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  1. I have so far only 2 referral. I think the players on a ready platform will attract more easily.I have never before engaged in attracting partners. It can be profitable.
  2. Whom do you ask? I saw a topic about the project on the forum. I read a white paper, an interesting idea seemed. The work of the project team is clearly visible.
  3. Have you seen such projects? I did not see. There is a huge plus in that the development team works together. Several large presentations were held.
  4. You write about the test version of the platform? According to the terms, everything is in accordance with the road map. Of course, everyone is waiting for the platform and the developers promise to show it as soon as possible.
  5. We need to start watching the sales of tokens, I think they will be much more active. Perhaps the online broadcast will be like in Tel Aviv.Who understands, the personal account immediately displays the referrals involved?
  6. Of course, more money is required and not a little. Let's see how it goes after the presentation of the platform itself. It is still early to draw conclusions.
  7. Already there is one big investor. 2 million dollars yesterday invested, so the soft cap has already collected the software.
  8. Slow sales because many are waiting on July 4-5 when the presentation of the gaming platform in Barcelona takes place. Half of the soft cap has already been collected for pre-sale.
  9. You have the right to think so, I understand you. So many ICO have not justified themselves ((. I first liked the idea of the Winstars project. Now the developers promise to launch a test version of the platform on July 4-5. They work and it can be seen. And we'll see.
  10. Today wrote on July 4-5, the presentation of winstars, the audience will be shown a ready-made mechanism.In Barcelona. The information in the chat was written by Andrey Zaitsev.
  11. Yes. Smart contracts ensure the security of the transaction and are free from the risk of ambiguous interpretation of the conditions, due to the fact that they are based on cryptography.
  12. Winstars is not just an online casino. This is a multiplatform gaming platform. Winstars is a blockchain project that provides fair, anonymous and transparent gambling.
  13. What others do you mean. I have not seen multiplatforms . If everything goes according to plan, I'm almost certain that success will be. There are no competitors yet.
  14. What exactly?☺️ In the chat Winstars administrator Maxim wrote that Egor now in Malta solves the issue of licenses. If the license will be is obtained, the success is almost guaranteed.
  15. Very much if the platform will work. The gaming business has always been a lucrative business. Yesterday the founder of Winstars project showed the design. In a few days it will be available.
  16. I have no idea what the design will be. It's also very interesting to look at the finished version of the Winstars game platform. Now I played in slots, I liked it. I've never played before.
  17. And how to check the bet you made? I have not figured it out yet. I looked only at the online conference in Tel Aviv. On the platform as I understood while one game.
  18. Just the conference and the platform tomorrow. After Malta, there were agreements with major investors. I wonder what will happen in Israel.
  19. On the referral program I will say that it is very promising, but I want to see the platform before attracting people. I myself bought tokens on pre sale yet.
  20. The conference and presentation of the project will certainly attract investors. I'm waiting for the Winstars test platform. I want to attract referrals, but I need them to show it.
  21. The terms of the ICO as I understood it were extended by 17 days. Probably because of upcoming conferences. One of which will take place in Tel Aviv, there will be Seo Winstars.
  22. Yes the idea is presented beautifully, I do not argue with you. I do not understand how to enforce smart contracts and Blockchain.
  23. Hello, how reliable is investing in this direction? I really liked the idea of the Winstars project.