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  1. LuciferMS

    Lint's Sports Bets

    Lint thank you so much. This is something new for me. But I will try to figure it out.
  2. LuciferMS

    Hi guys, I'm EW3GIL

    Welcome. Let only big victories be ahead of you.
  3. LuciferMS

    House always wins

    Excellent programmers work here. In my opinion, they closed all the loopholes with durable concrete We must rely solely on luck.
  4. LuciferMS

    Boss of PD - what would you do?

    Yes, Vinka, you are right. But you always need to stay a little baby and believe in magic. Smile at your reflection, and it will smile back at you.
  5. I played x99 for a long time. But I am very impatient. Long wait for the green tired. Now my favorite multiplier is 9.9.
  6. LuciferMS

    Boss of PD - what would you do?

    Of course, this will never happen, but you can dream a little :))
  7. I want to introduce a system that will allow to achieve the status of VIP-player. If I'm not mistaken, it is called Loyalty Program
  8. LuciferMS

    Newbie Earner :-D

    Welcome. I have been on the site for half a year already, but still consider myself a newcomer. I continue to recognize the site. He constantly presents some surprises. The main rule, in my opinion, do not use high rates if you have a small balance. The quieter you go, the farther you go
  9. LuciferMS

    Boss of PD - what would you do?

    Hello! I would add (or return. I think such a system was already) player rating. Previously, you could earn VIP status. When I first registered, many regretted that this option was gone. Of course, VIP players need to come up with some special privileges. Well, this is reasonable, I think. I see players who are loyal fans of the site for more than 2-3 years. It must be somehow encouraged.
  10. LuciferMS

    Last letter game

  11. LuciferMS

    What your primedice technique to win above 99.9X

    For a long time I skated on x99. She did a great job, analyzed the pros and cons. My findings. On average, the red bar is 450 rolls. I had the longest 1020. Maybe it will be useful to you.
  12. LuciferMS

    Do you always show your winning bet id in chat

    When I am in a good mood, I win, then I show my bet in the chat. When I lose, I don’t want to communicate with anyone.
  13. LuciferMS

    Last letter game

  14. LuciferMS

    Making a living from gambling

    As far as I know in the Forbes rankings there is not a single millionaire who got rich playing in a casino. I think in a casino it is much easier to lose a million than to win it :))) P.S: I mean, a millionaire who made his fortune by playing in a casino. No matter present or vitrual.
  15. LuciferMS

    1st day .1 LTC bust :(

    My Golden Rules for Casino 1. Do Not Gamble All Your Winnings. This is one mistake that majority of gambling rookies make. Once someone hits the jackpot, they feel so psyched up, and they place more bets. The problem of using this cash to wager is that you may lose all of it. Once you start playing games, and you make small losses or even significant ones, you will feel the urge to play even more to recover the damages. 2. Take Breaks In Between. Playing continuously for hours can have a toll on you. Your mind becomes exhausted; therefore, you cannot make any sensible decisions. Once you feel that you are nearing this area, pause the game and give yourself a break. 3. Be sure to use an individual strategy. It will help control the bankroll, eliminate large losses. Good luck to you. Do not despair. I am sure that your big victories are still ahead.