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  1. well its like.. minimum bet is higher on bitcoin, that might be the reason, roll results and everything is normal (and increase cant increase.. like 0.01% for 1sat) but you can use exchange (dinabot) to exchange to eth or what you want.
  2. i think a good way and still fun is to use high payouts, it takes a lot more rolls, and it feels very good when it hits, and you need to wait, cant just do it in 1 bet. try it, if you do succed to bet on higher payouts, your patience with it should grow, becouse you need to wait, and it will be a bit different, atleast for me, not so much adrenaline.
  3. well, after big lose, ofcourse i blame myself "oh you greedy **** stupid *cat*" and then be pissed for some time,on my biggest loss, i was actually very angry for a month! but now im trying to stay positive to net get super sad, its working a bit better, survived some reds without beeing too sad. say it will be better next time, or my favorite "well eh, its gambling shit happens, next time" and then try to think of what i will go for, instead of what i just lost.
  4. so do you think primedice forum is running out of ideas left? there is 27,700+ posts just in primedice discussion. and each post, has to have different idea, and cant have same one, right? so.. each time it will be harder to think of something to post. and then.. i dont see people posting much anymore, maybe 1 or 2 posts if something new.. like update comes. well, i guess it wont die, but there wont be much people in here anymore. well chalanges will be posted weekly, so wont die fully will forum die or it will be still used? what do you think? any ideas to save forum?
  5. they arent fully same bro, primedice doesnt have a 100.00 ticket, it has 99.99 ticket, while stake has 100.00 ticket, and the way they count the result, its different multiplies too, if you check in how to verify,or in verify, forgot you will see.
  6. there are some easier chalanges tho, one you need to find 6numbers, other need to find 4 numbers, so 4numbers is easier, and well there are some even easier ones sometimes. they arent same, and arent same difficulty
  7. haha, that has to be horrible. didnt they update it latelly, do you have both (sometimes one sometimes otherr) or the newer sound always? if i win, i probably wont have dreams, but if i lose i will have nightmares, so just becouse i want to have "dreams" while sleeping about primedice, i should always lose well that might be a good idea. lol
  8. lol, so thats not a dream but a nightmare,and i guess you are very addicted, only 4 days,lol... but interesting.. i wouldnt say thats healthy tho.
  9. Some weeks are easier, and some harder, difficulty varies very much, and luck is.. a big factor, lol they often go for get **blah blah* tickets, and then a payout or something, sometimes its eazy, (or if lucky) sometimes its very hard, and can lose more than is the reward.
  10. stake is too colorful, looks a bit childish, and well, i prefer primedice, simple but not bad looking. and primedice was made first, and well, stake is a bit different, they have 100 ticket, and how they get tickets is different. i prefer primedice for those reasons. but i think of moving to stake, more bonuses there and chat is crazy there,lol
  11. i didnt win with last message msges started with 2nd, so not evens are wins, i had 96th "1win per person" not 1 post.
  12. thats a fun giveaway lol good idea
  13. i just do basebet: 100sats, 98% or like 95% and dont increase basebet, just flat bet, and hope dont lose more than chalange :d
  14. hello, welcome to primedice and well do what you enjoy, thats best strategy, find what payout you like, a d then use it, can change them too. and have fun 😛
  15. i was gambling Csgo skins, but then they made csgo skin trade locks, and then i left csgo skin gambling, i found out about bitcoin, and i saw primedice, came here, and i liked dice, and stayed in primedice for almost a year.