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  1. i dont think so, i dont play much here anyway, not good enough bonuses, and my luck betting isnt best either. i prefer stake right now, or duckdice.
  2. yeah, bet amount required and prize were changed, its way better now. and @CaptainLorca oh, seuntjie controls it... Does he sponsor them, or eddie pays for it. well thats cool.
  3. i use anything over 2x anything under 2x are the worst , unless you want to bust/wager, they make a lot of wager, and more wager means more house edge, more house edge , more lose so avoid low payouts.
  4. its an interesting strategy, it might work, but i dont think it s a good idea, to preroll/ roll until *amount of reds, i think its like a bust wish, becouse you chase for reds, and then it doesnt change odds of what you get, but you did hunt the reds, so lots of them might come. i dont like that.
  5. ofc it does 50%of it is house edged and goes to wager, what you expect, but you can just use it , and do like 3000 bets and average out, like lost amount 100x, no increasing of bet and always about 100x, of what you lost . and you can recover with 2x 100x or what you like.
  6. it doesnt require mathematical skills, math= proves you will get fked in dice, only thing you will see, unless get lucky, and get more than average, bt will lose Thats why house edge is there, and math proves, more wager= more loss, so lower payouts,more loss.
  7. what about not even recovering the losses? like if you are recovering you have a way bigger chance to bust, and if you bust you will miss out on a lot of wager, i think just flat 1.01x betting, is the way, lol likr flat bet, 1000bets, and you get like 100x of your lost amount (house edge1%) or well if you do with recoveries, ans stuff, you can make more wager ofc.
  8. yeah, interesting, stake has this too, but in stake way more players, there is like 50posts in katarina's post in 20h, i think it will be way harder to win in stake, and in pd less players, so will be easier, well will see, might be something really cool.
  9. imagine how good it would be for you, if it was 0 house edge and well i dont know, its still a game riski, and with a house edge, so be carefull, lots of reds can happen and well it might kill you. and good luck.
  10. yeah chalanges are sometimes hard and with small balances they are possible but they can destroy you, i use flat bet then, and hope for not much reds, and as Johntravel said, its a chalange to do the chalange with a low balance. so its a duoble chalange
  11. well its like.. minimum bet is higher on bitcoin, that might be the reason, roll results and everything is normal (and increase cant increase.. like 0.01% for 1sat) but you can use exchange (dinabot) to exchange to eth or what you want.
  12. i think a good way and still fun is to use high payouts, it takes a lot more rolls, and it feels very good when it hits, and you need to wait, cant just do it in 1 bet. try it, if you do succed to bet on higher payouts, your patience with it should grow, becouse you need to wait, and it will be a bit different, atleast for me, not so much adrenaline.
  13. well, after big lose, ofcourse i blame myself "oh you greedy **** stupid *cat*" and then be pissed for some time,on my biggest loss, i was actually very angry for a month! but now im trying to stay positive to net get super sad, its working a bit better, survived some reds without beeing too sad. say it will be better next time, or my favorite "well eh, its gambling shit happens, next time" and then try to think of what i will go for, instead of what i just lost.