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  1. yeah, maybe we just when we win we are relaxed, becouse we feel insidee we gonna win, idk its weird. but it happens most of the time, i havent won when i believed i cant, and when i won, i was relax and felt i can win too..
  2. well ofc, it is amazing 😍 and fun, gives peoople to do something else , than beg, and passive beg and.. scam... (Or maybe those people dont care.. idk)
  3. yeah it is amazing and fun, i remember when fnord bot got added, and then everyone was spamming him, he was lagging to respond lol, there was like que of 5peopel to get his response, and well there was a timer too. like 2 min or something. well people get bored of him now. but he is a cool bot. and gives amazing responses like "Cat for president" :P" and other cool responses, i had screenshots but now i lost them after changing phone.
  4. well you should try using manual betting then, 2x , or like 2, 5x 10x mix, maybe that will work, and hunt like 2 in a row 10x at same time thats what worked well for me, when i didnt know what payout to use.
  5. yeah, well you can add screenshot of them beeing 3 in a row too, will be eazier for support i guess.
  6. yeah, lmao catfishes, Well idk,.. so man have more chance to get addicted to gambling or something?? why is that so, then.. lol.
  7. he went to other sites.. and won big there too, 250btc.. and stuff, and he played eth i checked his eth was +5000 or something... crazy lol (The other site he played in decreases max bet from 30 to 5btc then... now its at 10btc max per bet.
  8. yeah it is kinda bad, too high increase to make profit, main part is if you hit at the end,but thats kinda yolo-ish thing , becouse at end you either bist quick, or win fine amount,but just better to yolo in manual then
  9. just get 3 in a row 11x greens, then copy their bet id. (Click on them, and then copy bottun) And then go to forum, paste them, and then select them with mouse and click the dice button.
  10. well they fixed for abusers, No faucet anymore, at all, fully deleted lol
  11. well it isnt worth going for the race anyway, The prizes arent that big compared to wager needed, you would earn more from rakeback, and think about rakeback+Race then. +could be hunting forum chalange at the same time yeah,pretty much, cuz race wager-Prize ratio isnt that good anyway, and rakeback is better (maybe underrated... hmm.. dont see anyone talking about rakeback ways to earn or something, strategies lol) i guess just race has timer and stuff, well just to win so people want it more :d
  12. but bigger deposite, and bigger start can make bigger losses too. and in the end you will be in - , so if do 1 big deposite, win and then run,(Im not gonna do that, i like to gamble xD)
  13. i understood kind of what you meant, but didnt really understand it. Well did you try it? (i think nothing is good for long run btw,just not worth it) maybe if to have balance to survive for long, just take parts of them and leave rolling. (like if have 0.01 like 50k a time and leave it on auto, and will have it run for some time
  14. cat4life good luck to everyone who will compete
  15. i was using btc, mainlly but now its fees too big, use eth, but think about using doge, becouse low fees/ripple, becouse it is instant, and like no fee, but locks 20xrp.. so idk
  16. they only disabled it in all chat, it still works in pm, and yeah it is important i have busted way more than i thought i was betting like once or twice. so yeah knowing value is important.
  17. yeah, addiction is "good" too Xd, and yeah me too, those good people are nice. learned to not trust people as much.. too. and well good i dont owe becouse of gambling.. yet atleast (as long as that doesnt happen.. its okay i think)
  18. hmm that looks interesting.. might try that, how long have you used it for ? so basically you skip all reds.. after 3 reds.. and then go for like 2-3greens in a row kinds thing?
  19. well i had a lot of them, but lots of scammers and stuff, so not much left... but there are a lot of good people.
  20. well Yeah, Meh who needs withdraw (Everyone after bust) but thats not the point! you keep going until you have 1btc! (unless you need money in real life very much, debts..or stuff then you need to make withdraws) well i withdraw unless to redeposite after 1h,or something like that. well i shouldnt do that but... dont learn from me sometimes i withdraw and buy a game or smth with btc. well sometimes i stop at like 0.05btc or something like that. based on past wins/losses mainlly
  21. Well my biggest recovery probably was like, i made 0.05ltc to 0.6ltc and then down to like 0.1 And then i recovered to 0.8ltc, later wded and made to 130usd in another site (was leveling up there, but then got bored and went like 30usd a time at 2x. and busted (this is like last month, cant rememeber older ones.. just happener so many times lol)
  22. well ofcourse i didnt read the rules but i didnt break them, and then learned from other people getting muted after few months i almost knew them anyway, and they made rules post in forum, i read that a bit. nothing much else (i have been muted like 3times. for smth i dont remember oh i think it was selfmute. , i think twice lol i selfmuted once by mistake and other i think i asked one mod ask a joke or something. lol got 30min or smth. another one guy said say !kamikadze or something like that and i said that and it was selfmute command lol (was night and went to sleep so wasnt bad thing) and another time.. well broke one of rules.