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  1. We all learned someway to never trust in online people, you can chat and pass a great time but never lend money or personal info... maybe you get lucky and didnt happen the firsts times but someday you will learn it... i hope you didnt trust him all your cash, but if you dont at least you dont loose all and you learned a very good lesson
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    hi zertox, welcome enjoy the forum and try the challenges some of them are pretty good and kinda less difficult
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    Meme time

    i had a trouble with my facebook account so its been a long time wihtout whatching memes... so lets show our best meme (it is better if its primedice related so all of us can understand it) and the worst (painfull to get the joke, just bad at all or like a local joke) react to the memes that the other post so we can define whos the best memer make my bust day become a some how nicer day ❤️
  4. loooooooooooooool never expected that eddie could be satoshi and he create btc to create pd to fuck my wallet each time he can
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    Hi Primedice

    goood luck bro hope you get big greens and low reds
  6. i do like anime, actually im watching bleach and naruto on netflix i prefer fantasy and drama dont care if its shonen or shojou stuff lol i saw to no pain no game and no game no life too
  7. well now that you revive this post lol im rewatching greys anatomy, lucifer, supernatural and brooklyn 99 and some others that i feel embarrased to tell lol
  8. is controversial in my country half of the people pray and worship even when he says the dumbest thing in the world and the other half hates him im taalking about the president Im from mex
  9. Once i grind from 50 doges to 30k then i turn greedy and bust it lol
  10. Yeah maybe a ton of us get some help from the rewards but i found it like a ton of post later that i can get some rewards from it and i mean i can get the same from doing faucets... so i just love to be chatting here and get paid from it even if is just a sat per post i would i dont think he could do something with those sat i mean you need like 2k to withdraw min so with 1 only post i dont think he could and just reach 100 post to get paid and then get banned i mean is kinda lame to even reach it just for that but anything can happen maybe thats how poop goes when he have no one to offer double coins lol i went out from forum and both sites almost like 2 or 3 weeks and feel like an eternity i needed to fix my times on what i can spend it because i went mad here i spend more time here than working i dont even get something from here so... i just wanted to fix this and know im trying to build a pc to keep my bots going 24/7 while im in the office fully focused on my work and maybe from there invest a bit here again I dont see that too often maybe im not that crazy i mean i jump a ton of comments sometimes couse they just see like a repetitive thing or just like a personal opinion that i will maybe not care so i just skip it, maybe making a post of whose able to make the larger repetitive post would be fun for the ones like me that have plenty free time thats why maybe it should be more post of some stuff personal or something that could reach all of us to get there and chat and discuss more interesting things than maybe some strats that sometimes is just martingale with something new to add and not all of us get that interested for (i do sometimes but i mean i need to throw my bot working almost for 1 day) to be fully sure that with my balance i managed to do it safe
  11. is a nice way to see it i mean almost a lot of peoples agrees that not setting a goal makes them go like crazy gambling till they bust couse the greed is a bitch that is really hard to control yeah the samething i made a lot of prof with a rain and end it busting so i said maybe i shoudl deposit (it was a long time ago since that stupid thing) so i depo and busted like 10 bucks so went and depo 20 more and busted them again and later i go for another 40 and same story thats my love/hate story with the 2x (i didnt went that crazy with big rolls but each time i almost recover (my goal) and bust it all again so i went big red to easy and know just chilling the things i can afford) i dont see it as a waste of time but maybe a risk to loosing the control if you guys could make each a speach of how it works the strat of setting a goal and not setting one so we all can make an idea of whats our type of gamlbing and wich one we should take to action
  12. Indeed i mean i just had say that like in 10 posts this year and each time i busted all so now i just dont spell it, i know it doesnt have nothing to be like that but i mean i just understand know the thing that gamblers do on casinos where they have their lucky machine or lucky item or action to do before entering to gamble i also have my badluck actions and is be greedy and preaching that im recovering and im fine when just few hours later i beat my redstreak record on each strat that i change so i know i should just chill and leave but as you said is a pain in the ass just to see all that you recover fly away with your dreams and plans to reinvest it i think its easier to say that than doing it men i mean i do play for fun i mean right now i just chilling with my low balance but sometimes you just get a very lucky seed or play and reach something that is worth it and you just bust it (not even all the balance i mean half or less of the profit i mean that you just can stop it there) but noup you will go and go until you reach the point of no return the point when youre so dissapointed of yourself that you go rage on all your coins just because you have something to throw, and if you go like that you even know you wont hit nothing worth it but still you go couse idk maybe that way i feel relieved of my dumb ass play and maybe im the only one who does this kind of useless think or maybe no thats why i create this topic i do the same men i mean i can go chilling with my balance but when i go prof i turn crazy and try to manual my bets so i get more profit faster instead of slowly my bots do the works as they meant to
  13. can i get them on Primedice or its only on stake? i dont have enough to chat there so i dont invest my balance there
  14. hello men i hoppe you like the site and the people that conform the forum and the primedice chat if you need some help to take out your douds you can always consult with us on the topics good luck and stay green
  15. Well for me is going great at the moment i mean at least i got plenty coins to keep gambling i retrieve like 10 usd 1st day of 20 that i had on balance and then made like another 10 usd (so now the balance was 20 again) and i said naaah now ill increase my bb a bit to get even more but noup, i just bust it so i took 2 usd form the first cashout and redepo and then i made 20 usd again and said naaaaaaah i can recover the other 20 usd i lost and busted so then i took 4 usd and redepo and same story made 10 usd this time and busted because i was greedy and now i redepo the 6 usd and still is going fine i mean i made with the other coins from rains almost 3 usd but as always busted them again.... so far its isnt that bad couse i hadnt find the need to depo from my cash i know is not going to last i hoppe i can get like policewale but i dont have that worrie for the moment because at least i made new followers to my twitch acc so hope at least i can start get some proffit there so then i can change to twitch and refund my gamblings because is fun and i kinda hang like an addiction to it i can imagine for me was kinda odd it just fly away the bad things and the good things went faster than nothing but at least for the moment i kinda feel good i mean even my real life proposits are going fine by the moment but i hoppe they still the same way couse im kinda loving it
  16. i do almost the same that you do but im trying to change it couse ill ended up busting when i 30x my original balance couse my mind tell me... if you made your balance to 10x you can do it again so chase a 100x and bust now i withdraw some i busted and redeposit again
  17. No waaaaaay when is the site out source i really want to get it into use right now amazing idea hoppe you keep it fast and able to improve new things that will popup keep it greeen men good luck with this proyect
  18. ok i mean inhere jejejeje i already try to creat an account in telegram, but it just dont send me the code i need to confimate my celpphone number so i cant by there jejejeje
  19. love your way of thinking because is almost the same real motive i have more than free money, its like easy money or investing in something i can control for real and dont depend from the other people (in theory... as you say i have lost more than i can really win) but im happy with it im finding a new strat that help me get faster earnings and be able to withdraw before i run out of luck and start the big scary red streaks that usually i get when i finally achieve my 100 xrp goal
  20. hey man i have working bots and apps that could help you with your youtube channel pm if your interested ill be glad to help you men
  21. i think he made a video of he working on out oh.... never mind lol i just quoted the first and keep reading the next one lol... sry for your bust jelan keep it green and we love your giveaways
  22. Nice strat but i wouldnt use that i think is to risky for myself i leave my bot going auto for hours and the risky it goes should be checked manually to avoid going to high or predicting a big red streak that could come from the dices
  23. i prefer to use 2fa because i dont like to give my cell number... you should tag some mod or support, also asked by the primedice support section, they could fix it at the moment i think