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  2. Livecoin is not a very well-known exchange, not such as there are crypto exchanges in the ranking of the best 10, but this crypto exchange is gaining popularity. If the project starts listing here then it will be good.
  3. certainly all investors want this, but the organizers have not yet commented on their plans, what they plan to do first. I think that everything will happen on the road map
  4. Tokens will be more expensive at crypto exchanges. But it happens that tokens immediately fall in price because they are beginning to sell who earned tokens on the bounty
  5. In order for other developers to come to the platform you need it to work officially. Therefore, I think that we should wait for the organizers of the project to show.
  6. Yes, developers can implement their games on the platform. But all games will be moderated by the founders of the project. This is written in the White Paper, but without details.
  7. Not only investors and partners will be able to earn money. New developers will also be able to earn on the platform, but it must first be completed. I'm interested in new developments
  8. Now you can also attract, but of course investors want to see the finished product or its development. While I can not show it to them. But I can tell you about the idea of the project, it can also interest
  9. I also got a few acquaintances into the project. I can attract more people to the project, but it is difficult without a finished product. although investors are already interested in and believe in the development of WINSTARS
  10. I think so too. The finished product is certainly important in the development of the project, as investors begin to trust the project more and want to invest more in tokens.
  11. I think this project is unique. The on-line platform built on smart contracts and blockchain should be successful. But it is important that the team raise funds for launching and development.
  12. Of course, large investments will always be of interest to other investors. Such investments are always monitored to understand whether there is interest in the project for big money or not.
  13. Yes, on the road map, the platform should be shown in the third quarter of this year. I think the developers know what they are doing, they are now attracting investors, this is more important
  14. Investors should be more patient. If everything happens on the road map, this is correct. Yesterday another major investor bought WINS tokens. This is great news.
  15. If Zaitsev promised that the developers should show the platform to investors. But all the events are on the road map, I see no reason for panic. everything has its time