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  1. well thats cool, and well, using english anywhere will help you, ofcourse, you wont learn if wont use, and using it is the best way to learn it. (Yeah me too, and its easier now.)
  2. i think dice has more different things that can happen, and roulette has that timer, u need to wait until spins (but have won good amounts..) happen, other roulettes without timee didnt have luck in them. in dicd you can change payouts and get good wins by predicting tickets, a bit different thats why i like it
  3. well yeah, it can be bad, and it was worse before, now i dont get as sad, and well, and can be angry on myself and then on other people, but thats when i lose very huge only. or if i lose for very long time,i can get bad mood too. but as i said it was worse before, and you need to learn to controll it.
  4. i think dice, has the most opportunities, and there is no such as safe profit. you can change payouts, increse basebet, and just a lot of stuff. its cool too, simple but not simple
  5. the old dong dong dong DiNK most people agreed, old one was better, they just added it from stake, eh.. old one better! bring back old one!
  6. yes, thats same guy 99.99% but i think its allowed, and ratio's in race arent that good anyway, and he bets, so he earns,nothing wrong with it really, dont think thats profitable anyway.
  7. my goal is to reach @Mrnice23's goal, and gift it to him,so i could buy him XDD (Lol jk) idk dont have them really, or well maybe platinum vip in stake, maybe. idk, or in another site some stuff.
  8. Bet: 36,888,724,036 placed by Cat4Life on 16/09/2019 Wagered 16.80000000 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 84.00000000 4.16 Under Bet: 36,888,871,036 placed by Cat4Life on 16/09/2019 Wagered 4.20000000 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 21.00000000 92.26 over
  9. well i dont know, super hard to make refferals, i have like 13totall refferals in all sites, but none betted, (I get more from this post alone than all of those refferal earnings) But.. if got a whale once.. that would be amazig then, lol. but i dont know its super rare , it think most of them come without refferal link anyway
  10. well I dont think i want to change my name or well.. you could make new account i guess. (If i would, i would change my name to PineApples4Life or PineApplePizza4Life - PineApplePizza4L if other too long. (To make you angry, ❤️ ) and i like pineapples, not as much as cats but i do :d
  11. getting same number 2 bets in a row.. 77.77 and then 77.77 why not 99.99 Ans next bet 99.99 ? its same odds and getting 9900x and then 9900x... could win more than jackpot would.. and wouldnt need to bet 0.01btc either.
  12. yes they should add Xrp rollhunt , with reward.. like 4xrp (10k sats?) But.. to make it pretty like 5xrp, i guess, would be cool, but i dont know, theey dont do anything with rollhunts much anyway
  13. well when i do, i withdraw at minimum amount, and go for maybe.. forum chalange or just yolo it on 100x or something
  14. i will go Steal *Ops ask kindly* from stunna the other part, of primedice/stake and would keep it the way it was/is, maybe would lover house edge to like 0.75% (so would be the best-lowest house edge offering gambling site)
  15. when i get into gambling, very hard, i dont hear anything around me, all into gambling, but music background is nice, and it makes you relax, not as much yolos then. it can be good sometimes.
  16. im not sure there is such as.. good player anymore. just lucky or not, and well, only "Good player" thing.. is to withdraw, when and dont be too greedy, and dont chase too much losses either. Each time can go different.. its crazy
  17. you can just go to the social media, and check, how many of us follow, LoL. and well for some time now, won only once, didnt know where winner was posted, and i didnt see, lol i thought get dmed.. and well it expired. 20k sats or smth
  18. well i dont know really.. dont remember them. but i remember one (was chalange hit 1100x) i was doing 1100x over, and in that time.. in 2.4k rolls i got 7 0's. (had chanhed to under but changed back, scarer over will come, in next 5-10rolls the 0 came, like 2-3times, (had tried 9900x under too, but changed back, and 0 came again, expected but thought over will come.
  19. it is very cool, and now you have some understanding, and for adding withdraw of rakeback, they do it with support becouse they check something in that time, and there is a reason, i think. (they want to keep it manual)
  20. you are using way too much, 1% is for martingale for 100x (Extra isnt martingale then) but kamikadze, it goes crazy later, and its if you hope for it to hit at the end, its like a yolo.
  21. Bet: 35,971,924,175 placed by Cat4Life on 03/09/2019 Wagered 0.00024000 Multiplier 7.50x Profit 0.00156000 Bet: 35,972,026,416 placed by Cat4Life on 03/09/2019 Wagered 0.00006000 Multiplier 120.73x Profit 0.00718390 Good?
  22. well with animation off, bets happen quicker, so i turn it off, when want to do much bets quick, and on when i want fun, animation, well to look cooler
  23. oh yeah,lmao i would refresh site too, and maybe pinch yourself...? that its not a dream xDD and then return it, but take first a screenshot, (maybe send to eddie be like, ah today i just made 1btc without depo, wby? how u doing (lol)
  24. well its over 1 year now.. close to 1.5year i think, it changed a lot.. and now it looks like stake, well i think primedice and stake might be best dice sites. and oldest.. so it has a lot of players too. primedice is my like "default" simple dice. and now i might go to stake.. i dont know
  25. well yeah depositing partly is good , and in site using vault helps too, you can gamble for longer have more fun and more chances for something nice