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  1. This is a terrific gift for players, Steve. Thank. But why only for the English room? Are other players not worthy to receive gifts ???
  2. How old were you when you stopped asking your parents for pocket money? how early did you start earning on your own?
  3. Has it ever happened that you spent more than a day playing a game? or do you know how to keep yourself in hand and give the casino exactly as much time as you plan?
  4. How ambitious are your desires? Is there a certain level somewhere when you say to yourself: everything! enough! I achieved everything I wanted. now i can relax
  5. Negative comments from losing players often appear in the chat. How do you treat them? Does it upset you or do you treat such players with understanding?
  6. As many people know, Dolnald Trump specialized in the gambling business. Today he is the current president of the United States. Do you have a desire to end the casino and all your strength, to devote energy to more serious issues? For example, do politics?
  7. Happy Birthday! It has long dreamed of seeing Edward again. This is the best birthday present for PrimeDice
  8. To learn how to play dice I spent only 5 minutes. To learn how to win, I had to spend a whole year. But even today I cannot say that I am an experienced player. But I can give an exact answer to the question: Why do we lose? 1. We incorrectly calculate your balance. 2. Increase the bet where it should be reduced. 3. We do not know how to control yourself. Nervous and trying to quickly return the lost. If you keep calm during the game process, you can achieve good results. This is my personal opinion. I want to know if you agree with me?
  9. Happy Birthday Primedice! Thanks to the developers for the wonderful site. Thanks to the casino owners for the opportunity to have a good time
  10. Bet: 31,035,612,350 placed by LuciferMS on 12/05/2019 Wagered 2.60000000 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 13.00000000 Bet: 31,035,678,878 placed by LuciferMS on 12/05/2019 Wagered 2.60000000 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 13.00000000
  11. today is only the second day of the race, and the winner has a wager for more than 100 btc the race is really arranged only for players with a large balance. It’s not necessary for the rest to celebrate PD's birthday thanks for the interesting contest
  12. LuciferMS Congratulations to you, newlyweds! Be happy and merry, dance, sing and giggle, One head is good, the best are 2 heads, Your family is like a two-headed eagle! But you have 1 body, 1 soul and 1 heart, It means you’ll be faithfully love each other! As two-headed you’ll be so smart To become the best mother and father!
  13. Every win I spend only on their children. This is their added bonus for good behavior We buy toys or just something especially tasty
  14. In my opinion, tips have really become a bit high on eth and bch. I would very much like to be halved. Not all players have large amounts, but I want to help friends.
  15. Run does not work 100%:) before withdrawing such an amount you will pass the test. so it's best to get her back.
  16. good luck is still needed. strategy helps to control the bankroll, and luck helps to make the right decisions
  17. Подскажите, а кран на Лаки, когда Вип уровень выкупаешь, дается только при отрицательном балансе? Или можно каждые 30 минут по 1000 сатох собирать?
  18. A lot of factors influence the victory. Of course, the smile of fortune is necessary. But if you don’t learn to control your bankroll, not one Bird of Happiness will save))
  19. x2 often drops to 30 red. the average length of the red on this coefficient is 15. I see no reason to keep it up to 8, and then start doubling. There may be another 22 red ahead.
  20. а что с номером 1?) правильно?
  21. Хорошим подспорьем стал сейф. Убираешь частями и просто заставляешь себя не думать о них. Набил еще сумму, снова убрал. Потом скопилось и на вывод. Или рассчитал для новой стратегии более крупный банкролл.
  22. Здорово помогает отвлечься Маджонг. Если на более длительный период, то "фермы" разного плана.