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  1. Okay, I had a suggestion. Let's write funny stories or jokes. It will be easier than just spamming this is my story: A robber was robbing a house when he heard a voice. "Jesus is watching you!" "who's there?" The robber said But no sound was heard. So he kept going and he heard it two more times when he spotted a parrot. "What's your name," the robber asked. "Cocodora" said the parrot. "Now, what kind of idiot would name a bird Cocodora" said the robber. "The same idiot who named the rotweiler Jesus", said the parrot.
  2. I think the contest will not end until we leave more than 500 comments. So let's try hard
  3. This is a real test for the tenacity of the players. I have already wanted to quit this contest several times, but it’s interesting and fun
  4. competition is still ongoing, I completely forgot about him I expected much more activity of the players. Only 2 pages are full.
  5. oooh Now I understand this topic will contain hundreds of messages in 24 hours the players will have time to write a lot of nonsense
  6. I did not quite understand what to do in this contest. I just want to thank the entire prime team for the opportunity to have fun in my free time
  7. I noticed a strange feature. When I play ltc or eth I am not very lucky. But when I play doges I always win. Now another happy coin has appeared for me. This is xrp. But maybe it's just a coincidence
  8. I very often see the appearance of doubles. But it never was 77.77 Although some seeds even came across 66.66