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  1. well not bad i have 1 page of me sending sida 6969 sats and and 1 69069 . it looks cool . a lot of 69 . Cat4life , good luck , have a nice day .
  2. Well i joined like 5 weeks ago at PD 4 . i Joined and after few days it was 5th Primedice Birthday . Cat4Life , Good luck betting , have a good day!
  3. Hello . I would tip my friends i like here like 0,69069 btc (some more some less) , To people were nice to me . Rain like few Bitcoins . cashout 69.69 btc , invest 20btc in mining. keep about 4btc to gamble . i would deppo to stake like 1btc and destroy it . and to other site too. *revenge., good luck
  4. Hello , Primedice Jackpot is 112.49 bitcoin. to win it you need to bet Over 0.01 BTC: 100% Over 0.001 BTC 10% Over 0.0001 BTC 1% and get 77,77 2 times in a row . What would you do if you hit it ? I would go crazy , tip friends i like here like 0,69069 btc . To people were nice to me more . Rain like few Bitcoins . What would you do ? Let me know. Good luck , I hope you hit it!
  5. 7 in a row 2x bet: #22,717,640,694 bet: #22,717,640,102 bet: #22,717,639,710 bet: #22,717,639,254 bet: #22,717,638,823 bet: #22,717,638,483 bet: #22,717,638,144
  6. Bet: 22,676,788,429 placed by Cat4Life on 16/06/2018 Wagered 0.00055040 Multiplier 1.29x Profit 0.00015725 damn i just made 400k sats
  7. I know a way to fix that. Just go to Random.org and pick 1 to 9900 . and Random.org will pick for you ( You can make lower too) Like 1 to 1000. Good luck betting. Have a nice day!!!
  8. So basicaly rules are simple . you just mix your name with person above you and add Wolf. Like: Cat4Life BigBoss +wolf Wolf4Boss something like that. Good luck , Have Fun Playing . πŸ’™
  9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚How you know hacker? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Look at this BET: #22,482,240,766 😭😭
  10. ΓΡια σας, ΞˆΟ„ΟƒΞΉ κέρδισα 10k?
  11. Oh yeah BTw I always Rip at 21:45 -22:30 πŸ˜‚ strange but always Lithuania.
  12. Bets : bet: #22,439,305,654 bet: #22,439,306,035 bet: #22,439,306,703 bet: #22,439,306,966 bet: #22,439,307,260 bet: #22,439,307,542
  13. So Its a good site right now i have 420sats faucet /25k ltc 17times a day Just becouse i opened site for 90 days . Yesterday i went to 100k from faucet today to 10k like 3 times . first level Gives you 150 sats/OtherCrypto. if you Come to site for 30days ... Wagger 0.5btc ... Invest 0.05 .... get 0.001btc ref commision ... 800 messages . .... Your faucet goes up value , Amount of times Availanble a day there is 35 levels With maximum of 6150 sats Faucet 60 times a day. Each thing Gives you a Level Level Faucet amount (BTC) 0 0.00000150 10 times A day 1 0.00000360 12 times A day 2 0.00000420 17 times a day 3 0.00000480 18 times a day 4 0.00000540 19 times a day 5 0.00000630 20 times a day ..... .... ... It goes Up for each thing and increases amount of times Faucet used. Roulette Blackjack Dice Plinko Gamemodes. I would apreciate if You would use My Refferal code : https://www.crypto-games.net?i=7vh3ToUP4K Clean Link : https://www.crypto-games.net
  14. Ethereum would Be good Its good CryptoCoin.
  15. Hello , Im bored so lets do a post If i would win/Get from somewhere 1000ltc i would probably exchange like 200 to some Eth/Doge and keep 300 ltc . and watch if it goes up after 1 month if not sell that 300ltc* other 200ltc(Less if i lost if like Doge/Eth dropped down) keep to gamble . with left 500ltc i would 😯 i would keep 200ltc more to gamble and 300 ltc cashout give some to my parents . and Have fun with that 200 ltc ofc give to friends and have fun with them betting. and do some rains What would you guys do ? well i dont know why i think Litecoin>Bitcoin . i think becouse there is more 000 Basically *400ltc gamble 600ltc Cashout* I hope this will happen atlest for one of you guys
  16. bet: #22,331,450,568 bet: #22,331,435,801 bet: #22,325,667,410 bet: #22,331,421,996 Thank you very much .
  17. Hello , Congrats you won where you want me to send? Ok i sended to cryptone
  18. I will increase time Guys Ok? so more people joinπŸ˜‰. LoL i just realized i will go sleep soon so i setted time back . sorry guys for changing time Or should i do so i roll after I sleep ? GUYs!!! who has comented UltraChief is 1 Lllalana is 2 Cryptone is 3 and 4 Is millan at last second . lets see what Random.org will give Good luck πŸ’™πŸ’™ GG dude
  19. So i need to post bet id right? well i dont believe magic but i believe in God well i kinda did this post becouse i need to chill and dont bet so i wouldnt rip
  20. Hello guys. I believe in God-Jesus . So i was like hmmmm why i dont try to change seed to Like "GodpleaseGodpleaseGodplease" or "GodletmeWinpleaseGod" and i Prayed to got before pressing Change seed and while i had Selected The name like "GodpleaseGodpleaseGod" and then prayed again . Ik its cringy but it worked πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i did 16bets rn on 10x after 14 bets i won 2 in a row with high amount . in begining went a little so i made big profit becouse when hitted i betted Decent amount (For someone its nothing) in just playing for fun so yeah. πŸ’™ small gw 4000sats πŸ’™ i will roll after 30mins(Oh lol i realized i will go sleep soon ) from comments . with random.org 1-number of comments and i will pick that Th person that i will see from top . is that ok way to do gw ? or should i just do in Chat? *Edit i went to 100k but then i did 10k bet then 20k then 30k on 2x so lost a lot of profit but still have 35k i hope i will comeback I ripped