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  1. Cat4Life

    Primedice is.....

    Chatters Some Chatters...hmm....like begging and spamming but some dont . Me
  2. Cat4Life

    A Paradise Villa to be sold in C-Currency

    O.O thats bad . Well what i expected
  3. Cat4Life

    Name Your PD Buddy 😘🤞

    Well i see... there is a lot of Naruto fans . Im not one but i watched a bit of naruto before but it has too much series for me , and they talk - memories too much Good luck , have fun !
  4. Cat4Life

    Be careful of the Imitator Name!

    Well ye like there is a guy Y0E77 But i think its banned now
  5. What glitches/bugs happened to you ? Or you saw . For example i saw a bet with 1.00999 payout when 1.0102x is minimum . I reported this to support snd they forwarded to Admin. Let me know , good luck betting !
  6. Cat4Life

    A Paradise Villa to be sold in C-Currency

    I think thats cool ,and good . HMMMMM does anyone sell People for crypto ? *very important* (bad joke)
  7. Cat4Life

    Primedice is.....

    Last word is : Team . So my sentence: I stay in primedice becouse it has great Team !! (mods and support) well stake has same... but i win more in primedice in stake uh..i dont . Say something nice about pd support/ mod
  8. Cat4Life

    BankBank / Sickhouse GIVEAWAY OVER!

    Twitch: FireWolf4Life Pd: Cat4Life
  9. Cat4Life

    New Nice Gambling

    sene clean link too , its required In rules , thanks
  10. Cat4Life

    Account problem

    do live support Dont know what to do more. Well go do it . more-> live support. Good luck getting it back.
  11. ok might try it . Thanks. good luck!!
  12. Cat4Life

    Got any Strats and/or Tweaks for Dicebot?

    well Manual is more fun. Auto is good if you lazy. or just do to a lot of bets . or to hunt like 9900x If you will be clicking it yourself RIP your keyboard/Mouse. well dicebot better becouse more settings .
  13. Cat4Life

    Using PD on phone

    Yep and im lazy all the time so chillin in bed With phone and primedice
  14. Cat4Life

    LTC what's next?

    eth* i already came now. and dogecoin is comming So 4 coins gonna be here soon. Cool!!
  15. Cat4Life

    Bitcoin Breaks $7,500

    Well btc was at 7775 didnt hit 7777$ tho Well maybe it will get it later. And LoL * FnordBot: MuteHammer ... is what the world was waiting for. * FnordBot is Legend...