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  1. To get things started, I will share mine first

    Greatest Win:  0.027 (did 2.7mil bets on 2x) or if not in pd 35$ on 50x i think .

    Greatest Bust:  0.077 BTC (that was my balance in pd before that i busted 900$ in other site. So it was kinda rage bust that day lost 1.8k

    Greatest Bet: 0.03 BTC (not in pd 450$)


    These are close figures to the actual as I can'tremember the actuals

  2. So  if you came here...i guess you think it rigged but NO its not rigged.

    well its provable fair. But why would you lose (we often think its rigged after we bust) :

    1. 1% house edge.  (Looks not a loy but it is)(So if you wager like  1btc you  (lets say you have 1 ) so you should have 0.99 btc now if you have still 1 btc..thats lucky. If less then unlucky.
    2. We  dont stop to bet.
    3. We  Start raging sometimes.

    P.S 1.0102x is bad becouse you will have 98% so 2% would be to lose but you get only 0.01x  profit.  So tax is 50%.



  3. On 04/11/2018 at 16:14, bigbrankx said:

    I would add a Bonus Welcome Package, for all newbies coming to pd - [ Giving them free rolls - or 500k startup Satoshis ] To attract more.

    Every Monday I would do a small Giveaway on Official Primedice chat...

    I would add a GFX for the site, which makes Invidual to choose graphics and pictures for your primedice rolls ( Like dark mode, green mode, and so on)

    Would do some things def!

    Well...if you would start giving 500k to newbies...people would create alts and claim it. Or maybe like go to new internet and use it ...or anyway they would found a way to go around  rules you would makw + if  1000 (thats not a lot i  think more people join everyday) people  in 1 day join.. you would give 5btc to them... pd doesnt make that much of money...

  4. I havent cashed it out and bought anything for myself sadly. Last time i tried cashing out person- paypal but got scammed (0.0272 btc) was ment for skins or some new games on Pc. 

    Well good luck and dont do trades in pm ! :D and dont go first xD spexually when other person with paypal could refund  it  so. Mhmh pp withdraw is bad idea i guess.

  5. Last word is : Team . So my sentence:

    I stay in primedice becouse it has great Team !! (mods and support) well stake has same... but i  win more in primedice  in stake uh..i dont . Say something nice about pd support/ mod