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  1. I always use the safe. I immediately remove a certain part of the winnings. Then again I calculate the balance that is available. And The money that is in the safe, they are insurance for me. You can, of course, withdraw them to your wallet. But it takes time, you pay a commission. I see no reason to drive cryptocurrency back and forth Safe is a very useful thing. I have repeatedly said thanks to the developers
  2. There are many strategies and each one can be profitable. You need to change tactics often and never repeat. The site gives winnings randomly, you play randomly, as a result, there are much more chances to win. If you lose using some strategy, you should not try to recover losses with identical tactics. This will bring even greater losses. Always divide the balance into several parts. I lost one part, and the rest remained 1 or even 2 to try to win with a different strategy
  3. Once I happened to happen by chance. Dicebot worked for me. I went into the kitchen, drank coffee, and when I came forgot about dicebot I chatted, and then decided to check out a new strategy. I started playing on the site itself and was very surprised that any errors constantly appeared. Then I saw dicebot on the taskbar and bounced in the chair Nothing critical happened. But now I follow my actions very carefully. I think that there will be nothing good from launching several windows.