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  1. there wouldnt be a problem if there are not thousands of new bugs after each update
  2. you can read? try it.. its fun they said
  3. there are around 20 users here... with lots of alts
  4. endless story @support why you are protecting this behaviour?
  5. since they are paying for forum activity there is a lot of funny content growing... nvm.. you are just one more.. nothing special
  6. this is clearly the most funny topic of all time... just google "random"
  7. wtf is going on?? they are editing the ticket!! this is the original start of the ticket: https://imgur.com/a/eRCvMIt and this is how it looks like actually: https://imgur.com/a/fSAPgzU shady shit
  8. support said they will investigate it.... in january....
  9. ive used to change seeds after every green on 100x hunt.... untill the day ive got no green in first 1200 bets with a fresh seedpair... so yeah its pointless to change the seed but its also funny to see when you have a 99.99 in first 10 bets after seed change lol
  10. thats the case since few days... but the problem is older
  11. his name doesnt matter also the screenshots ive sent are just for the one who asked.. i dont have to prove a shit since this story is ongoing in support ticket since last year... its all well documented and ive done this step only cause support doesnt even reply anymore... im tired of waiting till something will happen
  12. ive made over 20 million bets with my actual seed pair... show me the machine which is able to predict how i will play during 20 million bets