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  1. Bet: 22,273,061,585 placed by blablubb on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000147 Multiplier 99.00x Profit 0.00014406 Bet: 22,273,087,196 placed by blablubb on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00001000 Multiplier 99.00x Profit 0.00098000
  2. lmao im glad ive never tried the same stunts irl as in gta XD
  3. same for me.. cant scroll the chat up since today.... mousewheel is glowing already
  4. im still searching one of my savegames from 35 years ago..... i mean savelifes RL is where losing a friend is much harder than online this is going too deep now... anyone have a funny meaning maybe?
  5. oh i like to see your funny ideas.... also the deep ones :) ok i think i have a deep one too.. RL is where a savegame cant bring your ass back on the track
  6. since the client seed doesnt affect the bet results and the coincidence in any form im not changing the given client seed..... but it looks cool in bet lookup when you are using a personal client seed :)
  7. I cant say now what im going to do if this would happen..... honestly i would slap myself for sending it back I dont think someone would return to me if im doing such a mistake Maybe i would send 90% back... or the half.... maybe i would gamble it and return it when i made profit.... if bust - shit happens - When im doing transfers with BTC i give myself lot of time to check everything twice....also when ive scanned a QRcode im checking the walletID twice
  8. oh wait wait ive got another one :) thx to veronica for the inspiration RL is where a rain doesnt fill your wallet :)
  9. some of you have one, some of you heard about it.... They used to call it "Real Life" Im starting this topic to collect some funny ideas what RL means to you... feel free to join and tell us your description about RL :) nuff said...... so i will make the start <<RL is where the pizza guy comes from>> :) as usual: if you find a typo you can keep it :p
  10. im not much into religion but i believe in something i cant give a name.... since religion always caused problems and wars and a lot people died cause of it i dont like "religion" how its used today and in past but humans need something what gives a sense to their life cause of this there are more people "believers" in poor parts of the world then in rich parts also the church knows about it and is abusing their trust whatever your choice will be peck, its the right choice for you. nobody should choose the way for you.... this is my opinion odin will be with you ;) sorry for my terrible english... if you find a typo you can keep it ;)
  11. thx to garlic for writing this tutorial... its a great help for introducing new players... also its much easier to give this link to them instead of trying to explain in chat good job garlic o/