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  1. its not rigging, rigging = roll was a win, but the gambling site made it a lose, changed results, scamming, and rigging isnt something a gambling site would say, and it wouldnt have proof, its legit, you can verify. its just a cut for gambling site to work, and an advantage for gambling site, and most of players dont even reach max win amount, do you reach 100btc? i dont think so. so just forget that one. 1% = good thing, to make martingale and all strategies a fail, or well betting for a long run, and it feels the most, if you do a lot of bets, or just use 1.01x and wager a lot. its like a price, for playing in long run. do you go to shop , they are keeping a cut, for profit "rigging"? or scamming? well if you go there, it says 1.99 and you pay 199 then, its scamming, or riging -if they said 1.99 and actually took 199. just a game with a price. addiction, and greed are your foult, not sites, which is why gambling site eazy to make money.
  2. hunt/bet at day, i should never bet at night, im sleepy then, and i just be like "eh whatever, and im going to sleep" and im sleepy and i missclick way more then, its very bad. so hunting/rolling at day and i wouldnt recommend it
  3. well its from 1roll or to like 100000bets, 10x of payout, possible red amount, 10x of payout, is pretty big, only if you chase very much, or got very unlucky, but like 100x... 1000reds, so like 600-700 = 60=70k can happen , but rare. and yeah, it takes a lot of rolls, time so will do it less times, so will be less reds than your most reds in 100x.
  4. dont you know craig.. already? the platinum guy.. thats (u know :p) and lol (or acting? ) okay... wellcome craig! let us know what you like, how is your betting, and how are you?
  5. yeah, um not THAT hard to understand, i dont know.. if it would be hard, but that would be very cool, and something new. maybe, we have some hope eddie would, but i dont know. maybe no, will see. i think i saw that in one site so thats possible. no problem @UltraChief okay, waiting for you to tell why eddie wont add this one 🤣🤣🤣. you always know reason, why it wont work
  6. yeah, it prob wouldnt be eazy, they could add like a button, to enable it or something, and maybe tutorial. will see. if you like upvote
  7. So you know.. now you can pick payout and side, Choose 100x and have 0.99% to hit and its either >0.99 or <99.01 i think it would be cool if we could move that 0.99% so it would be like 77.00-77.99 you are hunting. and i think would be a big thing: 9900x choosing a number you want to hunt. so it wouldnt either 0 or 9999, butwould be hunt like 7777 or.. 6969 instead,or any number you want. wouldnt that be fun, and we could make some different-new strategies too. i think it would be usefull, and fun. 1) could be hunting when the dice doesnt move, and now you can only do like 2x. if it was like 51.00 but then you could do like 50.00-50.99 or like 50.50-5.99 and then if it doesnt move much, Boom thats a 200x or 100x, while right now you can only do like 2x for such thing.
  8. i dont know, i prefer primedice to stay simple, classic nothing too shinny dice. they did update a bit, and ehh, idk , i like how it looks rn anyway.
  9. wellcome to primedice, dont get too addicted and have fun
  10. ehh, okay lets just give up then bleh, gonna go just play in other sites lol. (and maybe search for some lottery site* prob no) just in dice site with lottery.
  11. well they arent same, really, as gambling is random, pure random, and trading can be predictible, and if experienced you can predict better, react based on news, and information, and it can help you be right, while in gambling its odds.. and its random, pure random. but ye, there is 1) risk 2) skill needed, descipline, self-controll and stuff
  12. leave and upvote! then and lets get eddie to do it 😂😂😂 maybe if we ask kindly (prob no) but who knows what eddie will do, lol.
  13. i know where to find it, but i would like if i wouldnt need to go away from pd 😄😄😄 cuz after that might not comeback, go to another site. lol few other "Dice" sites do have lottery, its like.. a little addon -extra minigame ,lol. (save money for next day+might get back more next day
  14. well leave an upvote atleast then and will see, if @eddie will bother. lol @UltraChief uhh, but not like its a big game, its kind of a minigame more like. and you can just buy some tickets after win, and next day, wil have some ammo. (Or no)
  15. would you like to add lottery? like people buy tickets and like 95% goes to pot, (5% to pd as fee) as pd has a lot of people pots could get pretty big, or like none of you would like that? its like lottery-jackpot (Where people put in money, and then one of them wins) but with like spots: 1) 50% of pot 2) 30% of pot 3) 20% of pot. could do it either there is.. like 25 numbers and we pick 5, and then few people can win those spots // picks up to 10numbers or stops , if 5numbers (1st tier) win .+ if first 5 numbers- a person's lottery numbers =jackpot. (its in dd like that) 1) 5numbers got 2) 4numbers got 3) 3numbers got or like people just get a ticket and its just like ticket:60 and from all tickets picks 1for 1st 1 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd tier. its not like a full game big game, more like just a minigame, so wouldnt destroy "dice site" thing. or you could add like a V.I.P bonus? like.. after rank up, a lottery ticket, or like after wagering X. amount of btc, you get a ticket.
  16. Yesterday evening, btc just went down like 1500$ and other crypto too. So if btc keeps going down, to like 1000$ or something, does that increase booster amount in satoshi? so if you had 10k and bitcoin price went from 10000$ to 1000$ it will be 100k sats? if so, if you have a booster and arent holding crypto, thats probably a good thing then. and if you get a big btc win, keep it, and bitcoin goes back up, and you will have had like 100k booster at 10000$ if it goes back up later. i heard biggest faucet like few hundred k sats, so if btc goes down, it will be like 0.05btc? he could claim like a bitcoin+ in a week then. and then it goes up and puff. lol that would be crazy. but thats if, if if we will see.
  17. well, i dont know but anything under 10% is good i guess, but it should change pased on.. if you need other things too. some months might need something, so shouldnt be same always.
  18. i dont know, and all other crypto went Doooown a lot too, xrp 0.23 now. and well.. yikes 🤣 good i didnt have crypto, or would have been pissed lol, 😂 atleast usdt didnt go down but its at 8600 now as i checked, weird.
  19. yeah, i had some dreams too, i try to go for them, but havent had exact results, but never know, and i think it doesnt happen same day, but like after a week or two. or might not happen at all. but it might happen,ofc not as big win,but something close enough
  20. i play in most sites, well i tried most but play in ones i liked,few, but i dont think its not loyal,not likr you must play in only one site. lol pd, one of my favorite tho.
  21. Well, daily races are kind of Hall of fame for that day, for wager, but now there is "Hidden" and... well people could hide in Hall of fame. now too (and prob most of them would be hidden anyway), but idk, maybe a lot of hrs asked to remove it. they could add it now, with hidden, hrs couldnt complain, and well we could know, whats record for btc profit, and stuff and thats cool. they could add Hall of Losers too maybe (But maybe without names :D)
  22. whats necessary? crazy:Luck, (Be greedy) do some crazy increases, maybe all ins, and some crazy stuff, lol. and yeah. need greed to not withdraw before 1btc.
  23. well when bad luck, dont deposite, and well either bank that little amount for lucky day, or just all in it like 50x-100x, and that day might become lucky day real quick
  24. but sometimes its no good to bet for very long, atleast myself i like it go well quick, or it go away quick,so if loss less time lost, and well, if longer i just get bored, max is like 2h a day, betting for me. or i get bored and dont want to bet more.
  25. well, to wager until 1btc, you would lose house edge-1% and thats 0.01btc , if just using 98% but using different strategies that woulf like.. recover and wager,you could lose way more, or end up at like 0,something. could try like 98% and then after some greens go for good 2%hit and then recover like that, or just, bet-win and use profit to just bet 98% (not max never do that :p)