my cash so...
  15. How does the forum rewards system works? i didnt know about it... or where can i read about it?
  16. Your my hero, i get my brother and like 2 friends into PD lol, when i get some nice hits some times i send them some tips to continue their addiction
  17. @katsuragi dont know i could vote for msyself
  18. mmm yeah i told them i invest my money.... but im gambling but i dont ask loans at least my addiction isnt in that point yet, hoppe u recover bro
  19. Twitch:K2Aeuronymous stake: keima (if u can tip me on PD would be greater ) PD: katsuragi
  20. Bet: 45,274,903,795 placed by katsuragi on 20/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000700 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000007 katsuragi 33.34