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  1. i think primedice should do something with dice betting speed, well its a bit faster now, but its still not too good, and  ye.. betting a bit bigger increases speed, but, it sometimes randomlly starts betting really quicky (Often in reds) idk.

  2. hmm... i dont know, i think it would be same, well.. but like to lose on 9900x is pretty eazy, lol  so its.. a bit not fair. not sure what u exactly meant too.

    how would this -Balance work? lol or you just mean, like use 2x, and for reds, instead of green?

    well.. you would have house edge in your favor. so ofcourse you would win more. instead of 49.5% to win, itz 50.5% to lose. so.. 50.5% instead then :D and you are GUARANTEED to make profit then in lots of bets.., so just leave it rolling and it will keep making profit then, lol so it woould be eazy to reach it.

  3. i think  dice has more different things that can happen, and roulette has that timer, u need to wait until spins (but have won good amounts..) happen, other roulettes without timee  didnt have luck in them.

     in dicd you can change payouts and get good wins by predicting tickets, a bit different thats why i like it

  4. On 03/09/2019 at 06:22, Han2x said:

    I just wonder why someone bets huge amount in dicing. Sometimes I feel it's hard to win in dicing. But there also times when I feel that It's easy to win in dicing. It really depends on the mode. It is really easy to win in dice when you have a huge bank roll but you need to risk a huge amount using smaller payout. Slowly but surely you can have a profit but will took you much time to make it more. But there is a risk in that which you should be careful. 

    On the other game which I really like like Plinko in other site is easy to play and don't need strategy for me but just luck to just see the balls drop on huge payout. Poker and slots on other site is fun too. But why other people stay on dice game. I don't really know my reason too. I just like to watch the animation and sometimes I just feel it's the easiest way to recover. I am not sure of that but I am thinking that way. 

    How about you guys? Which do you prefer dice or other games? Why? 

    i think dice, has the most opportunities, and there is no such as safe profit. you can change payouts, increse basebet, and just  a lot of stuff.

     its cool too, simple but not simple

  5. well i dont know, super hard to make refferals, i have like 13totall refferals in all sites, but none betted, (I get more from this post alone than all of those refferal earnings) But.. if got a whale once.. that would be amazig then, lol. but i dont know  its super rare , it think most of them come without refferal link anyway