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  1. I also got a few acquaintances into the project. I can attract more people to the project, but it is difficult without a finished product. although investors are already interested in and believe in the development of WINSTARS
  2. I think so too. The finished product is certainly important in the development of the project, as investors begin to trust the project more and want to invest more in tokens.
  3. I think this project is unique. The on-line platform built on smart contracts and blockchain should be successful. But it is important that the team raise funds for launching and development.
  4. Of course, large investments will always be of interest to other investors. Such investments are always monitored to understand whether there is interest in the project for big money or not.
  5. Yes, on the road map, the platform should be shown in the third quarter of this year. I think the developers know what they are doing, they are now attracting investors, this is more important
  6. Investors should be more patient. If everything happens on the road map, this is correct. Yesterday another major investor bought WINS tokens. This is great news.
  7. If Zaitsev promised that the developers should show the platform to investors. But all the events are on the road map, I see no reason for panic. everything has its time
  8. Yes. referrals should be shown immediately in your account. I attracted referrals, they immediately show me in my personal account, unless of course the referral was registered on your link.
  9. I do not wait for the platform tomorrow, so as not to be disappointed. I think it will be shown after 4-5 July, as now the developers are busy with the presentation. They should well present WINSTARS to well-known investors and developers.
  10. A representative from WINSTARS promised that another large investor would soon invest. That agreement was reached through the valuable efforts of the team .I wonder how much he will contribute? All while are silent about it.
  11. Great news. I think that many investors like this development, who invested even during the Pre-sale. A lot of investment means a quick launch of the platform
  12. I hope that most of the necessary funds will be collected. The more developers collect the funds, the faster the project will start working. And the road map does not have to be rewritten
  13. Let's see what happens to the project in the future. Developers have global goals to create an international game operator, but how it will be with the embodiment of plans in life is difficult for me to say
  14. The next presentation will be in Barcelona on 4-5 July. I think many investors will see who will buy tokens. I'm still interested in when large investors come in?
  15. And not only smart contracts are important, blocking is also the basis for the operation of an honest casino. Developers have gone the right way, when technologies provide transparency and give a guarantee of honesty, which attracts players