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    Baecon reacted to Chikou1306 in What is your plan on year 2020 about PD?   
    sad to know that ! i lost many other things in life because of gambling so i know how it really feels ! in fact , i lost almost everything in my life because of gambling, i wish you recover soon, and if you can not afford to lose more then just quit, because the recovery road will be so hard to cross.
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    Baecon reacted to Noeprellik1 in Hello from Baecon   
    Hello welcome to PD sir
    Hope you still on the green track
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    Baecon reacted to wilburwilbur in Do you have good gambling days to share?   
    i won how many times in one day, then i was about to withdraw it but . ... i was thinking of "how bout stealin a little more money from PD for withdrawal fees" 
    then nadaaaa   G O N E . !