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  1. I was talking for real . Lol . if you want you shoulda Typed my other message somthing when storm . i was like *oh my storm is Here its raining so strong its crazy* (Im scared) 😂 and trees were crazy . next to my house.
  2. How to make My Comments not to merge ?* Exchange 0.00069000 Btc to Ltc Exchange 0.00069000 Btc to Eth Thanks *Going to eat will be back in 30min * To which account should i send ?Ultrabank /UltraChief.
  3. 73 Meaning Angel Number 73 tells you that you are being fully supported, surrounded and loved by theangels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. Hmmmm
  4. Cat4Life


    Hello , Vire23 welcome to Primedice . Good luck betting , And have fun ! Uhm ok have to go Cat is Biting me 😐.
  5. Well i dont really use Zodiacs But i like using 69 Or 8 as *My lucky number * based on my Date. I dont really believe But i do it for fun. Cats with you 💙. (lol)
  6. Yeah i hunted that but stopped after like 300rolls and then did some simple 99x prerolls and after 100 bets i saw 6.06 it was sad O.o. Well who knows maybe it wouldnt have came to me if didnt bet.
  7. well Havent played Slots a lot . Or havent tested Match betting and a lot of other stuff But i think best feeling is when you hit VERY BIG multiplier . Like 1000x or more . It feels awesome *ofc if you made profit with that Good luck - By Cats 💙💙💙
  8. Wow Didnt know gambling can Help.....😮 Well it doesnt help to me . I dont think so .it only makes me angry / Mad . Well if i win Im happy but more time Trigered becouse of gambling. Well if it helps when you dont bust then Good luck betting and dont bust! ❤️ Cats are BEST💙💖
  9. STOP Dont go Further 70 is Maximum ! *Shit i missed 69 * how dare i ? O.o.
  10. I saw Bitcoin 6800$ this morning now its 6100$ it droped 8% . Thats very sad , I hope bitcoin will do Comeback like this but + instead for week 8% a day it would be good . Good luck betting , have fun ! And have a nice day
  11. Well design simple but thats cool .i want one too Good luck .
  12. So hiting 9900x is already very cool and lucky. I want to see your 9900x wins , hope they are big wins . I havent hitted 9900x myself yet But i was very close once : was betting over did 2600 bets hunting but decided to change to under and BOOM 99,99 came after 2bets it was very sad . and then i busted my last 240k sats / from 600k sats Bet: 22,482,240,766 placed by Cat4Life on 03/06/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 9900.00x Profit -0.00000100 I hope that will not happen to you . or you can send your other good wins . I might try chasing same multiplier. Good luck betting , have fun ! Have a nice day !
  13. well i mean 200k is minimum it makes it very riski . yeah i know . for it to work well i need like 1,5million . well thanks for your time writing your comment :). and i dont use it a lot . just wanted to tell people about it . Good luck betting , have fun ! Have a nice day !
  14. OK thanks i will complete the chalange , thanks thanks for doing chalanges . have a good day.
  15. @BoRk wow you are a nice guy. Good luck betting , have fun !
  16. Hello , its when you bet on Team and if That teams wins you get your money with extra . * something like that but im not sure i havent tried it . Good luck betting , have fun ! Oh yeah you can wait until someone responds or Check in *sports betting* section maybe you will find something. Good luck betting , have fun ! And have a nice day
  17. For this you need atleast like 200k . Do minimum bet 100 sats and 1,5% increase (what i used) . you can use 2% or 1% . In 25minutes i made 100k satoshis . i started with 250k satoshis. Or you can do 69.88x with 2% (can do like 2,5% or 3% but more risk then) increase. need 200k to start too. If you try betting Good luck betting , have fun ! i would send screenshots but i did it yesterday and i dont have any Screenshots. Have a nice day.
  18. So I havent tried sport gambling. What you guys think about it ? is it good ? is it fun ? is it profitable? let me know , Good luck betting , have fun !
  19. Cat4Life

    Hi guys

    Wow thats very good .Congrats with that . well you can try restore your alts . Cat4life , good luck , have a nice day .
  20. Congrats on nice win . i hope you will keep wining and later. Cat4life , good luck , have a nice day . and of course HAVE FUN!
  21. well not bad i have 1 page of me sending sida 6969 sats and and 1 69069 . it looks cool . a lot of 69 . Cat4life , good luck , have a nice day .
  22. Well i joined like 5 weeks ago at PD 4 . i Joined and after few days it was 5th Primedice Birthday . Cat4Life , Good luck betting , have a good day!
  23. Hello . I would tip my friends i like here like 0,69069 btc (some more some less) , To people were nice to me . Rain like few Bitcoins . cashout 69.69 btc , invest 20btc in mining. keep about 4btc to gamble . i would deppo to stake like 1btc and destroy it . and to other site too. *revenge., good luck
  24. Hello , Primedice Jackpot is 112.49 bitcoin. to win it you need to bet Over 0.01 BTC: 100% Over 0.001 BTC 10% Over 0.0001 BTC 1% and get 77,77 2 times in a row . What would you do if you hit it ? I would go crazy , tip friends i like here like 0,69069 btc . To people were nice to me more . Rain like few Bitcoins . What would you do ? Let me know. Good luck , I hope you hit it!