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  1. Hi Dan, Thanks a lot for the super fast answer. Are you talking about "rollDice" becoming "primediceRoll" (as well as its returned data changing)? I did realize that and changed my code accordingly (although a form of notice would be very much appreciated, unless I missed it ofc). Still, I cannot seem to get it to work, I get: The server can't process your request. Please contact our support team and referece 1e058dc6512b38ed if you think you've found a bug.","errorType":"unknown" And since my browser doesn't show the access-token anymore I am not sure where the problem is. EDIT: Actually I might have found my access-token in the browser, not I am getting: "errors":[{"path":["primediceRoll"],"message":"You don't have the permission to do that." Have there been any changes to the way to identify through the API? EDIT2: Alright, I found it (it is not showing where it used to) and it seems to work now.
  2. Hello, Why I understand the need for updates, why is it that you keep changing the API? This makes it very very difficult on people like myself who code their own application! Since yesterday/today's update I am unable to use my application and I see already major changes in the GraphQL... If we could get some stability on this matter that would be great. Thanks
  3. I do send it through the x-access-token (sorry about the confusion) and it works perfectly. Thanks!
  4. Hi and thank you both, that really helped steering me in the right direction. Still I would like to request your help once more. I have now successfully coded a couple functions in my Java application posting a JSON through httpurlconnection. I got the x-access-token from the browser and send it through setRequestProperty("Authorization","Bearer <token>") but the mutation rollDice keeps answering "null" ie not bet. Could you please help me with that? I am confident that once I past this I will be all fine. Thanks! My bad, I got it, thanks! Am I not making a mistake sending my token like that, shouldn't it be encrypted/hashed or something?
  5. Hello, All was going nice and easy then a new API arrived. I don't mind so much learning how to code with the new one but the documentation is very light. Queries work fine for me but that's all I manage to do. My understanding is that I need to login (with a mutation) first but I am stuck at the "catpcha" field. How do I know what to enter there?!? Thanks, Paparoll