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  1. So bassicaly you just use this link, and get item, it can be cheap, few cents or few bucks, but saw people win like 70$ keyboards and stuff. https://opsk.in/c/5cd6f715236497R14165979 Use while its still working Edit:Btw you can sell it fot btc then. And make account, then open link.
  2. Cat4life,i bellieve it will be best one 😛
  3. I had 76.76 2 times in a row before,with like 5k sats, lol if that was 77.77, would of been so angry, so good it was 76.76
  4. well i stay becouse i like how dice looks , and animation, i like people in pd. well have a nice day
  5. well i think its okay , well i havent played in pd lately so idk , well i ussualy tip more than that so its fine for me. have a nice day
  6. morning ! well 10x the payout is amount normal person can get , person who bets a lot ,(thousands of thousands bets) can/will get more.and ofc who isnt betting a lot of bets can get it too. Well hope you wont get those reds... Have a nice day!
  7. Hi , well my goal is 1btc .... soo.. i would return it anyway well would of be bummer bcs well had 1btc and dont have it but i want to win 1 btc not receive. so i would send back becouse i believe in karma and God
  8. hello bro! well my goal is 1btc , (for now) (i was at 0.27 , 0.28(was 1.7k$ ) ,0.14 btc highest amounts) then cashout like 0.4 btc do some tips , and well have fun :)aftee that and do like 1mil deposites and try to get to 1btc again and well then maybe cashout something more ,then go for as much fun as posible and keeping the balance for as long as posible
  9. For me it was 0.0271 or 0.0171 not sure..but same..and lost by like 1tick..i went 1.15x was thinking...1.15x or 1.1x...lol I had 0.07 btc left after losing like 1k $ and raged and kept doing like 2mil 2x bets lol.
  10. That is why i think they should change it to other ,in other sites people DO hit those jackpots. But here....no
  11. But most sites have jackpot...reachable...that might be reason some people pick other site instead of pd
  12. I think this jackpot we have right now....isnt very good , noone has got it yet . And it was here for long amount of time . (Tell me if im wrong). i think you should change it to different jackpot. Or maybe do like get 77.77 and then 77.7 * or like get 77.77 then 77.75-77.77 (add extra numbers - To the 2nd bet ). *And 10k min bet for 1% is too big i think . Different Like : 1) Hit 77.77 and have 777 in the end of the bet . And like like 2k sats bet 1% 20k 20% 100k -100% jackpot . Or something like that. (Not sure maybe there is something like this post , but made new one so people would see again and leave more ideas. ) 2) leave more jackpot ideas in comments. Merry Christmas! I mean ,decrease minimum bet, or something like that , Or maybe do like get 77.77 and then 77.7 * or like get 77.77 then 77.75-77.77 (add extra numbers - To the 2nd bet ). *if keeping jackpot same . closest i have been to jackpot was like 79.79 then 79.79 with like 3k sats bet.