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  1. Cat4Life

    [POLL] Option to Change Skins/Theme

    Yeah like night mode would be really cool . Good idea!! I hope @edward . Adds this feature. Good luck , catty.
  2. If someone needs ref link https://throwthedice.net/?ref=18658 Would really apreciate it . If not clean link : https://throwthedice.net (it didnt say about .net part well thanks if used ref link gl
  3. Cat4Life

    When next primedice Birthday?

    Ye there is some bonuses + updatrs i guess :P so ye
  4. Cat4Life

    What have you bought with PD wins?

    I havent cashed it out and bought anything for myself sadly. Last time i tried cashing out person- paypal but got scammed (0.0272 btc) was ment for skins or some new games on Pc. Well good luck and dont do trades in pm ! and dont go first spexually when other person with paypal could refund it so. Mhmh pp withdraw is bad idea i guess.
  5. Hello, So i just wondered when i joined Primedice's forum minimal withdraw amount was 50k but later Admin changed to 2k . Im amazed its still 2k i thought they would change it back quickly. Well so this is going to be default amount for now? -Meow meow , Cat
  6. Cat4Life

    More Cryptocurrency in Primedice

    Yeah... i saw XII had Doge wagered but they added Bch instead . For now atleast maybe next coin is doge .its cool pd is adding more coins!!!
  7. Hello, So i just wondered when is next Primedice's birthday? And how old is right now? Lol i forgot its primedice4 or primedice5? Lol Well thanks , good luck betting.
  8. For me ref link didnt work . If it doesnt you can try mine too. https://ethergamesclub.com/referral/b1173692c04ad7cc7e775f5ce57b6cc7 Clean link - https://ethergamesclub.com For clean link you can use one in main .
  9. Cat4Life

    Primedice is.....

    Chatters Some Chatters...hmm....like begging and spamming but some dont . Me
  10. Cat4Life

    A Paradise Villa to be sold in C-Currency

    O.O thats bad . Well what i expected
  11. Cat4Life

    Name Your PD Buddy 😘🤞

    Well i see... there is a lot of Naruto fans . Im not one but i watched a bit of naruto before but it has too much series for me , and they talk - memories too much Good luck , have fun !
  12. Cat4Life

    Be careful of the Imitator Name!

    Well ye like there is a guy Y0E77 But i think its banned now
  13. What glitches/bugs happened to you ? Or you saw . For example i saw a bet with 1.00999 payout when 1.0102x is minimum . I reported this to support snd they forwarded to Admin. Let me know , good luck betting !
  14. Cat4Life

    A Paradise Villa to be sold in C-Currency

    I think thats cool ,and good . HMMMMM does anyone sell People for crypto ? *very important* (bad joke)
  15. Cat4Life

    Primedice is.....

    Last word is : Team . So my sentence: I stay in primedice becouse it has great Team !! (mods and support) well stake has same... but i win more in primedice in stake uh..i dont . Say something nice about pd support/ mod