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  1. First.. i would buy some friends ... xDD... Then i would withdraw and leave some to bet. And have fun i guess...
  2. To get things started, I will share mine first Greatest Win: 0.027 (did 2.7mil bets on 2x) or if not in pd 35$ on 50x i think . Greatest Bust: 0.077 BTC (that was my balance in pd before that i busted 900$ in other site. So it was kinda rage bust that day lost 1.8k Greatest Bet: 0.03 BTC (not in pd 450$) These are close figures to the actual as I can'tremember the actuals
  3. So if you came here...i guess you think it rigged but NO its not rigged. well its provable fair. But why would you lose (we often think its rigged after we bust) : 1% house edge. (Looks not a loy but it is)(So if you wager like 1btc you (lets say you have 1 ) so you should have 0.99 btc now if you have still 1 btc..thats lucky. If less then unlucky. We dont stop to bet. We Start raging sometimes. P.S 1.0102x is bad becouse you will have 98% so 2% would be to lose but you get only 0.01x profit. So tax is 50%.
  4. Autobet is very usefull for like....hunting 9900x .. you wouldnt like to click ...keyboard like.... 100000 times to get 1 win.. (would cost too much for keyboards) XD . And r.i.p fingers then . And manual is better for me + i enjoy it more.
  5. Primedice changed a lot...to better visual i think. Good topic idea . Dont have any screenshots tho... but its so different..
  6. Well...if you would start giving 500k to newbies...people would create alts and claim it. Or maybe like go to new internet and use it ...or anyway they would found a way to go around rules you would makw + if 1000 (thats not a lot i think more people join everyday) people in 1 day join.. you would give 5btc to them... pd doesnt make that much of money...
  7. Well... closest i got was like 79.79 2in a row while betting 10k sats... thats close but still far... maybe..after a long time someone will get it.
  8. Well.. i just bet to enjoy..but if i bust i get pissed ...if i win i be happy.... Well.. i just bet to enjoy..but if i bust i get pissed ...if i win i be happy....
  9. Great topic idea! Well.. primedice is pretty cool right now... i would add..CatCoins ..thoo....there is doge coin.. but no cat coin...Im offended....
  10. Usually default payouts are like 2x or 100x . And betting manual for 2x and 100x play auto for a bit of bets.
  11. Yeah like night mode would be really cool . Good idea!! I hope @edward . Adds this feature. Good luck , catty.
  12. If someone needs ref link https://throwthedice.net/?ref=18658 Would really apreciate it . If not clean link : https://throwthedice.net (it didnt say about .net part well thanks if used ref link gl
  13. Ye there is some bonuses + updatrs i guess :P so ye
  14. I havent cashed it out and bought anything for myself sadly. Last time i tried cashing out person- paypal but got scammed (0.0272 btc) was ment for skins or some new games on Pc. Well good luck and dont do trades in pm ! and dont go first spexually when other person with paypal could refund it so. Mhmh pp withdraw is bad idea i guess.
  15. Hello, So i just wondered when i joined Primedice's forum minimal withdraw amount was 50k but later Admin changed to 2k . Im amazed its still 2k i thought they would change it back quickly. Well so this is going to be default amount for now? -Meow meow , Cat
  16. Yeah... i saw XII had Doge wagered but they added Bch instead . For now atleast maybe next coin is doge .its cool pd is adding more coins!!!
  17. Hello, So i just wondered when is next Primedice's birthday? And how old is right now? Lol i forgot its primedice4 or primedice5? Lol Well thanks , good luck betting.
  18. For me ref link didnt work . If it doesnt you can try mine too. https://ethergamesclub.com/referral/b1173692c04ad7cc7e775f5ce57b6cc7 Clean link - https://ethergamesclub.com For clean link you can use one in main .
  19. Chatters Some Chatters...hmm....like begging and spamming but some dont . Me
  20. Well i see... there is a lot of Naruto fans . Im not one but i watched a bit of naruto before but it has too much series for me , and they talk - memories too much Good luck , have fun !
  21. Well ye like there is a guy Y0E77 But i think its banned now
  22. What glitches/bugs happened to you ? Or you saw . For example i saw a bet with 1.00999 payout when 1.0102x is minimum . I reported this to support snd they forwarded to Admin. Let me know , good luck betting !
  23. I think thats cool ,and good . HMMMMM does anyone sell People for crypto ? *very important* (bad joke)