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  1. i saw oleg loosing the second match i think it was sad, and when i hear how difficult it is i say noup maybe is worth it if i was more than 50% to win but if i loose all the matches it would be worst than worth it and im not even close to reach a noob player con gambling at sports
  2. If you just do the same that i do (work all week and in weekends go crazy on post you easyly could reach the max post)... ill try just today, so wish me luck Yeah, a lot of us dont pop in here to often and if you dont you can in 1 day reach max because you have the notification box full and also you have a lot new topics to find out Maybe it is but i dont think so... i mean at least i was here between noob and member is enthusiast (and with that i was able to send me some btc from forum to my primedice account and so but maybe its more for the noobs i mean never tried to depo from my primedice account to the forum You must try and reach it to get the true knowledge PM me youre youtube link to watch it when you post it men
  3. I really hope you hit the jackpot but i dont really think you could... i mean it already reach 113 btc and if i remember it hasnt claimed before so i think you almost need 4Million bets before hitting 77.77 and then you need to have a minimum base bet just to get a certain porcent fo your bet
  4. I think thats is more about your getting luck in this site than if its trustfull or not
  5. i dont trust in the lucky seeds i just feel i make some good hits his luck is spoiled and now is time to find another one... so on auto i just do 7k bets in each seed and change it, but in manual or hunt i set a certain profit and if i hit it i change the seed or if i see a green streak of 10 i also change... if i get a big red streak i stay on it because probably it will return in a long time, at least thats how i play my seeds your calculation and bankroll will reduce the risk but you never know you could get a seed with 50 red streak on 2x or throw a big hit randomly/yolo and hit like i did jeje and then change it and get back that spoiled seed that gives a epic red streak that is normal but you didnt expected that soon
  6. When im on roll hunt of 99x 990x or 9900x i do 80 rolls or 800 or 8000 rolls of a base bet of 1 sat just to do prerolls and to stop when i hit something (its more to be able to stop on the side than the hit but still is some sats extras) then for the base bet i just throw half of balance... i will try your strat because when i play safe it just takes to long to do some balance and when i dont play safe i just go to high on the red streak and bust it so... i dont usually hunt unless i dont have the min balance for my auto strat
  7. jeje i thought i had it by control for now i made to grind it very well but i just throw away all my 100 xrp from scratch and now i just know i dont have anything by control so if you guys had find a way to stop or some technics you do to control the rage bets and the greedy bets post them to the people can check and reform themselves i will take them to try and figure out what works better with me ok ok i did and hit big so it turn me greedy and just a few seconds later i busted all in such a big red streak (i mean it wasnt that big, but damn 19 red changing sides on 3x, i do plenty auto and just when i take it to manual i bust all the stuff)
  8. Bet: 48,321,584,943 placed by katsuragi on 28/01/2020 Wagered 3.80000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.03876000 12.03 Bet: 48,400,098,681 placed by katsuragi on 29/01/2020 Wagered 3.80000000 Multiplier 1.02x Profit 0.07592400 10.23 Bet: 48,400,691,590 placed by katsuragi on 29/01/2020 Wagered 3.80000000 Multiplier 1.02x Profit 0.07592400 10.32 Bet: 48,401,188,748 placed by katsuragi on 29/01/2020 Wagered 3.80000000 Multiplier 1.02x Profit 0.07592400 21.30 Bet: 48,401,484,076 placed by katsuragi on 29/01/2020 Wagered 3.80000000 Multiplier 1.02x Profit 0.07592400 13.02 Done
  9. jajaja thats the best thing a diamond can offer you jajajaja I hoppe i can take part of the capital with some smart plays and also be able to achieve some proffit, right know i change my strat to be maxed into big waggers and achieve the vip faster than what im been doing these months
  10. And whos a considerable person that you could call a good gambler because almost all of us in some point turn into rage bets and end up busting more than we could afford someones learns of it but some others dont and keep busting and wasting, but learning of it doesnt make you better because it all ends at luck and random of the seed so even if youre a experienced gambler or a good one you still could en busting and cursing at the chat to realese the pressure of emotions; the best you can do is leave the computer aside and chill, i dont think you need to !bonzai yourself if you can just control your impulses as you said is your own fault no one else needs to be knowing alll your busts (i do post them on the chat regurlary but i dont stay spamming my feelings about that)
  11. Meeen i know the feeling i deposit for some videos i wanted to stream and post on youtube for some friends i was trying to make to get in the gambling pain of all the days in here at least for me that i always fuck up just before withdraw so... just was like 3 or 4 min of the videos and i was like always at half of the depo so i was like pretty excited and then busted, so i had the same amount for a second depo and i did and recovered all and then... busted all again so i was almost in rage because it was supposed to be a win video to make me get some affiliates but nah i busted so i was in rage and went to the nearest bank and re depo the same amount (of the 2 busted deposits) and i was sure to play safe and was doing it but later that night i tried to hunt the challenge of the forum (dont remember what one) and busted all so i was almost fucked up with a shitti feeling that was telling me "WHY THE FUCK YOU DIDNT CHANGE OF SIDE, YOU IDIOT"
  12. xrp was on 15 pesos? wow and now on 4 or do you mean pesos venezolanos or something like that? I hopppe someday i could win a big bet like that and be centred enough to withdraw it on time i mean i reach once 23k doges and went crazy reach almost 50k (almost like 3000 or 4000 pesos mexicanos) and busted it all at the next morning after i show off to my family that i could just pay some bills i had in that moment
  13. Grats epic hope you stay always green and keep enjoying this awesome feeling we get when we win a nice bet in sports or the dices i think you dont need to ruin your life for understand that you need help we all have differents points to feel we hit the bottom, for myself i just bust a big depo (didnt ruin my life but i could really give a very good use to that money that now i dont have) so that was my bottom i hit hard i make me understand that if im going to invest my money on a random thing i must ensure ill play the best of myself and dont gamble just because is fun and i feel fine doind it, instead of considering the risk of busting your cash
  14. not a good hit lol i was playing with like 1k or 2k of doge so i hit almost the same was playing martingale on the site with autobot, so i just set the max bet to change side and so jejeje if i recall right i was playing on 2.5x or 3x jejeje F... I hate when i think i should withdrawe, but deep inside im like, hmmm i could easily go 1k more, its not a big deal and then..... jajajaja busted but yeah all the time im getting like thoose small regrets that i could already cashed out but no, i was greedy to take a very little amount it wont do any difference lol
  15. I love how you expressed about the site... its true it has plenty money but i dont think it could be considered a bank (use the balance of the users for investments and cashout more money) couse it should be to hard to control all that entry and cashout of balance in the site, they probably have separateds accounts to control the balance on the site and work kind a like a bank to be able to generate more cash than the one the people bust (i loved how you expressed about our busteds we actually make contributions to Primedice to keep working and give money to the people who win and works in here) and also you couldnt know if is the biggest cryptocoin bank because what i said about multiple accounts; i feel safe in here, trust in the site and people (thats why i sometimes i loan some money... sometimes i get it back, sometimes i didnt) but yeah i trust in all of you guys so be nice and help another people to love this site and the community What i just said they must use more than 1 account so i dont think you could find it just like that it is indeed sometimes they feel overpowered but almost all day are more nice than mrnice and also they are always active... sometimes more than 8hrs
  16. its true you just make a awesome streak of greens or hits and you just feel like invencible and then you know what is coming... and its a big big red streak that you feel it never ends (for myself a manual streak of 29 reds... i throw base bets too low on the first 20 and then said.... green is coming so i raised and.... nope) but at the end the people in here with more than 1 year all know we all overpassed this thing a ton of times and still get back to keep gamblig and bust some times or win... almost all the times is bust
  17. Yeah i am hopping to recover at least thoose 150 and then ill chase the bust i had at the end of the year 400 xrp moreless but idk i just hoppe to enjoy my bets and have this little heart attack when you almost bust and booom recover jejejeje the bes feeling of the world... when your almost crying and then you feel so safe and in joy that always happen you just need to play when youre chill enough to make a good call in your bets and also as chikou say a good gambler needs to know when to stop before the bust and after a good win
  18. If you let the game control you, you already let the sickness fill up your body and start making bets that you would regret and at the end all that busts will start changing your attitude in your personal life and one way or another will slowly turn into a mental healt
  19. Its pretty obvious when im on streak im more focused on my jobs and not even get in on PD to chat and so (idk why but im almost not chatting until i see a friend) i think its because i have stuff to do and im happy doing it than just feeling sick of my desicions and trying to find someone to cheer me up... also when i bust i feel that i look like shit working slower and all the time like thinkfull because im just regreting of that last bet (because all we know that the next one of that red streak... was the green of recovery)
  20. @Connesa i saw your post and actually think it should be better making a poll to generalize the opinions of all in here and for people to get in the topic and see the total of the opinion and then you can check each individual opinion of everyone of us
  21. In venezuela their use a crypto coin that the goverment made to chill out the people (they created it and give coins to the people) and they didnt expected to be used that much but... it did and know is not usefull to buy stuff in there, only in few places are still able to spent petro on food and so, but it could be used between users principally i mean if i gamble btc and give a service and you could need my service i can exchange my service for btc because i use it and so
  22. Awesome if you can post here your conclusion of your investigation would be perfect that way the ones who selected that we bust can learn from the ones that are on profit and know what things can help them to make better decision on their sessions... i know its more about luck but sometimes a good call can make a big difference
  23. i achieve a big bust of 150 xrp that i was already ready to cash out but i say nah i can make 10 more and then big streak of red that i wasnt ready to hit so... i busted all with a big smile in my face i hoppe i can recover them... im not that confident but im just sure that ill do my best on that goal
  24. Actually i thought i was on self control now but i just bust like .5xrp on 3x and already red streak of 10 so i thought i could go with higher base bet on tron (my fav coin at moment) so i went and reach 29 red streak with no balance... (busted first 5 rolls on the others coins)
  25. 99.94 Bet: 47,848,958,497 placed by katsuragi on 23/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000004 Multiplier 330.00x Profit 0.00001316 katsuragi