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  1. we can get paid for doing Good posts? where can i see how it works i saw that there is forum wallet .
  2. haha i would lose it all if i keep in PD . xDD missclick all in , Get too greedy,
  3. Damn yeah lol ur right 😭 such a big problem 😭 I guess make 200wallets and dep .5 each 😂😂😂
  4. I would cashout 95 btc then tip Chat a bit and "Friends" from gambling :P. then gamble . while waiting for withdraw to come then cashout give to my parents like 25btc worth of € . and then invest in smth rest of the money
  5. . I tried and i think its not worth . U can in gambling site and bet it for fun but not these keep them... just idk
  6. same lol . Bust then . AGAIN??!??!! in same way . ok i wont be greedy next time and same happens always :P.
  7. well i just want to have fun . maybe i should say like fun Strategies . well yeah ik there isnt any 100% profit . ans yeah House always wins
  8. well i would do any . im kinda bored want something new so ritual might be fun to try Guys gime some i could test Ok i will get bal and then try it out well i will try like 10Simple bets Vs 10Ritual bets
  9. Well i often yolo if i lose half bal (yeah ......) then i rip i always lose same way do like 10k bet then 25k 35k then all in and lose all at like 1.5x when i try doing it
  10. lol. well i dont do any rituals .But does it work? if it does i will start doing it 😂
  11. So basically if i make like 2k to 100k i always rip becouse i go like 25k on 1.5x and lose then go 10k lose then 35k lose and then i go all in . I always rip like that .(That happened 2days ago 2k->100k ) but it happens like this always . * I get too greedy and Then rip And i just cant walk away and keep the Balance Thats More the problem . I cant walk away and chill .. 😂 BTW I always Rip At 21:30-22:15 i cant go sleep . ... .
  12. So im pretty new here . And i want to find good Strategies . Im doing rn only 99x its working decent but i want to test new strategies .