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  1. well i dont know, super hard to make refferals, i have like 13totall refferals in all sites, but none betted, (I get more from this post alone than all of those refferal earnings) But.. if got a whale once.. that would be amazig then, lol. but i dont know  its super rare , it think most of them come without refferal link anyway

  2. 18 hours ago, @zulfandina said:

    in gambling, there is often an error in calculating the exact percentage of the ON LOSS with the payout that will be done in the hunt ..
    I used to hunt using manual strategy and hunt in small duplication ... but ... sometimes I feel a little bored and bored even though I am still in a winning position in hunting ... when feelings of boredom or tiredness hit me, I usually hunt at payout 100x with strategy martingale .. even though it's only 1x victory, at least I can take a break from the fatigue of manual hunting in small payouts ..

    when I hunt on payout 100x, I usually use onloss 3% -5% ... but I often suffer losses when hunting on payout 100x. the first time I rolled the dice up to 100 more roll with a bet 0.00000001 btc. if I still haven't found the green line, .. I will start betting with Martingale pattern using onloss 3% -5% with a basic bet of 0.00000100 btc, and the balance that I have is 0.00100000 btc.

    many suggest me to stop trying it, because in the view of some of my fellow gamblers in primedice, the onloss that I set is too big .. because the onloss setting of 3% -5% is precisely when hunting 99x payout ...

    what do you think is all about the amount of onloss that I set on the 100x payout? Is the percentage of 3% -5% too big if compared with 100x payout? is it true that onloss 3% -5% is indeed appropriate in payout 99x ??

    share your hunting experience on 99x payout and 100x payout as well as onlossnya ... I'm confused by the correct settings about these two payouts .. :(

    you are using way too much, 1% is for martingale for 100x (Extra isnt martingale then) but kamikadze, it goes crazy  later, and its if you hope for it to hit at  the end, its like a yolo. 

  3. On 12/01/2019 at 16:48, dre1982 said:

    First thing I would do is pressing F5. Just to check it's still there. Then just return it.

    oh yeah,lmao i would refresh site too,  and maybe pinch yourself...? that its not a dream xDD and then return it,  but take first a screenshot, (maybe send to eddie be like, ah today i just made 1btc without depo, wby? how u doing  (lol)

  4. well its over 1 year now.. close to 1.5year i think,  it changed a lot.. and now it looks like stake, well i  think primedice and stake might be best dice sites.  and oldest.. so it has a lot of players too. primedice is my like "default" simple dice.  and now i might go to stake.. i dont know

  5. On 31/07/2019 at 02:21, JohnTravel said:

    Today I was analyzing my situation as a player and I began to wonder a few things in my own mind: Am I really accepting the win when this is already a good win and I say is enough? Will I accept defeat and be content to lose that amount that was available to play? That is, do I accept defeat or victory when they happen?

    If we ask any gambling professional how he survives in casinos, no matter how good you are, they will tell you that it is inevitable that you have a lot of bad results, or even a bad month or year. I've heard of players who started their career as a gambler very well, and after a period are already facing 2, 3 or even more than 4 bad years! I have never been through this big bad weather.

    I think it is impossible to prevent the fall in the bank balance of the game when bad phase or losses are coming with a red army of bad results.

    I also confess that after a big defeat, it makes us lose a little confidence in making big bets and even worsening the situation even further. Either you play and risk recovering or stop and wait for your mind to return to a slightly better or more stable situation.

    From all of this what we are pretty sure about is that in the gambler business things can go from good to bad in an instant so ideally try to always keep a little money to try to recover or keep going so as not to run out of nothing. 

    Do you accept victory or defeat? Do you accept defeat or victory when they happen? Do you really accepting the win when this is already a good win and you say is enough? Will you accept defeat and be content to lose that amount that was available to play?

     well i dont think i accept it i keep loses in mind for some time, and try to win, but i dont usually chase green if like 10reds in a row. on 2x.. or  something, i prefer to skip those all reds with lower bet.   and then later bet bigger better. 

  6. 7 hours ago, Angela said:

    As promised, here's one of the results I yielded after 4 days. Here's the spotlight of this strategy (see image). As you can see, the worst streak I got was 11 at 1.5x multiplier while my balance was just over 0.002 ETH. If you are using a regular Martingale strategy, on the 8th streak on that multiplier in my balance, you may have already busted, but through the method above I was able to withstand it.

    PS: I will post the marathon of 50,000 rolls I did with this strategy soon.


    well, Had 200k start made  70k thats like 1.35x, so if you tried like 3 times that would be less than 50%  to bust, and 1 time isnt that hard,  would be cool if showed few more runs 

    and well waiting for the script,  well long  running scripts are  very cool

  7. On 07/08/2019 at 02:27, sheenaz.bay said:

    this is just experience, every time I play and think of victory, I always lose, but when I play without burden, don't think about anything, play relaxed, I actually win big, I can't be sure that those are the factors of victory and defeat, everything back to rolls and luck

    yeah, maybe we just  when we win we are relaxed, becouse we feel insidee we gonna win, idk its weird.  but it happens most of the time, i havent won when i believed i cant,  and when i won, i  was relax and felt i can win too..    

  8. 1 hour ago, UltraChief said:

    It was restarted a few hours back due to popular demand :D

    well ofc, it is amazing 😍 and fun, gives peoople to do something else , than beg,  and passive beg :D and.. scam...  (Or maybe those people dont care.. idk)