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  1. First you need to win 1 btc. Then you can leave. Even you need to leave))
  2. LuciferMS

    I do not like gambling

    Hello! Today I read the message in the chat. One player wrote that he does not like gambling. He just needs money. In my opinion, this is not the best way to earn money. And how do you think?
  3. LuciferMS

    PD Sudden Crash? 🤔💔

    I hope so too. I got a series of reds. I had to raise the bet. But an unexpected failure. I do not know what to expect now (
  4. LuciferMS

    PD Sudden Crash? 🤔💔

    I missed the update warning?
  5. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!! LuciferMS is with you!!
  6. LuciferMS

    If you could change your username...

    I like my name. Very bright)) It never occurred to me to change it.
  7. LuciferMS

    I have something... - Giveaway

    Poster with Han Solo
  8. LuciferMS

    I have something... - Giveaway

    Harrison Ford
  9. LuciferMS

    I have something... - Giveaway

    Map The Captain must have a map))
  10. LuciferMS

    I have something... - Giveaway

    This bureau. fr. bureau) - the word of French origin, can mean: Office, office. Bureau - a desk. Bureau - District in Illinois
  11. Received 0,011 LTC. Thank you very much!!!!
  12. No. I have a 0.00015 BTC, and I want to exchange them for LTC
  13. Hello! Have a nice day! Need an exchange. 0.00015 BTC for LTC Is this possible?