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  1. Actually i thought i was on self control now but i just bust like .5xrp on 3x and already red streak of 10 so i thought i could go with higher base bet on tron (my fav coin at moment) so i went and reach 29 red streak with no balance... (busted first 5 rolls on the others coins)
  2. 99.94 Bet: 47,848,958,497 placed by katsuragi on 23/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000004 Multiplier 330.00x Profit 0.00001316 katsuragi
  3. yeah, so im hunting 99.69x? or 99.74 hit, min balance?
  4. So you change of coin before you bust youre principal coin or after you bust them all?
  5. please quote me the link of the video bro Yeah but if you are old and wagger those bitcoins before this year you wont get any vip status
  6. its seems but still if you post 19 posts more youre going to grow up to enthusiast and you will be available to post more daily
  7. i actually do i busted almost 600 or so xrp on this month and before i busted 30k doges so in each time i feel more structural on how to do it right because i got like my strat and rules on how to gamble depending on my balance and time so each time i busted it was because i started to go high bets without prerolls couse i think i could predict almost 5 bets in row and then booom red so after that hit i go rage bet with all my balance just to recover that (busted 1 doge and on in rage bets i busted almost 10k doges) so you just need to chill out learn what was your mistake and try to never make it again... and thats the difficult part to do thats my right now feeling i want to deposit at least 100 xrp more but i just chill out until i fix my life first
  8. I use that hunt on the job when i dont have the balance to use my martingale strat, just because i can do tons of prerrolls and leave it like 15-30 min and so its fun i it takes almost 1 or 2 hours to hit, some times it takes longer
  9. Yeah i kinda expect it has to be related to the reputation on the reactions but almost no one react on the forum... actually i almost react to any post i find out but i slowly went down due to see that maybe im just to much enthusiast as my badge says
  10. Wait where can u bet on Esports? is the only thing i could really get hooked in researching to win the events
  11. i dont sport bet couse it has too many variables to analize i mean it could really be fun but i could get more addicted to it than here where i just have to try and predict the impossible random from the dice
  12. Nice way to think i usually go on auto with 1 sat for 8000 rolls and then i go from my balance 15 times half and go with that for 4000 rolls and if i dont hit i double and another 4000 rolls and i keep it until i bust or hit.... usually i dont respect my own rule because i turn greedy and go instead of 15 time i go like 5 or 3 and bust pretty easy (sometimes i dont even reach 4000 rolls hjajajaja i also set to auto stop when win anything to reset and start counting another 8000 prerolls (thats why i bet 1 sat so it can auto stop
  13. i was here for fun and try to win big but, it wont happen so i think is the comunity i mean... sometime im just here in the chat and forum without a coin to gamble up and its pretty fun
  14. once i config wrong on proffit and on loss so it never reset jajajaja and when i found it, it has stopped because i had set the max win so it stop because magically i get a last good hit and get a lot but i was almost with a heart attack seeing all those reds going up from nowhere
  15. I do the same that you do man, i almost all day in checking out all the new topics and try to participate in the ones i can with my thoughts but i mean, there isnt that much topics to be posting like crazy or like to turn on spammy
  16. U can get paid if u post a good and nice topic....
  17. what strat you where taking to bust 2btc with low payouts?
  18. So i just can post 10 per day?... i mean its plenty enough lol but then how can i grow my badge?
  19. Hey guys so i made a list of my objectives for these 2020 and one of them is in here to reach at least bronze vip and start reaching at least $100-300 per month.... what about you guys? do you have already a plan of what objectives to reach in this 2020? are you trying to reach it with a new strategy? i will try to make my objective with the same strategy just changing how long i play and avoiding to do my rage bets and go all in when i could just loose the profit of the day instead of loosing all my balance in all coins just because a bad red streak
  20. once i do a ton of point waggering for a challenge with a tiny balance and then depo for try and reach further but just busted and do a shit on waggered
  21. im not vip and almost check it each time i go con rage bets