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  1. If I conducted a promotion, I would like it to look honest, and everyone had the same chance of winning, you can diversify the game, use some riddles with numbers, in other words, use questions of history, geography and other directions and then use it in the game but so that the intrigue remains to the end.
  2. Bet: 33,877,296,282 placed by 777Seven777 on 02/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00009900 Bet: 33,877,349,312 placed by 777Seven777 on 02/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00009900 Bet: 34,038,080,434 placed by 777Seven777 on 04/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 582.35x Profit 0.00058135
  3. Hello to all! I have been playing primedice casino for several years, and also actively participate in the English room chat. Although I speak Russian, it was interesting for me to communicate with people from other countries, so I don’t use the Russian room, my knowledge of English was very primitive, but I often used a translator, but after a while, my knowledge of English was much better, I I can communicate in a conversational manner, write texts, I think this is a very good practice. I know that in the English room there are a lot of players from other countries who speak German, French, Spanish, Filipino and other languages, many people know it very well, some are worse off. I would like to learn from other players, in the chat of the English room, who know English not very well, whether it helped them to improve their communication in English. And I wish you all a good game.
  4. If I win 10 btc, I cashout all, and think 🤔, stop play, becouse next big win, maybe not came again, big victory thise is present fortune
  5. Nice adventure, luizoruivo, I hope can win here)
  6. I am also a participant and am on the waiting list for almost 3 months, I think soon the coinbase will notice me, I got the stellar on the blockchain as soon as I applied, and here is a long process😊
  7. Hello everyone, as you think the game is the same for any cryptocurrency here or all the same it is more loyal to the cheap ones, I just recently began to notice that when playing btc I just can’t budge, at best 50k profit is good for me of course, I made deposits and anyway, luck with btc is not mine, so I try to exchange for another coin, if someone came across this, tell on which coin you have a better game and which one is not lucky anymore !? Good luck to everyone in the game.
  8. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your winnings, if your strategy works well for you, go on like this, but keep in mind, the casino cannot always win, otherwise it will go bankrupt, I sometimes advise you to change it and my strategies are always different for each coin separately and under each balance, I use a lot of multipliers, and try not to play at 2x
  9. Any game of chance should only be entertainment, there should be a threshold, because if you step over it, you can get addicted. And what kind of mathematics can be here is just fortune, you can win today and lose tomorrow, and to work on making money casino can not be attributed, only for rest.
  10. I think every post should make sense for the author as well as for the participants, the development and discussion of the topic should be useful, in this way we learn new things for ourselves, how others react, and the number of sentences does not always matter, the main message of the idea and idea which makes sense
  11. Hello everyone, I want to ask you guys what you will do if luck comes to you. For example, today you came without a deposit, chatted and took a good rain, and decided to test your strength, and suddenly today you won 250k btc, how do you proceed with them output at least 200k and continue playing, knowing that you have already won, the goal is higher to win, output everything or will you play until you win 1btc, or do you lose everything?
  12. I think if there were no such websites to play cryptocurrency, sooner or later they still appeared, there are so many scammers in the world who manage to sell air at a good price, because it’s not stupid people who invented cryptocurrency and how to manage it is only a matter of time, if there were no casinos, I think as they would have lived without him, by the way, in my childhood there were no computers, and everyone was happy, here are new technologies for you
  13. The best way in this situation is, if you see that one red went and you lost 20% of the pot for example, and it’s better to stop, stop and leave the game, and return a couple of hours later, as a rule, the situation changes, here are my examples played eth, had 0.1 balance, and went down stayed with 0.06, stopped, came back later and did 0.13, which was when I didn’t stop had 120xrp, went down and didn’t stop the result 0, control yourself if you see that there is a bad band
  14. No, this multiplier is intended only for waggered, any other bets on it are nonsense, as you can play for example the whole bank for a small profit, and the red roll will come in this can not even doubt
  15. I agree that changing the seed will not help much in improving the game, but at the same time the previous pair changes as well, as they say in the instructions, but in general I read that the generation of numbers depends on the speed of pressing, physical loads on the processor, in general, solid incomprehensible and complicated story, therefore, what is called do it at your own peril and risk, and good luck to all
  16. My opinion is that primedice is good because there are great rains, real-time support, no problems with output, I am familiar with other playgrounds, but believe primedice, it’s the best, and what we lose is we all do casino is a game👍
  17. Multiplayer 1.1x is good because you can really increase your balance 2 and 3 times on it, but you need to play for a long time and the initial bet should not be too big, and most importantly, change direction and follow the streak, and of course for a long time It’s not desirable to play these settings, someone wrote here that one of the players saw 7 red ones, it’s certainly possible, I personally saw the opposite example of the 990х in a row on the low side, and the next throw of the 990х on the larger side, and the three hits in a row, it’s a pity I saw it and did not use it, so there are miracles enough
  18. I think some players use several accounts to change their game and strategy, because, as I have already noticed, there is a limit, you play and win, but then there comes a band that defies logic, the question arises that now the robot is purposefully playing against you, to destroy and trust him he does it very easily and quickly
  19. The combination strategy sounds convincing, but I think you need to have a good balance in order not to fall on the red streak 1.22x because no one is immune from this.
  20. Good day to all, I would like to know what you think about if you risk money, then where is the bookmaker’s office or a casino for example, where you see more chances to win, because in the casino you play one against the robot, and in the bookkeeping office you play against each other, and at the same time live people participate in sports fields, I participate here and there, my observations show that you can expect such surprises in sports that your head starts to ache, as for the casino, then it seems to me that the martingale plays most of us does evil f jokes with our balance, ruining to zero. What do you think about this?