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  1. 7 in a row 2x bet: #22,717,640,694 bet: #22,717,640,102 bet: #22,717,639,710 bet: #22,717,639,254 bet: #22,717,638,823 bet: #22,717,638,483 bet: #22,717,638,144
  2. Bet: 22,676,788,429 placed by Cat4Life on 16/06/2018 Wagered 0.00055040 Multiplier 1.29x Profit 0.00015725 damn i just made 400k sats
  3. I know a way to fix that. Just go to Random.org and pick 1 to 9900 . and Random.org will pick for you ( You can make lower too) Like 1 to 1000. Good luck betting. Have a nice day!!!
  4. So basicaly rules are simple . you just mix your name with person above you and add Wolf. Like: Cat4Life BigBoss +wolf Wolf4Boss something like that. Good luck , Have Fun Playing . πŸ’™
  5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚How you know hacker? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Look at this BET: #22,482,240,766 😭😭
  6. ΓΡια σας, ΞˆΟ„ΟƒΞΉ κέρδισα 10k?
  7. Oh yeah BTw I always Rip at 21:45 -22:30 πŸ˜‚ strange but always Lithuania.
  8. Bets : bet: #22,439,305,654 bet: #22,439,306,035 bet: #22,439,306,703 bet: #22,439,306,966 bet: #22,439,307,260 bet: #22,439,307,542
  9. So Its a good site right now i have 420sats faucet /25k ltc 17times a day Just becouse i opened site for 90 days . Yesterday i went to 100k from faucet today to 10k like 3 times . first level Gives you 150 sats/OtherCrypto. if you Come to site for 30days ... Wagger 0.5btc ... Invest 0.05 .... get 0.001btc ref commision ... 800 messages . .... Your faucet goes up value , Amount of times Availanble a day there is 35 levels With maximum of 6150 sats Faucet 60 times a day. Each thing Gives you a Level Level Faucet amount (BTC) 0 0.00000150 10 times A day 1 0.00000360 12 times A day 2 0.00000420 17 times a day 3 0.00000480 18 times a day 4 0.00000540 19 times a day 5 0.00000630 20 times a day ..... .... ... It goes Up for each thing and increases amount of times Faucet used. Roulette Blackjack Dice Plinko Gamemodes. I would apreciate if You would use My Refferal code : https://www.crypto-games.net?i=7vh3ToUP4K Clean Link : https://www.crypto-games.net
  10. Ethereum would Be good Its good CryptoCoin.
  11. Hello , Im bored so lets do a post If i would win/Get from somewhere 1000ltc i would probably exchange like 200 to some Eth/Doge and keep 300 ltc . and watch if it goes up after 1 month if not sell that 300ltc* other 200ltc(Less if i lost if like Doge/Eth dropped down) keep to gamble . with left 500ltc i would 😯 i would keep 200ltc more to gamble and 300 ltc cashout give some to my parents . and Have fun with that 200 ltc ofc give to friends and have fun with them betting. and do some rains What would you guys do ? well i dont know why i think Litecoin>Bitcoin . i think becouse there is more 000 Basically *400ltc gamble 600ltc Cashout* I hope this will happen atlest for one of you guys
  12. bet: #22,331,450,568 bet: #22,331,435,801 bet: #22,325,667,410 bet: #22,331,421,996 Thank you very much .
  13. Hello , Congrats you won where you want me to send? Ok i sended to cryptone
  14. I will increase time Guys Ok? so more people joinπŸ˜‰. LoL i just realized i will go sleep soon so i setted time back . sorry guys for changing time Or should i do so i roll after I sleep ? GUYs!!! who has comented UltraChief is 1 Lllalana is 2 Cryptone is 3 and 4 Is millan at last second . lets see what Random.org will give Good luck πŸ’™πŸ’™ GG dude
  15. So i need to post bet id right? well i dont believe magic but i believe in God well i kinda did this post becouse i need to chill and dont bet so i wouldnt rip
  16. Hello guys. I believe in God-Jesus . So i was like hmmmm why i dont try to change seed to Like "GodpleaseGodpleaseGodplease" or "GodletmeWinpleaseGod" and i Prayed to got before pressing Change seed and while i had Selected The name like "GodpleaseGodpleaseGod" and then prayed again . Ik its cringy but it worked πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i did 16bets rn on 10x after 14 bets i won 2 in a row with high amount . in begining went a little so i made big profit becouse when hitted i betted Decent amount (For someone its nothing) in just playing for fun so yeah. πŸ’™ small gw 4000sats πŸ’™ i will roll after 30mins(Oh lol i realized i will go sleep soon ) from comments . with random.org 1-number of comments and i will pick that Th person that i will see from top . is that ok way to do gw ? or should i just do in Chat? *Edit i went to 100k but then i did 10k bet then 20k then 30k on 2x so lost a lot of profit but still have 35k i hope i will comeback I ripped
  17. Maybe So who is active will see first thats not bad idea
  18. Oky doky thank you very much
  19. Imagine if bTC would go up like to 50k in 3months and u have 100btc stillπŸ˜‚