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  1. what are the max reds you guys have get in payouts between x2 and x5????? I play on x2.54 and my max red is 23 (i change side each 50 bets sooo)
  2. in other site they give me more but ur a bro so lets make this 0.015 ETH ----> 800 Doge thank u recived already
  3. what tax ull take from .015 eth and if u can exchange for doge...
  4. Ill stay couse i just want to turn green my reds ❤️
  5. still prefer Dicebot couse i dont need to be changing the seed and the side
  6. i know im new here but im with the same name on the PD so search for me and ull see im active there so if u want to ensure also im not that reach so i wont be able to trade too much but i just dont use ltc so....
  7. if someone wants some ltc in exchange of btc, ill make the deal on the value at the moment of the trading... and ill ask for the 80% of the value so if someone is interested it will be a pleasure to make bussines ❤️ Sry about my english lvl